January 2011 lootbag

as i've mentioned a while back, i'm trying to budget my money and allot just 1500 per week or 6,000 per month on cosmetics/fashion. since i went a little above budget, i'm cutting it down to 4,500 for the month of February, as a self-imposed punishment. 

items bought:

1. balmbini palette by the balm cosmetics - 1695
 i've always wanted to try the balm products because they have such a cute packaging and the colors seem to just pop. i decided to get the palette cuz it showcases some of their bestsellers and i am pretty much in love with it! :D review soon.
i cant wait to get the time balm foundation and concealer and see how it works on my not-so-perfect skin. am also itching to get the stainiac and the balms away tinted moisturizer.

2. O.P.I. nailpolish - 395 each
quarter of a cent-cherry - a deep red shade
lincoln park after dark - darkest purple i've seen. almost black but not quite.
i've just recently found a love for nailpolishes and other nail implements and i decided to start getting my nailpolishes from OPI cuz i've been hearing and reading lotsa goodstuff about it. :D i cannot get over how fast this nailpolish dries! seriously.

a. blush in amour - 1350
i love my orgasm blush to the hilt. i'm still reserving judgment on amour.

b. greek holiday lipgloss - 1350
i have the roman holiday lip laquer (i think that's how it's spelt. i'm tamad to google it) from my bridal palette and i love it. i wanted to give this a try. and imma be honest here. the name shade was my sole basis for buying it. XD

c. single cream shadow in corfu - 1150
i wanted to see how it pits against my Rubenesque paint pot from mac.  the mac paintpot has been my go-to neutral base for so long and it's never failed me. Corfu is in a deeper and completely different shade than Rubenesque, but it works perfect to pull the no-make up look, especially as i top it off with the All That Glitters eyeshadow from mac. :D

d. Firming Foundation - priced at 2750, i think
i got this one as a freebie from nars. i originally wanted to get the sheer matte foundation from nars, priced at 2450 but when the Nars lady at Rustans told me that they give the full-sized bottle of the firming foundation as a freebie for every 3500, i didnt think twice. i decided to choose other products from nars to be able to get the freebie. as you can prolly tell am a prime target for all those marketing strategies. lol.

if you did your math, you'll know that i'm a couple of hundreds over my budget and that's why i've clamped my february budget as "punishment"

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Crystal said...

i'm loving your haul! i haven't tried the balm stuff but i'm really curious.

makeupjunkie said...

thanks! the balmbini palette is the best way to get introduced to their products! XD