Quickie: fake your Orgasm

blush and gloss i mean. i don't own an NARS orgasm lipgloss and i can't find my NARS multiple in orgasmm so i can't really compare but i still have the Orgasm blush from nars so i can swatch the blush against all these local products.

L-R Fashion21 Color Shine Liquid Lipstick in #2, Fanny Serrano Silky Coral blush, Nichido Multiple Stick in South Beach and NARS Orgasm blush.

each one has this amazing peachy-pink color with gold flecks that NARS' orgasm is soo famous for.

the actual review for the fashion21 liquid lipstick may be found here and the product face-off between nars' orgasm and fanny serrano's silky coral blush may be found here. i haven't done a review for the nichido one yet, but i will soon. :D

i stumbled across all these local products without actually looking for an orgasm dupe, except for the silky coral one. i have no idea our local market has all these amazing colors.

kinda makes me respect the local brands, as nars' orgasm has been a cult favorite, i am still surprised that the shade has been duped by our local brands. this just shows the amount of research our local brands put into the product they sell.

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more swatches for the fashion21 liquid lipstick

as promised, here are the additional swatches of all the fashion21 liquid lipsticks i have. the actual review may be found here.

note that i have nothing under each swatch but a swipe of Carmex lipbalm.

i love love love it!

i dunno how to make the pics as sharp once it's been zoomed and cropped so please bear with me. color shows up fantabulously anyways. :D i am an absolute rookie when it comes to editing, lay out and all that techie stuff. :P

as you can see, this one is a nice, peachy pink shade with gold flecks, very similar to my Orgasm blush from Nars, or my Silky Coral one from Fanny Serrano. might post a comparison post later.

a very nice candy-apple red. it doesn't look orangey-red in person as it did here. i dunno, i guess it's my lighting that distorted the color of this one.

as i told you, this shade is a very nice translucent pinkish/purplish color. i love love love this. unlike in my previous post where i wore this with my Shy Shine lipstick from MAC, this time around, i wore this without anything underneath but a clear balm.

number 5 is a very very nice, flirty pink shade. very girly, yet very wearable. perfect for those date nights. :P

oh, i love this shade to bits! number 7 is a darker pink version of number 5, less shimmery but still girly. very flirty. feminine too, but with more attitude than number 5.

oh i love this nude shade. this one has very little to no shimmer, very similar to number 10. you can get this one and number 10 alternately, as ive mentioned.

a beautiful pinky-brown nude shade with just the right hint of shimmer! nudes are love!

a bit more severe and conservative than its companions, number 12 is a very beautiful old-rose shade. it doesnt look matronly at all! this one would be perfect in a board meeting!

there you have it, 8 out of the 12 shades that is available in fashion21. take your pick ladies. :D

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Product Focus: Fashion21 Color Shine liquid lipstick

hi dolls!

it's been a hectic few weeks!
i was out at sm the other day picking out stuff to buy for this project i promised the kids i'd be doing this christmas break with them. part of it is to actually let them play with my kit! so i went to sm to pick up some "play makeup" for them.

with this project, i discovered a lot of things.

first on the list are these fantabulous lipglosses/liquid lipsticks from fashion21

le experience:
it says liquid lipstick, but it has the consistency and the feel of a lipgloss so imma call it a lipgloss.

these are offered in 12 shades, but i opted to get 8 out of the 12 as the other shades are very similar to these ones already

the shades are numbered, as you can see, and here are the color descriptions. imma try to describe them the best i can.

2 - a peachy pink shade with gold flecks. i'd say this shade is the best one you could pair off with your silky coral or orgasm blush. since i don't have an orgasm lipgloss, i can't really compare, but looking at this particular gloss, i'd say it's very similar to the silky coral or orgasm blush.

3 - an apple red lipgloss. i'd say it'd be a perfect partner to a red lipstick like mac's dubbonnet or fashion21's wild cherry

4 - more of a translucent pinky-purple, almost violet. it's very sheer too which makes it a perfect companion to just about any shade! you'd see for yourself later, as i tested this one. normally i would not get a shade like this cuz it's purplish, and i'm just not a fan of dark lips, but this one is very, very translucent. this has become my ultimate favorite outta the bunch. which surprised me most.

5 - baby pink with a subtle hint of shimmer. very wearable, very young and flirty too! :)

7 - a darker shade of number 5, less shimmery too. this is the one that called out to me the most. before i even swatched this, i knew it's gonna be the one imma fall in love with!

9 - a pinky brown nude, perfect for that MLBB look.

10 - also a pinky brown nude, very similar to number 9, only this one has gold flecks in it which gives it the extra oomph! 9 and 10 may be purchased alternately as they are very similar. i purchased both cuz i'm a big fan o' the nudes..

12 - a beautiful old rose shade that is just pretty! a bit darker than its companions, and by far has the most solid color of the bunch. this one is not sheer at all and is the only one that looks and feels like a liquid lipstick. i love the touch of shimmer in it too!

i love that all of them glides on very very smoothly. they are not sticky too which i love, cuz it means it's gonna stay put.

i especially love the packaging cuz it comes in a tube with a brush applicator which makes it easier to use and a bit more hygienic than the doe-foot applicator ones. oh, i hate hate hate those doe-foot applicators!

time to test!
okay, imma just test one for you guys cuz im heading out the door. if you wanna see more pictures with the other shades, lemme know in the comments section. :P

imma use shade number 4, but imma try it on on top of mac's shy shine lipstick.
i absolutely love mac's shy shine lipstick as it is one of their pinky-nudes, but le x-bf hates this on me. he says it makes me look too pale. i guess he's right too, especially as i pair this one with barely-there blushes.
here is mac's shy shine with shade number 4. don't you think it makes a whole lotta difference? i do!

le price:
it retails for a hundred bucks(pesos) a pop! yea, i can't believe it too! the box says it contains 4g, so technically it costs 25 pesos per gram!

le verdict:
i say get it all! i just wish they used a bit more time in coming up with names than just boring old numbers, and i wish they'd come up with more shades!

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a very merry estee lauder christmas haul!

for christmas and my birthday, i decided to give myself some estee lovin'!

i bought the Color Spectacular giftset, a 20 thousand worth of products that you can avail for just 3,500, if you buy any estee lauder product worth 4thousand pesos. insane right? each year, estee lauder comes out with a makeup giftset that you can avail with a product purchase.

to get the promo, i decided to get myself a perfume giftset and an estee lauder Double Wear foundation which is guaranteed to stay in place for 8-9 hours. it's a little over the 4,000 minimum, but that's okay because i am definitely happy with my purchases!

