Mini toiletries loot

Hello my lovelies! I havent really completely disappeared. Im just in a hiatus of sorts. ( it feels like i always am) anywho, iwas at SM Southmall yesterday and picked up a few things.

1. Ponds loot - my mom wanted the free rhet eala bag that came with every 300 peso purchase so we got those. Not sure if she'll use itas we're both completely happy with the gold radiance line. I think the gold radiance line is a little to "old" for me so i'm looking into getting the flawless white line again. :)

2. Lulur asian secrets - since im into scrubs lately, i decided to check this one out as ive been hearing lotsa good stuff about the brand

3. Garnier light bb - i know the concealer-type under-eye roll sold in the states was a big hit so i wanna see if this variant of the same brand can deliver.

4. Schick intuition razor - (repurchase) i love this razor!

5. Rexona skinlight - normally, i go for the spray on deo but as it is too bulky for travel i decided to get this instead.

Im so excited to try the eye-roll and the scrub! :)

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Update+ blogger app for ipad (finally)

Hello my lovelies!! I know it been ages!!! Ive just been busy travelling and climbing mountains and simply tryimg to make this world a better place to live in for future generations.. (deep, right?) lol

Seriously though, ihavent been blogging much cuz i havent been lugging my laptops around much. ( my macbook and netbook are both still with me). I used to have an ipad 1 but i still preferred my netbook then cuz it was a gaming machine in my mind. When i went to europe, i had to install office-related apps as it was going to be my main PC formy entire trip. That's how i rdiscovered my love for it(and affirmed my lovefor allthings apple). When i went back home, i immediately got an ipad 2 for its built-in camera and endless blogging potentials. It's been about three months since ive gotten my ipad 2 and i havent been blogging yet. Whyyou ask?! it frustrates me to no end that there is no blogger/blogspot app for the ipad or iphone!

Enter Blogsy

This is a test post of sorts actually. My prayers of long ago have finally been answered! I discovered an ipad app for blogspot!

This just for trial photo upload and i couldnt resist showing you guys (ehem, bragging, lol) what i did in Paris.

That's all for now. Methinks i will like this blogsy app!


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FOTD using the balmbini palette

taken via my mac's photobooth using the balmbini palette.

my camera's in camera heaven already so i'm making do with my isight camera.
i was bored and procrastinating. (i'm supposed to be editing the Study Notes for the 2011 bar exams)

concealer: San-San concealer in olive (under-eye and blemishes)
under-eye highlight: the cream base from the Golden Ratio Face Glam highlighter from Etude House (Golden)
powder: Fanny Serrano two-way cake
duchess - as an over-all powder/used to set the concealer
rajah - as a light contour using the 3-E method

blush - Downboy and Hot Mama, both from the balmbini palette

i have lash extensions so i didnt put mascara/eyeliner in the upper lash line
Brows: ModelCo brow kit in Dark
base: the cream base from the Golden Ratio Face Glam highlighter
Shadow - the two Shady Lady shadows from the Balmbini palette
highlight (browbone and inner corner) - Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balmbini palette
Lower-lash liner - Nichido Eye Pencil in Green Smokes

lipbalm: Bayo Lipbalm in green (colorlesss when applied, i got this as a freebie from the Bayo fashion show years ago)
Lipconcealer by Etude House
Lipstick: Coco Copper lipstick from Fanny Serrano
Lipgloss: Herbench Paintbox in Pink Tint

Brushes used:
all from the James Cooper travel brush set
the Kabuki SE brush from MAC. the numbers peeled off already. i used the kabuki to blend the concealer.

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Pilipinas Got Talent 2: Collins Gutierrez

indulge me as i take a break from makeup blogging.

i just wanna show my support for Collins.

His audition in Pilipinas Got Talent wow-ed all three judges! and i am not surprised. i've known him since we were kids and he's really got IT. I remember going to his concerts way back as his mom would give us tickets. He's really an amazing singer! the dude's got good lungs on him. lol

i don't even know if he still remembers me, but he's our family friend, we went to the same schools in preschool and high school. i dunno if he got accelerated tho in between cuz i remember being classmates with him in kinder or prep, but when i went to highschool, he was already a sophomore during my freshman year.

anywho, i dunno how Pilipinas Got Talent works, or how you win that thing, but i remember it being thru votes, so when the time comes, please please please vote for him!!

i'm just suppa proud to know him!!

i hope he wins cuz he really deserve it!

