Quickie: fake your Orgasm

blush and gloss i mean. i don't own an NARS orgasm lipgloss and i can't find my NARS multiple in orgasmm so i can't really compare but i still have the Orgasm blush from nars so i can swatch the blush against all these local products.

L-R Fashion21 Color Shine Liquid Lipstick in #2, Fanny Serrano Silky Coral blush, Nichido Multiple Stick in South Beach and NARS Orgasm blush.

each one has this amazing peachy-pink color with gold flecks that NARS' orgasm is soo famous for.

the actual review for the fashion21 liquid lipstick may be found here and the product face-off between nars' orgasm and fanny serrano's silky coral blush may be found here. i haven't done a review for the nichido one yet, but i will soon. :D

i stumbled across all these local products without actually looking for an orgasm dupe, except for the silky coral one. i have no idea our local market has all these amazing colors.

kinda makes me respect the local brands, as nars' orgasm has been a cult favorite, i am still surprised that the shade has been duped by our local brands. this just shows the amount of research our local brands put into the product they sell.

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more swatches for the fashion21 liquid lipstick

as promised, here are the additional swatches of all the fashion21 liquid lipsticks i have. the actual review may be found here.

note that i have nothing under each swatch but a swipe of Carmex lipbalm.

i love love love it!

i dunno how to make the pics as sharp once it's been zoomed and cropped so please bear with me. color shows up fantabulously anyways. :D i am an absolute rookie when it comes to editing, lay out and all that techie stuff. :P

as you can see, this one is a nice, peachy pink shade with gold flecks, very similar to my Orgasm blush from Nars, or my Silky Coral one from Fanny Serrano. might post a comparison post later.

a very nice candy-apple red. it doesn't look orangey-red in person as it did here. i dunno, i guess it's my lighting that distorted the color of this one.

as i told you, this shade is a very nice translucent pinkish/purplish color. i love love love this. unlike in my previous post where i wore this with my Shy Shine lipstick from MAC, this time around, i wore this without anything underneath but a clear balm.

number 5 is a very very nice, flirty pink shade. very girly, yet very wearable. perfect for those date nights. :P

oh, i love this shade to bits! number 7 is a darker pink version of number 5, less shimmery but still girly. very flirty. feminine too, but with more attitude than number 5.

oh i love this nude shade. this one has very little to no shimmer, very similar to number 10. you can get this one and number 10 alternately, as ive mentioned.

a beautiful pinky-brown nude shade with just the right hint of shimmer! nudes are love!

a bit more severe and conservative than its companions, number 12 is a very beautiful old-rose shade. it doesnt look matronly at all! this one would be perfect in a board meeting!

there you have it, 8 out of the 12 shades that is available in fashion21. take your pick ladies. :D

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Product Focus: Fashion21 Color Shine liquid lipstick

hi dolls!

it's been a hectic few weeks!
i was out at sm the other day picking out stuff to buy for this project i promised the kids i'd be doing this christmas break with them. part of it is to actually let them play with my kit! so i went to sm to pick up some "play makeup" for them.

with this project, i discovered a lot of things.

first on the list are these fantabulous lipglosses/liquid lipsticks from fashion21

le experience:
it says liquid lipstick, but it has the consistency and the feel of a lipgloss so imma call it a lipgloss.

these are offered in 12 shades, but i opted to get 8 out of the 12 as the other shades are very similar to these ones already

the shades are numbered, as you can see, and here are the color descriptions. imma try to describe them the best i can.

2 - a peachy pink shade with gold flecks. i'd say this shade is the best one you could pair off with your silky coral or orgasm blush. since i don't have an orgasm lipgloss, i can't really compare, but looking at this particular gloss, i'd say it's very similar to the silky coral or orgasm blush.

3 - an apple red lipgloss. i'd say it'd be a perfect partner to a red lipstick like mac's dubbonnet or fashion21's wild cherry

4 - more of a translucent pinky-purple, almost violet. it's very sheer too which makes it a perfect companion to just about any shade! you'd see for yourself later, as i tested this one. normally i would not get a shade like this cuz it's purplish, and i'm just not a fan of dark lips, but this one is very, very translucent. this has become my ultimate favorite outta the bunch. which surprised me most.

5 - baby pink with a subtle hint of shimmer. very wearable, very young and flirty too! :)

7 - a darker shade of number 5, less shimmery too. this is the one that called out to me the most. before i even swatched this, i knew it's gonna be the one imma fall in love with!

9 - a pinky brown nude, perfect for that MLBB look.

10 - also a pinky brown nude, very similar to number 9, only this one has gold flecks in it which gives it the extra oomph! 9 and 10 may be purchased alternately as they are very similar. i purchased both cuz i'm a big fan o' the nudes..

12 - a beautiful old rose shade that is just pretty! a bit darker than its companions, and by far has the most solid color of the bunch. this one is not sheer at all and is the only one that looks and feels like a liquid lipstick. i love the touch of shimmer in it too!

i love that all of them glides on very very smoothly. they are not sticky too which i love, cuz it means it's gonna stay put.

i especially love the packaging cuz it comes in a tube with a brush applicator which makes it easier to use and a bit more hygienic than the doe-foot applicator ones. oh, i hate hate hate those doe-foot applicators!

time to test!
okay, imma just test one for you guys cuz im heading out the door. if you wanna see more pictures with the other shades, lemme know in the comments section. :P

imma use shade number 4, but imma try it on on top of mac's shy shine lipstick.
i absolutely love mac's shy shine lipstick as it is one of their pinky-nudes, but le x-bf hates this on me. he says it makes me look too pale. i guess he's right too, especially as i pair this one with barely-there blushes.
here is mac's shy shine with shade number 4. don't you think it makes a whole lotta difference? i do!

le price:
it retails for a hundred bucks(pesos) a pop! yea, i can't believe it too! the box says it contains 4g, so technically it costs 25 pesos per gram!

le verdict:
i say get it all! i just wish they used a bit more time in coming up with names than just boring old numbers, and i wish they'd come up with more shades!

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