Collection includes:
- Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact with 15 coordinating shades (Sugar Cube, Ivory Box, Honey Drop, Lavender, Chocolate, Tea Biscuit, Copper Penny, Petal, Mulberry, Pale Moon, Cinnamon, Apricot and Mocha Cup in Pure Color Eyeshadow, plus Sage Duo in Estée Lauder Signature Eyeshadow).
- Deluxe Face Compact (Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Rosewood and Nude Rose, and Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer).
- Four Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Candy, Rose Tea, Fig and Tiger Eye).
- Three Artist’s Eye Pencils (great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black, SoftSmudge Brown and Slate Writer).
- Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara (10-day supply, in Black).
- Lash Primer Plus (10-day supply).
- Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (3.4 oz.).
- Four deluxe makeup brushes (powder, blush, lip and eye).
- Golden standup mirror.
- Cosmetic traveler case.
- Companion makeup case. A $340 value.

the perfume giftset includes the toiletries case, Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume and Pleasures body lotion.

the foundation is very promising and i will make a review about it once i have played around with it.

i say this haul is one of my most expensive hauls. this is me in dire need of some retail therapy. i'm just thankful i am not binging on dazs' famouse ice creams.

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my hauls policy and products review policy.

i have this thing regarding hauls. i love love love reading other people's hauls and i don't have anything against it, but i am not too comfortable posting mine. don't ask me why, it's just my thing.

you've seen my hauls, obviously and there'd been a lot, but ive a policy regarding it:

1. if i didn't pay for it myself, it won't get featured as hauls.

simple as that. if i asked my mom to buy it for me, or if it's gifts, or if i used my mom's or my aunts' credit card extensions, it won't be featured as hauls.

imma only post haul products that i bought from my own savings. as i am on a student budget with no other income than my parents' education grant my hauls are bought with my own money. so i can proudly post it as hauls as i actually starved myself to get it. it's very fulfilling for me.

that's it.

regarding product reviews, i will only post products that are widely available in the philippine market, or is in the philippine market at least.

no product reviews for items i got online or bought outside the country that are hard to find. i would only post products that are bought online if the seller has a lot of stocks available and one can easily get it from them, even without a credit card. i think it's useless to review stuff that other people cannot get a hold of easily, or is not available in this market. it's just like bragging, and it defeats the purpose of product reviews. i mean, the main reason i do product reviews is because i want to share with you guys a really really good product so that if you feel like getting one yourself you can easily do so.

again, i've nothing against other blogs who do this. this is just my personal preference.

you might've also noticed that i am quite partial to gawang pinoy products or products carried by local brands. it is just my way of showing my love and support to our beloved country. this does not mean tho that i will not be reviewing foreign brands, but i just want to feature more local brands and to prove those brand snobs wrong.

also, i do not delude myself into thinking that other people would actually pay me money to advertise their products. i am not that popular. yet. i kid, i kid.
so as of press time ALL product reviews are based on my initiative and bought by me (or gifts, as long as it is widely available in this country).

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an open letter to the makeup artists in the santino serye

Dear Makeup Artists in the Santino Serye,

Splattering blood all over does not a believable accident wound make.

that's all.

a thinking viewer.

okay. ever since sembreak, i've been hooked to the santino serye.

the last episode i saw was the one where desiree del valle pushed dina bonevie off the cliff.

before des pushed dina off tho, they were having this fabulous confrontation scene. and i have to give it to Desiree del Valle. she acted her ass off even tho her foundation was several shades lighter for her skin tone. she completely soldiered on. it was kinda distracting to watch her, with the ghost face and all, but she acted her ass off as if the MUA did not butcher her face. then she pushed dina off the cliff or sumwhat. the next scene tho was in her house, a follow up of the cliffpushing scene and her foundation was totally the right shade already. good job MUA!

what boggles me off in this serye tho is that they looooove pushing people off the cliff and putting the actors in car accidents. i mean, ive been watching the serye for two weeks on and off and ive seen dina push someone off the cliff, be pushed off the same cliff, and participate in a car accident. that's all fine tho, wouldnt be a pinoy serye if nobody got pushed off the cliff. i'm actually surprised nobody's got blown up yet.

it's kinda distracting that in all these accidents, dina, the mother of santino, and dina's son did not sport any accident wound at all. they all just splattered blood all over! where did all those blood come from when there's no open wound huh?!!?

so i did this:and a more elaborate:

and all these just using aido eyelash glue, ever bilena concealer stick and setting powder, fashion 21 lipstick in wild cherry and aido brow duo.

i'm pretty sure with your makeup training and your more sophisticated makeup tools you can do a better job.

pick up the slack people!

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how to sanitize cosmetics

in my cosmetics' expiration dates post, ive talked about sanitizing cosmetics.

in this post, imma talk about how to sanitize the cosmetics. this will serve as a guideline not just for you but for me as well. :P just so i can just look through my blog when i need information myself, and i don't need to do the whole research thing all over again. and this way everybody learns. if you know of other methods, please feel free to lemme know in the comments section so we can update this post. :P

this post is especially handy too if you get pre-loved cosmetics, either via a swap or a sale.

i cannot stress enough the importance of a good makeup hygiene practice. you don't want to cause breakouts now, do you? oh and a pink eye to go with your eye makeup or mascara'ed lashes ain't a pretty sight.

so here goes.

  • mascaras, lip glosses and everything else that comes in a tube with a wand applicator.
first off, mascaras. - there is no way to sanitize them, and i find it useless since you'll be throwing it out anyway after three months. so just don't share mascaras. or if you do, please, please, please use disposables and dont ever ever double dip. i said that there's no way to sanitize them once it's contaminated cuz it's liquid and it's in a tube. once it's contaminated, it's kinda hard to contain the contaminated areas.

the same is true with lip glosses and every other cosmetics that's liquid and comes in a tube with a wand applicator. so i suggest never ever ever share them. if you must share these or get these products pre-loved make sure that you trust the other person and their hygienic practices, cuz as i said, there is no way you can sanitize them, or at least there is no way that i know of. so the only way to ensure that a product in this sort of packaging is sanitized is:

a. by using disposables and/or petri dishes
b. by never ever ever double dipping

  • pressed powders, compacts, blushes
as long as it is dry it is fairly easy to sanitize. just wipe off the top layer with a tissue. for the extra clean freaks, you might want to scratch the top layer off. you might lose some of the products but at least you know you're getting fresh products. better be safe than sorry ladies.

another way to sanitize them is to take cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the top layer with it, let it air dry then scrape off the top layer. once a pressed powder product gets wet, it gets unusable anyway so better scrape it off.

  • eye pencils/ lip pencils and any other pencils
just sharpen them and you'd be fine. for retractables tho, just chop off the used section, that way you get a fresh tip.

  • mousses, creams, etc.
quite the same actually with powders. this time tho, you might want to actually scrape off the top portion. and as long as it doesnt look as if the previous owner abused it by mixing and dipping through the bottom, the products down at the bottom are pretty safe.