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Flying Soon? TSA is a Make Up Diva's Nightmare!

i know i haven't been blogging as promised, it's not that i've been lazy or anything. it's just that i'm gearing for a big trip, and i don't wanna say anything 'til it's set in stone already cuz i don't wanna jinx it, and i don't trust myself not to spill the beans if i allow myself to blog.

it's not yet completely set in stone as i don't have my visa yet (still processing) but i already have my flight booked and everything so we're pretty confident. i will tell you guys about it once my visa arrives. :D

anywho, the flight imma take is quite a long one, and i even need connecting flights. i know all about the nightmares of traveling but i still wanna look fresh and glamorous once i arrive in my destination (especially since glamour is the name of the game in that place!) so i've been researching about the TSA restrictions when traveling, especially with respect to cosmetics in your carry ons.

if you're gonna fly anytime soon, this post will be of value to you. :D

the basic rule is the 3-1-1
The TSA allows for passengers to carry-on small amounts of toiletries under the 3-1-1 rule. your toiletries must be 3oz or less, placed in 1 quart-sized clear ziptop bag,  and just 1 bag per passenger.

remember tho that the container itself must be 3oz or less, and if the container is 4oz but is half full, it will not be allowed throught the security checkpoint.

This zip-top bag must be removed from your carry-on for screening in the checkpoint.
Read more about it here: TSA Regulations.

Regarding cosmetics, here's the hard and fast rule:
if these items are not in the quart-sized clear ziptop bag, it should be checked in.
1. All creams and lotions including Neosporin or

 first-aid creams and ointments, topical or rash creams
 and ointments, suntan lotions, moisturizers, etc.
2. Bug sprays
3. Bubble bath including gel- or liquid-filled
 bubble bath balls, bath oils, or moisturizers
4. Gel Deodorants
5. Gel cap type pills
6. Hair Styling gels
7. Hair sprays of all kinds including aerosol
8, Hair straightener or detangler
9. Lip gels, glosses or liquids
10. Liquid foundations
11. Liquid soaps
12. Make up removers or facial cleansers
13, Mascara
14, Mouthwash
15. Nail polish and removers
16. Perfumes or Colognes
17. Toothpaste


your tube lipsticks, concealers, and foundations (etc) should be safe since it is solid.

lip glosses, etc, are considered gels so they must be in the baggie, but i've read that since they are in small quantities and containers, Airport Security does not bother with it too much, but just to be safe stick it in the bag.

if you're uncertain if your item will pass through security or not i have two remedies for you:

1. just stick it in your check in luggage; or
2. if your luggage has been checked in already and at the security checkpoint you suddenly realize that your item is prohibited for carry on, instead of letting the airport security guys confiscate said item, just bring a Self-addressed and stamped envelope, stick the prohibited item in there, and send it back home. :D

Happy Flying! :D

(disclaimer: all images are taken via google image search)

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Trek with K.I.D.S. Foundation

hey dolls!

i remember promising a few posts back that imma inform you guys if there's a new trek and you guys wanna volunteer/donate. XD
i'm enclosing the official invite sent to us by ms. rox (KIDS' Program Manager)
if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop me a comment below or contact me at:


Hi everyone!

It’s the second leg of K.I.D.S. Foundation's, A TREK TO REMEMBER (Medical-Dental Mission) with our partner in Kalinga, IDP Foundation. We would like to invite medical practitioners; doctors, dentists, nurses, nature lovers, travel geeks, or simply, those young at heart to explore another memorable trek going to Tanudan, Kalinga while getting a chance to know 3,500 pangol tribe & locals of 14 remote barangays of Tanudan.

A Trek To Remember - is a bi-annual trek of the K.I.D.S. Foundation that, distributes books and school supplies for public schools in far flung places. This trek-for-a-cause brings the trekker back to nature and assures the participant of a different kind of high that one can only feel when one shares. This month of May we would like to continue this journey and we will be trekking to two (2) barangays; Baccong and Bawak of Tanudan, Kalinga that will serve the fourteen (14) barangays: Ammaboy, Magtoma, Lay-asan, Burninan, Liyang, Cabugao, Gombowoy, Sabila, Allubaggan, Darulog, Pagugo & Mabaca to bring not only school supplies and books but, a Medical and Dental services and conduct a gift-giving in preparation for the opening of the school year. Tanudan is a 4th class municipality in the province of Kalinga.

What: A TREK TO REMEMBER VII: Medical-Dental Mission & School Supplies Gift-giving for Pangol tribe & locals of Kalinga

Where: Tanudan, Kalinga

When: May 20th - 24th ( ETD for Kalinga at 6PM of Friday - ETA in Manila 5AM of Tuesday)

Registration starts today.
Registration fee is Php3,000.00 (meals, transfers & accommodation). Deadline for Registration is on April 30th and Payment is on May 10th.

Kindly send your registration form via email:

In case you want to experience the adventures in Kalinga here are the extra fees that you have to consider for the R&R or explore in Tabuk, Kalinga after the medical mission (whole day of Monday):

- White Water rafting Php2,500.00
- Kalinga purse & bag Php 30.00 - 500.00
- Kalinga wall decor - Php1,000.00/pair
- Kalinga blend Coffee - Php120.00 to Php150.00/box

In addition, we need to bring medicines & medical supplies and we are also willing to accept cash donations to be used to purchase primarily the vitamins for 3,500 children for the medical mission.

