My Hong Kong Haul

hi lovelies! i'm back! :D been outta the loop for sooo long as ive been battling some personal demons, but i'm back now. will try to update as often as possible.

was also outta the loop cuz ive spent the past month or so travelling round the country and asia.

am on a really tight student budget, not to mention that it's vay-kay, hence my allowance has been on vay-kay too! lol. also, i refused to be sucked in with all the campaigning hullaballoo my family has been obssessed with so am having none of it. suffice to say, am not very popular with my kin at the moment. no worries tho, am always public enemy no.1 during elections. this year tho i'm keeping it smart by staying outta everybody's way and jetting out every chance i get.

my HK makeup haul is not much due to said budget constraints, and ive been busy flirting with one very hot, half-british-half pinoy. My efforts have been in vain tho, he has too much of that so-called "European arrogance" to take me seriously. ts all good tho. he's been good for my ego while it lasted. :D downside tho was that i spent more time flirting than shopping.

the stuff i bought:

1. shu uemura eyelash curler
2. shu uemura mini eyelash curler
3. shu uemura glow-on in M RED 15
4. Nars Bronzer in Laguna (lost mine after all the travelling i did so i had to replace it)
5. MAC E/S in All that Glitters
6. MAC E/S in Tempting
7. MAC L/S in Creme D' Nude
8. H&M hello kitty body splash set
9. H&M L/G in Waterlily (clear)
10. H&M L/G in Bella Bellina (shimmery peach)
11. H&M L/G in Irresistible Irene (nude)
12. H&M E/S set in Gold Digger (nudes)

i'm loving it!

i just wanted to post these items cuz i cant contain my excitement over them. i can't believe that the shu curlers cost half the price in hk than in manila so i bought several for my friends who asked me to. wont be posting reviews tho, cuz most items are not available here (especially the h&m ones).

i am sad to report tho that i was not able to visit the sephora branch in mongkok as it was closed. ive no idea why tho. i felt soo disappointed by that fact as i was looking forward to it for months on end that i lost the urge to visit sasa, bonjour and facess as well. sorry.

also, i have heard that my good friend A, has shown my blog to her boss (which i happened to be such a huge fan of) and i cannot contain my *kilig* that her boss loved my humble blog! grabe, i am super kilig talaga! i'll have to talk to A first to confirm tho, and ask her permission to divulge who her boss is.

will talk to you again soon! will be leaving again in a few days.

yea, am loving the jet-set life! :D

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