  • lipsticks
okay, this is the tricky part cuz i researched online and most tips i read was to scrape off the part used. somehow i don't agree with this.
i've actually seen my favorite mac makeup artist, frances, sanitize a lipstick before actually letting me try it. she just doused the whole thing in alcohol, let it dry for a while and handed it to me. that simple. ive seen other make up artists do this too. so i guess that's the simplest way. this is how i do it too.

now, if you're doing some one else's lips. scrape some of the lipstick off using a spatula or a little knife or something, transfer the product in a petri dish or a clean handy surface and apply with lipbrush.

  • anything with pumps or a tightly sealed opening
like liquid foundations, gel tints in pumps, should be safe, unless contaminated. then i guess it's the same as mascaras and glosses.

  • brushes, sharpeners etc.
the tools, when brand new or pre-loved, must be doused with alcohol, and then washed with a mild shampoo, then let it air dry. it should be sanitized using that method. then please please please practice brush hygiene by giving you brushes a bath once every two weeks and spot cleaning them after every use. or if you're like me who does not have time to spot clean them, i wash my brushes once a week, and i don't share brushes. if i do share my brush, i don't use them on me unless ive already given the particular brush a deep bath.

  • practice makeup hygiene in a makeup counter when testing products.

-Avoid testing on lips and eyes, which are the most vulnerable to infection. Use the back of your hand instead.

-Try makeup on at a counter manned by a salesperson who can oversee hygienic usage, and use single-use applicator. Or ask an in-store makeup artist, who likely has been trained to use sanitary measures, for help.

-Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after visiting a makeup counter.

-Test products that come from a shaker or squeeze-pump dispenser, not an open container.

well i guess i pretty much covered everything. for questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment (i think i mentioned this already).

til next post dolls! have a lovely week!

will try to sneak in another post before halloween. haven't decided yet what imma be.

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product focus: Fashion21 fruit gloss

this is a quickie post. for pics please refer to my old hauls.

a clear gloss does not get the love it deserves. i strongly believe that it is a must-have in every cosmetics' case.

i have been in constant search of a good but inexpensive clear gloss, preferably something in tube, just like the clear lipglass that mac sells, but my search has been in vain.

luckily tho, i found a clear gloss in our trusty watsons. it is from fashion21.

le price:
for 29 pesos, i say it's a steal!

le experience:
i basically use matte lipsticks coz they are more lasting. i find though that they look flat and drying on the lips. with this fruit gloss, that problem is solved! i also find that using colored lip glosses are a bit of a hassle as it smudges a lot more than a lipstick does and it does not last long. so i put this on top of my lipstick and not only does it make my lips shine, it also protects the lipstick. i don't have to retouch every so often using my lipstick. for touch ups, i just rely on this baby!
other uses:
my pigments and other colors can now double as a gloss or a lipstick. i just premoisturize my lips with a balm, press on the color i want and smooth on my clear lipgloss. it effectively widened my range of c0lors.

sometimes even with a colored lip gloss, i dab a tiny bit in the center of my lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip. :)

you can also use it as a highlighter to emphasize the highplanes of your face such as the nosebridge, cheekbones, brow bones, etc. - yea, i found that weird too! but risa of makeupbyrisa in youtube made a video where she used her cleargloss for that purpose and guess what, it totally works!

le verdict:
i cannot stress how handy a clear lip gloss is. i urge you to try it! what i don't like tho is that it comes with a doe-foot applicator. when my lips are all done up and i just need to seal it with the gloss, i find that the lipstick stains on the applicator and it just mixes with the gloss inside the container. i woulda preferred a tube one without a brush applicator. all in all tho, it's still a good buy!

i'm off to philippine fashion week, so til next post ladies. tata! :D

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what's in your gym bag? gym essentials. :P

hi dolls!

i'm on a roll today! maybe the reason i feel so energized is because i just came from the gym. as a lawstudent myself, i tend to find that lifestyle to be helluva unhealthy. i mean, we're always stressed, hence the need for comfort food, and we don't get to burn it off cuz we're always by coffee shops and doughnut stores studying. we use up all our energies studying and we combat tiredness and sleepiness by eating or at least munching. and that means junk food. so at the end of the day (or by break of dawn for most of us) we are stressed, from our taxing mental exercises and our stomachs full of caffeine and sugar, and little to zero physical movement at all. highly unhealthy.

so, everytime i get the chance, especially during breaks, i really make it a point to visit the gym. no, i dont go to the gym to get thin, as i happen to love the way i look, but i go to the gym in a bid to get a little healthier. get some physical movement.

if you are thinking of going to the gym here are a few guidelines:

first off: think long and hard cuz it's a pretty big commitment. you'll be shelling out 1000-3000 a month for gym membership alone so it's a big big big decision.

second: try to check out teh facilities your gym offers, and mentally compute your travelling expenses along with the other gym expenses see if it's gonna be worth it. i do this mostly to motivate myself to go to the gym.

location is very important too. check out gyms that have branches everywhere, that way you don't get restricted to just one. sometimes, after working out, i study by the gym lounge. that way, i save up on coffee. SHH :P

i dont really have a lot of advice to give in choosing a gym club cuz i was not given the chance to choose. my aunt enrolled me to one back in college and ive been faithful to that one ever since. ive been going to the gym, however irregularly, for 4-5 years now.

having said that, what i'm really an expert about is the gym essentials! what to bring:

1. gym bag - fitness first, the club i belong to gives a gym bag upon membership, but i have long since discarded mine in a pursuit of a more roomy (ehem stylish) gym bag. i honestly prefer knapsacks for comfort, since it distributes the weight evenly. but since when do we fashionistas care about comfort? :P adidas and nike have a pretty good collection of lady gym bags. it's pretty sturdy too. but whenever i get tired of my gym bags, i just use my oversized bags as gym bags

2. gym clothes - highschool or college p.e. uniforms will do. again, most sporting stores sell gym clothes, but i find i am most comfortable in running or gym shorts and a loose shirt.

3. face towel - again, fitness first gives out a face towel upon membership. but you can use any face towel. a face towel is an essential part of your gym life. you need it to wipe out those sweat beads! :P

4. gym shoes - any rubber shoes will do. again, i prefer running shoes cuz it's soo much lighter and it's breathable. ooh.. and a non-bulky shoe bag is preferred too! i use dust bags most of the time.

5. socks - any sports socks will do.

6. wrist band - optional but i use it as a sweat band. sold in most sporting stores.

7. headset and/or ipod - again optional. fitness first gives out a free headset upon membership and you can use it to listen and watch TV while doing your cardio

8. water bottle - something that's free again upon membership. this is also an essential. you would not want to dehydrate while working out, right?