We are hoping for your kind response. You may also call K.I.D.S. Office at (02) 708-KIDS (5437), (02) 348-2109 or 0922-854-3733 for questions or clarifications. Look for Rox and June.


Diether Ocampo

Karina Tanega

Mondo Castro

Tinette Cortes

Bene Go

Rapa Lopa

Darius Hizon

June Hamoy

Rox Oquendo

Thank you and See you all!

Roxanne T. Oquendo
Programs Manager
K.I.D.S. Foundation, Inc.
Ground floor, # 20 G. Araneta Ave.,
Brgy. Santo Domingo, Quezon City
Telefax: (02) 708-KIDS (5437)

(02)3482109 / 09228543733

Realizing a Child's Dream Today

Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan (K.I.D.S.) Foundation, Inc.
DSWD Registration Number: NCR-2007-R-035
SEC Registration Number: CN200600126
TIN: 243-359-313-000

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Test post

Am not sure if I can post pics using the safari browser for iPhone. So am checking now if I can do it.

I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to post picture blogs using my blackberry, or maybe globe's GPRS speed is just slow. Anywho, am checking to see if I can do It using my iPhone. I hate that blogger still does not have a native app for iPhone!! Grrr!

Or maybe they do, I just can't for the life of me figure out how to do it/access it.

Do u guys know any native blogger app for iPhone and/or blackberry?! Or even a decent third party app. Drop me a comment below. :)


Nope. Can't post pics here too. Boo.

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First Impressions: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

so I recently acquired the Revlon Colorstay Foundation from my local SM dept. store. thing is, mine doesnt have the softlex thingy which i just realized now. I also got the combination/oily variant. The main reason I got it is because I don't want my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation to to run out on me before i have the time and the resources to replace it.

First Impressions:
before I bought my bottle, i had myself color-matched last wednesday. then i bought my bottle last friday, and had the lady apply it on my face with the revlon primer.
i dunno if my skin's just that oily but  with the primer, it didn't last more than 3 hours on me. i'll have to test it without the primer to see for sure.

also, i never noticed it from the testers, but my bottle have this distinct alcohol-y scent that i've never smelt from any other cosmetics i've owned. it bothers me a little cuz the scent's really strong, but it goes away after a while.

the lack of a pump does not bother me as much cuz i've been used to my estee lauder double wear one which doesnt have a pump as well.

i can't comment on shade choices too cuz the sand beige one matches me perfectly.

i like that coverage is really good that i can apply it without a concealer and still look good.

price-wise i think it's reasonably priced. at 825 for a 30ml bottle, i wouldnt call it expensive but considering the staying power, i wouldnt call it cheap as well. it costs about 1/3 of what i would normally pay for a 30ml bottle of double wear foundation and just about the same ratio of staying power so i guess you get what you pay for.


what i like:
- great coverage
- i have an exact shade match
- widely available
- reasonably priced

what i don't:
- strong alcohol-y scent
- staying power does not appear to last that long.

do you encounter the same scent? and the same staying power? i'm really bothered with this cuz i had such high expectations with this product.

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January 2011 lootbag

as i've mentioned a while back, i'm trying to budget my money and allot just 1500 per week or 6,000 per month on cosmetics/fashion. since i went a little above budget, i'm cutting it down to 4,500 for the month of February, as a self-imposed punishment. 

items bought:

1. balmbini palette by the balm cosmetics - 1695
 i've always wanted to try the balm products because they have such a cute packaging and the colors seem to just pop. i decided to get the palette cuz it showcases some of their bestsellers and i am pretty much in love with it! :D review soon.
i cant wait to get the time balm foundation and concealer and see how it works on my not-so-perfect skin. am also itching to get the stainiac and the balms away tinted moisturizer.

2. O.P.I. nailpolish - 395 each
quarter of a cent-cherry - a deep red shade
lincoln park after dark - darkest purple i've seen. almost black but not quite.
i've just recently found a love for nailpolishes and other nail implements and i decided to start getting my nailpolishes from OPI cuz i've been hearing and reading lotsa goodstuff about it. :D i cannot get over how fast this nailpolish dries! seriously.

a. blush in amour - 1350
i love my orgasm blush to the hilt. i'm still reserving judgment on amour.

b. greek holiday lipgloss - 1350
i have the roman holiday lip laquer (i think that's how it's spelt. i'm tamad to google it) from my bridal palette and i love it. i wanted to give this a try. and imma be honest here. the name shade was my sole basis for buying it. XD

c. single cream shadow in corfu - 1150
i wanted to see how it pits against my Rubenesque paint pot from mac.  the mac paintpot has been my go-to neutral base for so long and it's never failed me. Corfu is in a deeper and completely different shade than Rubenesque, but it works perfect to pull the no-make up look, especially as i top it off with the All That Glitters eyeshadow from mac. :D

d. Firming Foundation - priced at 2750, i think
i got this one as a freebie from nars. i originally wanted to get the sheer matte foundation from nars, priced at 2450 but when the Nars lady at Rustans told me that they give the full-sized bottle of the firming foundation as a freebie for every 3500, i didnt think twice. i decided to choose other products from nars to be able to get the freebie. as you can prolly tell am a prime target for all those marketing strategies. lol.

if you did your math, you'll know that i'm a couple of hundreds over my budget and that's why i've clamped my february budget as "punishment"

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Of New Years and Resolutions

Wishing you guys Health, Wealth, and Happiness this 2011!

you might have been wondering why i keep on missing for months on end and sporadically show up. two reasons, three actually, but lawschool doesnt count as ive been a law student ever since i started this blog and and if i could find time then, i should be able to find time now. so imma stick to two reasons. it's either i'm busy travelling or i'm in my sickbed. seriously, i've always been a sickly kid but i thought i outgrew that already. certain lifestyle choices have taken its toll on my already fragile health and the past two years i've been in and out of hospitals. nothing too major tho but when i get sick my whole body just shuts down and i can't do anything productive. having a hospital at my beck and call means i get confined for the least littlest things. i've learnt my lesson the hard way tho and i've been trying to change my lifestyle.

also, as i've mentioned, the other main reason i've been gone so often, besides being sick, is that i've been travelling so much.i've always been a spontaneous traveler and i can leave in a heartbeat's notice, all packed and ready to go. i think i've already mentioned in here that i've always had an overnight bag packed and ready to go all the time. and this last year, it's been crazy! my stars have been telling me lately that this year, it's gonna be a lot crazier. i dun wanna divulge it yet cuz i dun wanna jinx it (tho if you follow me on twitter you'll know where exactly imma be! lol! and nope, i'm not gonna divulge my twitter handle either.) imma give more deets tho when everything's set in stone!

this year tho i plan to blog more regularly!
seriously you guys, i've even recently discovered the blog now, publish later feature and i should be taking advantage of it. I'm not making big promises but one thing you can be assured of is at least one blog post per month. i know it doesnt sound a lot but baby steps! :D i plan to join the bandwagon and make the "products am lovin' this month" post. what do you guys think?

- stick to a makeup list
also this year, i plan to stick to a makeup list, as in i listed all the cosmetics imma buy this year, and if it's not in the list, it's not gonna be bought. simple as that. as i need to save up on every bit of spare cash i have cuz of the mentioned top secret trip. it's not as if my parents fund the whole travel thing all the way, i've to save up my meager student allowance to be able to travel to places i wanna go. but as they say, if there's a will, there's a way!
i've already made the list and as of 11:59pm of December 31, the list is officially closed. 

here's a vague idea of what the list includes:

recently, i've been really obsessed with The Balm Cosmetics, and i plan to collect. EVERYTHING.. seriously. tho i can only spend 1500php per week on makeup so it's not gonna be like my previous hauls where i literally haul. lol. i just love the packaging of this particular brand and i love the shades! i've been hearing lotsa goodstuff too so 2011 is my year with The Balm.

i also plan to buy some nars, not a lot tho, just prolly the sheer matte foundation, the dolce vita blush and lipstick, harlow lip gloss, and prolly an item or two. :D i've always loved nars better than mac, but i find the items a bit too pricey so i end up with more mac products. this year tho i plan to collect even tho imma start it little by little.

also., i have long received the memo that revlon is pretty good for a drugstore brand but i find the products here in the philippine market a bit pricey for drugstore, and if you add a little bit of dough you get a high end one anyway so why bother? but i've been hearing lotsa goodstuff about the just bitten lipstain and i wanna try it. i also wanna try the famous foundation they have. i heard it can rival the estee lauder double wear one and as i love love love my EL double wear foundation, ive been curious about the foundation as well. speaking of foundations.

also i WANT to try the ponds gold radiance line simply because of its amazing packaging. seriously. this is a whim i know, and it is totally and completely inexplicable, but i want it.

also, i plan to buy some etude house, bb creams mostly, just because it works for me.

i know this sounds a lot and it sounds extremely pricey as well, but if you think about it, i have the whole year to complete the list, so i think it can work. i already did the math a bit, and yea, it can totally work. :D

again, happy new year you guys!

what do you think of my list? i sure hope you guys support me in this endeavor. it is almost like quitting an addiction, right? lol. do you guys have lists like this one too? or am i the only geeky one who makes lists and lists and i even have lists of lists? lol i sure wanna know! 


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