9. big towel - for showering. most gyms sell towels too if you've forgotten to bring your own.

10. sports bra - this is very important for it gives you support. SoEn has a pretty good sports bra line. the price is pretty affordable too compared to the competition.

11. spare undies - for after showering.
i dont bother to bring a different set of clothes. i just use what i wore before i changed for my gym clothes. that way i dont have too many things in my bag

12. rubber slippers - so you don't walk around the locker room barefoot. most of the time i go in the gym in my rubber slippers already, that way i dont have to bring too many pairs with me.

13. deodorant - pretty self explanatory

toiletries to bring:
the essentials you need for showering. check tho if your gym provides for them. my gym provides for the shampoo and body wash so i dont bother bringing my own.

the toiletries that i bring is actually for the steam room and sauna.
14. body scrub - to use inside the sauna
15. hair spa
16. face mask

this is optional. i just do this inside the sauna if ive a lotta time to kill. and i just bring pretty generic stuff from watsons. does the trick everytime!

oooh and remember this. fitness first does not condone birthday suits inside the sauna or steam room. at least wear your undies. usually, for inside the sauna after showering a bit, i am still in my undies and sports bra.

i dont normally wear make up while working out. okay that's a lie. i wear a cheek tint. but that's it, i swear! :P

i think i pretty much covered the what to bring part. :P til next time dolls!


okay. since we're done with the disclaimer, here is the quote i promised:

motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going.

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more toiletries haul

hi dolls! :P
i went ballistic at watson's today.

i had a gym date with the girls so i picked up a few gym things before actually going to the gym and then i picked out a few other things after hitting the gym. :P

1. facial massager - ever since i saw the clarisonic, i've been wanting it but i just don't wanna spend 149-229 usd for a face toothbrush. i am not that crazy yet. luckily our trusty watson's have a reasonably priced alternative. ive used it once already and i'm in love!!
2. body treats moisturizing body scrub in lavander - for the sauna after workout
3. hair treats hair spa in lavander - also for the sauna. i just love matching things
4. active firming stretchable mask - again for the sauna
5. johnson's melt away stress daily calming lotion
6 johnson's melt away stress daily calming wash
since i fell in love with the 24-hour moisture, i wanted to try this set as well. if you remember from previous haul, i bought the powder to go with this set already.

7. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial wash/gentle mask
8. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial toner
9. eskinol oxygen skin renew cream
now this one came highly recommended by my friend roxy. i wanted to try something new too so i bought the whole set!
10. nichido sheer lipstick in tender lips
11. fanny serrano true light liquid lipstick in light petal - love love love
12. fashion21 fruit gloss

okay. that's my kikay haul. hopefully my next haul would be in november na cuz imma be broke soon. no classes = no allowance.

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let's do our part. eliminate plastics

bags, i mean. :P

even before ondoy, i've always patronized stores who offer reusable totes, or at least paper bags since i really do not want to use plastic bags anymore, or at least minimize the use of plastic bags when i shop. ive a splendid blog on sm plastic bags imma repost here.

with the flooding of ondoy and all that, i've been a little more OC about garbage. before i used to just carry a tote bag or a huge bag so i wont use plastic bags anymore when i shop, but grocery shopping is another thing cuz i simply forget ask them for a tote or bring mine. but now, i vowed to use tote bags even when grocery shopping as well. i don't do much grocery shopping anymore, as i used to cuz my landlord does not allow personal refs inside the room and i just do not wanna use the communal refs.

most of my toiletry shopping is done on watsons and sm dept store nowadays, so i never saw the need for tote bags.

i used to do my shopping at shopwise too, back when i was still at la salle, since it's nearer there and shopwise alabang is on my way. but now that i am in the recto-mendiola area, i just cannot find the time to drop by at grocery stores, until i started my belo sessions and discovered rustan's fresh at il terrazo.

ive been meaning to go grocery shopping there since am almost always at tomas morato area, what with my coffee-study sessions there, and my now monthly wensha pBulleted Listilgrimage, and my b-monthly belo sessions, i'm always always there, but i get tamad to go grocery shopping. i'm always deceiving myself by saying i dun wanna go grocery shopping cuz i'm on a diet, and end up eating more junkfood from the minimarts downstairs cuz i get hungry in the midnight and no stock of food anywhere! needless to say, i went hungy when ondoy hit. enough about this. i tend to ramble.

anyways, what i wanna talk to you about is tote bags. especially the rustan's fresh one cuz

  • you eliminate the use of plastics. less plastics, less garbage. less garbage the more we can avoid a repeat of ondoy.
  • you double your points in your rustan's fresh card (you can also use your shopwise card, but i opted to get the fresh card for 200 pesos) as long as it all fits there.
  • it can help you save - if you're like me who's a sucker for points, you'd make sure that all your purchases would fit into the bag so you get to double the points. if it doesnt fit, it doesnt meet the cash register. simple as that.
  • for just 99.50 you get a tote bag and give mother nature a breather.
  • you can use it at shopwise supermarkets as well.
  • it's a lot easier to carry rather than plastic bags that are susceptible to breakage
  • admit it, it's a lot more chic to be seen carrying tote bags than ugly plastic bags. :P
yea, aside from the first reason, it was the last reason that sealed the deal for me. i kid you not. :P

anyway, here's what it says:

Dear Customer,

Rustan's supermarkets has embarked on a worthwhile mission in doing its small part in preserving the environment. By collaborating with WWF, the global conservation organization, we have developed a series of programs that are geared towards building consciousness and awareness for Earth-friendly and Earth-saving programs.

One of our projects is to encourage customers to cut down on the use of plastic bbags by selling re-usable shopping bags. using these bags lessens the use of non-biodegradable plastic materials. plastic takes about 100 years to dissolve thus polluting air and water, depleting natural resources and damaging natural habitats.

With every purchase of Rustan's Supermarkets re-usable bags, you have done your small part in saving Mother Earth. Every use of these bags also allows you to earn double points on all purchases that fit into the bag. the points you earn with the use of these bags will be credited to your Fresh Shopping Rewards Card account automatically. so the more you shop with these bags, the more points you will earn, the more rebates you receive, and the longer we preserve Mother Earth.

Join us in this valuable mission...
Get your Rustan's Supermarket
Re-usable Bags now!
Thank you and happy shopping!

i hope that is enough to convince you. I AM IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH RUSTAN'S FRESH. i have dedicated this blog post in an effort to help mother earth. i do not care where you do your shopping. JUST DO MOTHER EARTH A FAVOR AND REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. please. i know SM supermarkets, Savemore, and shopwise all have these bags as well.

Shops like SM department stores, National Bookstore, HBC, Ipanema, The Body Shop all have reusable totes too that you canuse in lieu of plastic bags and/or paper bags. for about two years now, i dont shop in stores that use plastics if i dont have my reusable totes or a big bag with me. that's just my little way of helping mother nature. hit me up the comments section if you know any other stores that has them so we can update the list.

makeup junkie

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toiletries haul

i went grocery shopping today. with the event of ondoy, i didnt realize i was running low on supplies here in manila as i was cooped up in the province. when i went back last week. i had to use everything up to the last drop! i didnt have the time to hit the groceries last week, see.

so i went grocery shopping at il terrazo yesterday, and got the ff:

1. pantene smooth and silky shampoo
2. pantene total care conditioner - with free 3-minute conditioner thing
3. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture lotion
4. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture body wash
5. johnson and johnson's floral bouquet cologne
6. johnson and johnson's baby oil lite
7. johnson and johnson's baby powder and calming powder twin pack
8. generic qtips
9. kleenex
10. alcogel
11. katinko - for headaches and muscle pains
12. double mints

(not in picture)
13. schick razor with soap - i totally forgot to take pics and i'm annoyed cuz the packaging's all ruined now and i used it already but i soooo wanna post it cuz i think it's a splendid product! and i wanna do a review too! maybe they'll lemme take a pic of it in the grocery next time? :P
14. closee up toothpaste
15. 4 packs of modess all nights

other misc junkfood.

yea. you mightve noticed that majority of what i bought were j&j prods. ive just been hearing lotsa goodstuff bout it and rox convinced me to get them so i did. :P

i used to date this dude who once told me that you could learn a lot from a person's grocery purchases. we used to go grocery shopping together. i dunno how to explain it, but yea. you could totally get to know a person by the way he/she picks out grocery items.

so, what can you tell about my partial list of grocery picks? :P

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when it's time to hit the can

okay, so this post is about makeup expiration dates.

all of us, at one point or another have been guilty of this. i know i am. but it's juuuust painful to throw away barely touched makeup just because it is past its 2year mark.

for the oc's here's a little guideline

  • most makeup has a 2year mark.
  • cream concealers, cream blushes, cream shadows, anything cream-based-12-18 months
  • water-based foundation - 12 months
  • oil based foundation - 18 months
  • powders, either blushes, shadows, foundies - 24 months
  • pencil liners - 24-36 months as long as sharpened regularly
  • mascara - 3 months, no exceptions!
  • liquid liners - 3-6 months
  • gel-based blushes, cleansers, etc - 12-18 months
  • lipsticks - 12-36 months depending on usage and hygienic practices
  • lipgloss - 18 - 24 months
  • nail polish - 1 year
  • mineral makeup - as long as you don't wet them it lasts forever.
  • sponges - as long as you dont share them and wash them once a week it should last you a month.
my rule of thumb tho is as long as it smells the same, looks the same, feels the same, it's still good.
but this is because i keep a very strict makeup hygiene.

here are tips to make your makeup last longer:
  • keep your make up in a cool dry place. i have a spare ref in my room, and i put all my liquids and cream based makeup there
  • never , ever share cosmetics, or if you do, make sure to use disposables and never ever ever double dip
  • if you use a water-based foundation, and it dries out, just add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake.
  • i always keep sharpies (pentel pens) and stickers in my train case. every time i open a new product, i date them, so i'd know when it's gonna expire. you can also use tape for this. i find that if i write directly on the product it tends to fade away no matter how permanent the marker is.
  • i cannot stress this enough. throw away mascaras after three months
  • before my lipsticks expire, i melt them, add petroleum jelly if needed, and a few extra drops of vitamin E.
  • sharpen pencils regularly. this will keep them fresh and bacteria-free
  • if you're doing makeup, even for your mom or sister use a petri-dish. never ever double dip. sometimes i use my sponge case for this. sometimes i use a santized non-working cd. i also use a stainless spatula to scoop out products. if i can't find them, i use a disposable plastic knife. sometimes, when i am in a jiffy, i even use the tip of my brush. shh.
  • you can use the previous tip too if you wish to add water or liquids to your makeup. it keeps them sanitized. remember that bacteria festers on moist materials.
  • disposables are your best friends. i always keep a box of kleenex to sanitize my products when other people touches it. qtips are very handy too! it can double as an eye brush or a lip brush. i also keep a bag of disposable sponges.
i hope this helped you out.

(photo lifted off the net)

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hi dolls!

still alive! ive a lot of things to say.. a lot of catch-up kwentos but ive no time as of yet.

ive a loooot to do. i have a lot of posts in store for you but lemme just get through saturday, the last of my finals and it's blog flood for you guys! :D

ive one post coming up.. a bit of a stress reliever for me really, a breather from reviewing.

til next post then dolls! :D


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of m.a.c and mags

hi hunnies

so sorry for the lack of post.. you know how it is..

had a catch up dinner with my girls and a couple of guy friends @ restorante pia y damaso which is heavenly! i loove it there!

it's funny how the supposed ladies night got invaded by two straight guys.

anyhow, my girls were ooh-ing and aah-ing at my new mac brushes which was a gift from my bestfriend kath who lives in the states. then, funnyman mike unson said "no big deal, that's just a pouch and several brushes"

abbie goes: " they're limited edition mac brushes and a mac pouch. that's kind of special" mike continued staring at us blankly then abbie says "imagine your bestfriend getting you new mags and customized headlights for your car" and mike goes "oh... your bestfriend must really love you then"

so there you have it ladies. if you want your man to understand and support your makeup addiction, you gotta learn the car talk and convert cosmetics into something guys could understand better.. car parts. :D

til next post.
ciao bbs

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channeling KC

i know i'm a far cry from her, but i just find her beautiful! she's the cover of Metro's September issue and i was just drawn to the simplicity of the make up. mine's not perfect at all, but i'm just starting out and the no-make up look for formal events is not my forte at all. i prefer those loud looks cuz it's just a helluva lot easier to do.

i was doing some practice makeup for my cousin's sweet 16 party. in the end tho, i decided to ditch the falsies and had my hair braided. don't worry, i didn't go out at all with the falsies on. i peeled it off, washed the makeup off after and slept.
excuse the chaos in my room.
majority of the products i used for this look is gawang pinoy or philippine-made products

under-eye concealer: fanny serrano concealer stick in sand
spot concealer: fanny serrano concealer stick in walnut
setting powder: everbilena loose powder
foundation: fanny serrano cake foundation in mocha

shadow: 28 pc neutral palette
liner: everbilena eyeliner in black
falsies: something from divisoria
eyebrows: the face shop eyebrow duo powder

cheeks: fanny serrano cheek blush in silky coral

balm: Carmex
liner and lipstick: fashion21 perfect lips in flamingo
gloss: fashion21 fruit gloss (clear gloss)

i know it was a badly executed application of falsies, but i think i'm getting the hang of it! :D

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Travel Essentials

i just find it good sense to have a suitcase or an overnight bag at least always packed and ready even though i have no immediate plans of travelling. i guess that's just one of the top rules in the jetsetters' code, to be ready to leave in a moment's notice.i have a matching shoulder bag with my overnight case which i aquired a couple of years back which i unfortunately left in manila. :( i will post pictures next time! :D

here goes my list i hope you guys find it useful! :


· Shampoo - i use lush's bath and hair gel in its travel size, so taht eliminates the need for a separate soap container that just takes up space
· Hair smoothing serum
· Facial cleanser and/or scrub
· Moisturizer = Doubles as lotion
· Petroleum jelly -a small jar of petroleum jelly is very handy. with all its other uses, i basically use it as a lip moisturizer and something to soothe blisters when i travel.

· Baking Soda - has A LOT of uses! i found out about this a few years back and ive been keeping it in my traveling toiletry bag ever since! :P
o An alternative toothpaste - Wet your brush, dip in baking soda, polish away stains. makes your mouth feel amazingly clean, a hard thing to come by on the road.
o An alternative deodorant - Left your favorite de-funkifier at home? Pat on a little baking soda. It doesn’t stop sweat but it does work for stopping odors.
o An alternative facial scrub - It’s gentle, lightly exfoliating, and leaves skin squeaky clean. Just make sure to rinse really well and use a good moisturizer afterwards.
o A shoe de-funker - If you walk a lot when you travel, you know your shoes can smell awfully funky in the mornings. Before bed, sprinkle a little baking soda in your shoes to keep them clean-smelling.
o A hair de-gooper - Hair feeling a little grungy? Pour a little baking soda in your hands as you’re shampooing and work it through well. L et it sit on your hair for about 5 minutes. Rinse well and condition well. Your hair will feel “clarified” and clean.
§ Pretty useful innit?

· Antiperspirant - or good ol' deo
· Ladies’ safety razor - As every one knows, am not one of the hairiest women in the world, so I don’t really need this.
· Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
· Cologne/perfume
· Sunblock lotion for body and sunblock gel for face
· Mosquito repellant - keeps the dengue mosquito away!
· A small jar of Baby powder
· A clean wash cloth
· Styptic pen - Helps close nicks and small cuts. unfortunately, it's not available here.. :(
· Adhesive bandages - otherwise known as band-aids
· Clean contact lens case and travel sized bottle of saline solution
· Pair of tweezers
· Emery board
· A travel sized bottle of pain reliever
· A tiny bottle of clear nail polish
· A few days worth of vitamins
· Hair elastics and bobby pins in your hair color

Luggage musthaves, no matter where your destination is:

· Two pairs of SPARE underwear
· Medium-sized towel - I know most hotels/resort gives you a supply of towel, but I just find comfort in knowing I have my own just in case..
· One pair of socks - Ya never know when ur tootsies will get cold
· Three tampons/ sanitary napkin - Just in case
· Extra pair of sunnies in hard case
· A few safety pins - I usually keep a stash in the inside zipper of my luggage.. just in case
· Make Up Essentials (foundies, shadow, etc)
· Gorillapod - camera tripod
· Chargers for ipod/celfone camera, etc - It really sucks when ur tech supply runs out of juice so I suggest you buy spare chargers now and keep it in your luggage. As a dormer, I find this to be really useful.
· a pair of jammies
· a decent light weigh dress that can pass off as a cocktail dress for more formal impromptu events and as a beach cover up or a day dress. will post pictures of a few examples soon! :P
· a sensible, light closed shoes - crocs prima works best for me but im pretty sure there are a lot of other substitute. what is important is it must be light enough and comfy enough to travel distances with.
· 2 Scarves - i love love love scarves. i rarely ever travel without them. they're just very handy. you can use is as a halter top, a sarong, an extra bag, a spare dress, somethng to ease the cold. i cannot stress this enough. scarves are very useful when travelling. :P

i know this sounds a lot, but once you've gotten the hang of finding travel sized things and mastered the art of packing, you'd be surprised at how many you can pack yet appearing to be traveling light! :D

what are your travelling essentials?

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Product Focus: Pill/tablet boxes as palettes!

i have been using pillboxes as makeup storage for about two years now. i got these particular pillboxes from the my aunt's clinic (hanging out in the hospital sure has its perks) but i think most pillboxes are available in all leading groceries and drugstores.

storing makeup, especially the cream types in pill/tablet boxes is very handy, especially when travelling. i first did that when i read in one of the makeup forums that mixing pigment with petroleum jelly would make a pretty good lip balm/lip gloss. so when one of my eyeshadow palettes broke, i took the brown and pink, mixed it in several hues and i was able to come up
with quite a good range of colors. also, i mixed a liquid foundation that was too light for me with petroleum jelly, and i was able to get a good nude lips shade.

sorry for the crappy picture above. i swear, it's the flash that's making it look too greasy, in reality it just gives you a moisturized lip look. it almost has a lipbalm-y look.
these are the ones i mixed with an eyeshadow and a blush that cracked. plus, the one i mixed with a liquid foundation

the next batch i did, the very first one was just a darker shaded foundation for nude lips as well, but i took it up a notch. i mixed cayenne powder with it to make an instant plumper (got the idea from jing of girlwithglassesjing). i also mixed careline's loose eyeshadow in mestiza white and vanilla white with petroleum jelly to get that nice shimmery-balmy look, also i mixed careline's plum loose shadow with mestiza white and petroleum jelly, and careline's mestiza white alone wiht petrokeum jelly.
(L-R) Careline's plum loose shadow with mestiza white, careline's vanilla white with mestiza white, careline's mestiza white, and a dark liquid foundation with cayenne powder.

then, i had some lipsticks that is a bit drying for me so i scooped them out of their cases, took a huge spoon and a candle, placed the lipstick and some petroleum jelly on the spoon and melted it over the candle. it gives a nice glossy look. dont ask me for the lipstick shades, i've forgotten 'em already! sorry..

i only have three shades here cuz i only scooped out two lipsticks and mixed them together in one batch. i am still contemplating on what shade to put on the empty slot. right now a mineral blush is stored there.

finally, i had to travel last summer and i didnt really feel like bringing three huge tubes of creme foundation and and a bronzer so i used a clean plastic knife to cut portions off it and make my own home-made foundation and concealer palettes

upper left: my foundation shade which doubles as blemish concealer, upper right: my under-eye concealer, lower right: a shimmerry bronzer, lower left: a darker cream foundation for contour.

there you have it, my home-made palettes! this works best for cream cosmetics. i doubt it would hold up if you put liquids in it or runny cosmetics cuz it's not exactly leak proof. also i would not recommend storing loose cosmetics in it (the way i did) cuz it just tends to create a whole lotta mess. i'm just temporarily storing my loose blush there until i decide on what to do with it. i might mix it withn petroleum also.

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getting to know each other tag

tagged by stockpiled! (angie) and girl with glasses (jing). :P

i tag all of my followers!

Create a New Blog Post, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your title as "Getting to Know Each Other!", then tag as many people as you like :)

1. What time did you get up this morning? 5.30 a lotta early for me!

2. How do you like your steak? well done

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? the proposal, with somebody i soo do not want to propose! :P

4. What is your favorite TV show? friends, charmed, boston legal and sex and the city. yea.. all discontinued

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? New York! :P or prolly wet london.. tokyo too or hk.. yea.. am a city girl through and through.. wouldnt trade manila for the world tho! :)

6. What did you have for breakfast? pan de sal with quesong puti

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Japanese.. some italian too! :P nothing beats pinoy cuisine tho

8. What foods do you dislike? lemme think.. ahh hate hate hate sour foods. hate hate hate fish on soup..

9. Favorite place to eat? DAMPA! hmn. where else.. oh, i love love love chocolate kiss and banapple.. tomas morato area mostly..

10. Favorite dressing? vinaigrette.. good 'ol mayo will do too! or honey mustard.. really i'm not that fussy.. as long as there's a dressing i'm good

11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? i don't drive anymore.. :P i used to drive an adventure. i would love to drive a 1964 volkswagon. yea, i'm not too fussy with cars

12. What are your favorite clothes? ooh.. i love love love shorts.. or dresses. im in love with dresses right now.

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? hongkong to see mikael! australia to see tishan, and malibu to visit kath, rye and andy.

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? optimism all the way. half full

15. Where would you want to retire? beautiful baguio sounds appealing to me. or maybe somewhere as laid back such as LA or australia.

16. Favorite time of day? midnight!

17. Where were you born? makati medical center

18. What is your favorite sport to watch? basketball! let's go archers, let's go

19. Who do you think will not tag you back? idk

20. Person you expect to tag you back first? idk

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? i'd love to see everyone's insights

22. Bird watcher? not too big on nature.. sorry.. i told you i'm a city girl through and through

23. Are you a morning person or a night person? definitely a night person!

24. Do you have any pets? i used to have a pet ant.. :P i'm not allowed to have pets cuz of the asthma

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? yes!! will be performing on wednesday with the gang at house of runes, and bookfair's coming up which is ALWAYS good. i kind of have this bookfair "pilgrimage" i'm on my third year now.

26. What did you want to be when you were little? i wanted to be a nun! :P seriously tho, ever sincve i was little i wanted to be a lawyer..

27. What is your best childhood memory? i have a lot.. ive had the best of memories as far as childhood goes

28. Are you a cat or dog person? i HATE cats (sorry) so imma say dogs

29. Are you married? Nope. not in a long long time. no plans at all.

30. Always wear your seat belt? only if i dont trust the driver (ehem at pj and gabby!!)

31. Been in a car accident? yes. i was driving. that's why i dont drive anymore

32. Any pet peeves? wrong grammar, nonsensical text messages, backstabbing people.. and i dont like the gay lingo at all... i also don't like making lait or chismis about other people

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings? CHEESE! i know, boring much.

34. Favorite Flower? stargazers and lilies.. :D

35. Favorite ice cream? butter pecan and pistachio

36. Favorite fast food restaurant? burger king.. only because they have onion rings and the best mayo ever. oh, and free wi-fi! :D

37. How many times did you fail your driver's test? i didnt. :P

38. From whom did you get your last email? tishan.. begging me to visit him in australia, even if he had to pay for the plane. i simply do not have the time.

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? marionnaud, bayo, watsons, nine west. i've very cheap thrills. except for bags.

40. Do anything spontaneous lately? will be doing something spontaneous soon! but it's a secret

41. Like your job? yes.. :P

42. Broccoli? yummy yummy yummy!

43. What was your favorite vacation? super takas weekend with jt at bali.. :P

44. Last person you went out to dinner with? tita jo and lem lem

45. What are you listening to right now? aiza seguerra.. damn she's good!

46. What is your favorite color? green!

47. How many tattoos do you have? just one.. secret! :P

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz? all my followers but i think most of them did this already

49. What time did you finish this quiz? 12:38

50. Coffee drinker? oh yes.

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Product Focus: Careline Eyeshadow Powders

i have careline loose shadows in several colors but i decided to make a review on vanilla white

le price:
they're no mac pigments, but for 80 bucks (pesos) a pop, they aint so bad.

le experience:
they're very pigmented too! i have several individual ones and i have duos, and i love them! i just use a good base so that it sticks. being loose and all, it tends to fall out fast, but with a sticky base (i use my white gel liner most of the time) it works fantastic!
this review however is for the individual ones, more specifically, it's for the vanilla white variant.

it has so many uses. most of the time, i use it as a highlighter for the brow bone, the cheekbone and sometimes even the cupid's bow (upper lip area).

most of the time, i mix it with a liquid foundation or even a tinted moisturizer and i'm good to go. i did this mostly last summer, when it's too hot to put on makeup and i just want to put a little coverage and to even out my skin tone. it gives me that subtle glow, and it gives me a kind-of MAC strobe cream look, minus the pinkish tinge, which is okay for me. it doesnt come off as too shiny, oily look, but it just gives my face a certain pop.

i also mix it with careline's mestiza white loose shadow and petroleum jelly and it's my instant lip balm which i use on bare lips and i'm good to go. sometimes i put it on top of a lipstick and it doubles as a great lipgloss. useful, innit? (pics to follow, i left my pre-made one in manila)

you have to watch out for the crappy packaging tho. the bottom part unsticks like 9 out of 10 times and it leaves a serious mess in my trunk, which i hate. i saw the salesladies at watson's festival use a trusty scotch tape to keep it in place, but i dont use scotch tapes, so i used my invisible tape (sticks better, in my opinion)

le verdict:
i find it too oppressive that mac pigments are always, always out of stock here, so i make do with the next alternative.
i give this product 3.5 lipsticks.
i took points off because of its crappy packaging and limited color options.

oh and i bought sunnies! yay me! i know, i look like a bug, but i love love it.

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update again and buy ban over

The perfect way to start the morning goddessella style
(and a little preview of my new baby, harlowe!)

good morning everyone! i woke up feeling energized at 6:30 am today even though i had a terrible night last night. my head aches are getting really bad that i can't function at all when i'm having one of those episodes.. :(

but it's all good now1 i'm good, just a bit pressed for time cuz i have midterm exams all through this week and i haven't studied a thing.. oh noes. i am actually here at krispy kreme studying.

i just wanna let you guys know that my buy ban is officially over! yay! was able to snag harlowe! my limited edition old rose colored msi wind netbook. i am in love.

oh, and this uber cutie little baby boy blew kisses at me a while ago and i fell for it bigtime! i am in love.

how was your day?

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something from paulo cuelho

tell your heart that the fear of getting hurt is more painful than the act of getting hurt itself

i received that message from him straight via twitter waay back and i'm typing it from memory so im not sure if it's a direct quote but it's pretty close. this has been my mantra for a while now and i just wanted to share it with you guys.

til next post

ciao bbs! :D

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Cheater, Cheater!

my cheat haul.

yea. i know i told you guys i would not be hauling for about 8 weeks cuz im actually saving money for a new netbook with at least a bigger screen, but i can justify my haul, i promise!

first, i bought a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish cuz i really really am lemming for one for so long now and everytime i try to buy one, it's always out of stock. well, now that i really am trying not to buy, like a devil's temptation, there it was selling like pancakes.. so i had to get one before it gets out of stock again.... and i love love love it! no regrets at all!

second, i bought another fanny serrano concealer in walnut cuz i lost mine. i travel back and forth between manila and laguna weekly and with all the packing and traveling, you just lose stuff. i really am dependent on this concealer so dont sue me! :D

finally, ive been wanting to get this nichido palette cuz it's so cheap and i could just put it in my travel case or my kikay kit and forget about it, then when emergency strikes, it's there! :D i like the neutral/earth colors too!

so there you have it, my cheat haul. :D

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Mac Technique Workshop

last sunday, i was invited by marionnaud, mall of asia to attend a mac technique workshop. the workshop was spearheaded by owen, and he was actually very good but he didnt say anything i didnt already know from watching youtube videos and reading makeup forums. also, i had to run out before it ended cuz i had to meet a friend somewhere else. the workshop was supposed to be from 2-4 pm, but it started at around 3pm na.

they had loot bags for us as well which contained a loofah and a 200 peso gift check that you could use with a 25oo single receipt purchase. also, they gave out a nail grooming kit for every single receipt purchase which i was able to get with a mac mineralized skin finish natural. i am particularly happy with this cuz ive been lemming for an msf natural for so long now!

the food was good too! they got the pastries from delifrance so it's yummy!

owen was actually very informative, giving us the history of MAC, and sharing with us cool tips and tricks. i know, i know. ive said that you could prolly hear all those tips and tricks online but it's nice to see it live in action. too bad i had to run out early. but these are the things i learned:
(i didnt actually take notes so i'm only writing from memory)

  • always start with a clean canvass (face) which made me want the strobe cream! too bad im not allowed to wear a moisturizer just yet
  • use proper tone correctors in concealing: salmon colors counter acts with the bluish undertones (especially under the eyes), green counter acts with red, and purple counter acts with yellow
  • MAC studio fix compact is made to be applied dry. we are not supposed to use it wet cuz that'll just break the compact. if you really need to apply it wet then scrape off a few products and put it in a separate dish or container and then wet it.
  • instead of retouching with powder immediately, blot with tissue first to remove the oil and prevent clogging of pores
  • you could still wear a lively colored shadow (i.e. purple) to work/school just use a light hand in applying. that way you are not constricted to merely using neutrals
  • after applying your blush, dust some powder over it, that way, it will seem as if you are blushing from with in
  • moisturize lips before actual gloss/lipstick application. it helps to use a lip conditioner.

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things in perspective

hey bbs.. i'm so busy with school work, like seriously. i just hurdled my first midterm exam this week and it was just hard.. i even rattled some of my barrister friends for wills and succession answers that started a whole barrage of debates from them. :D

also, ive been appointed editor-in-chief for the newsletter, so ive been revising and editing and lay-outing the past two weeks or so..

poetry performance. house of runes was a blast!! see you guys again next month! yay

but this blog is not about boring school work

it's about putting my makeup life in perspective
and these are the things i wish to achieve before i die(how morbid)

1. take a makeup class for pros
2. have my own makeup line
3. have a makeup award

i know, a bit ambitious but that's what i hope to achieve..
a girl can dream, right?

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10 things about me

this is originally a "25 random facts about me" when i was first tagged about this in facebook. most of the things tho are personal/and or boring stuff, so i decided to trim it down to 10 before sharing this with you lovelies. :)

i just want to share bits and pieces of my life with you guys and if you wanna follow suit, please, feel free to do so. i would love to know more about you too! :D

WARNING: this is a LOOOOOONG read so if you dont want to waste 3-5 minutes of your time (possibly even more) then feel free to hit the back button and regular beauty blogging will be up next when i feel like it. :D

here goes.. :P

1. i am afraid of the dark.
yea. most people who sleep over asks why i dont turn the lights off EVER, and i respond by handing them an eye mask. that's why i sooo luuuurve espaldon... thanks for the eye mask u gave me for xmas/bday! this is because i have an over active imagination. and to block off unwanted sounds (i.e. kaluskos, katok, bulong, nguy nguy, etc) i always have sounds on. be it my dvd player on repeat or my ipod or my laptop, something'ss got to be playing in the back ground.

2. my ultimate dream is to be chased off by paparazzis princess diana style.
oh yea. too bad the sport of pap shots is kinda illegal here.. :( i know lack of privacy and all that. this may sound as too attention-seeking and all but i just think i woulda love the thrill of the chase and all that. this is also why i rarely get out of the house in a state of cringe-worthy get up. i may have mastered that casual look/no makeup thang going on but to let you in on a lil secret, all of those casual-no-make-up-look is cunningly planned. quite exhausting and taxing.. ayyyluuuuurrrrvveeitt!

3. I am not attached to my mobile phone.
as in i could go on for days without glancing at it, or even check if there are messages, much to my friends' dismay. i often hibernate and leave my fone behind for days on end. and when i finally resurface, charging my fone's not even top priority. when i do turn it on, i would receive gazillion messages, the mildest of which would go something like this "UTANG NA LOOB ELLA GAMITIN MO NAMAN YUNG CELLPHONE MO" or "god ella, throw away your simcard na. it's freakin useless."

4. i can't leave without my sunnies.
yes. sometimes i step out of my room, realize that i left my mobile phone, and not bother at all. but when i'm out on the streets and i realize i dont have my shades on, i run back upstairs and grab my shades. i dont care if i dont have time enough to do this but i'd rather be late then leave my peepers unprotected. oh, and when i say sunnies, i mean them. this does not pertain to the small discreet ones fbi, csi, abc agents wear all the time. i mean loud, huge, oldskool shades just like jackie o's.

5. i soooo love watching the news!
it's the most entertaining soap opera on tv, not to mention the longest running!! oh yea. i get my yahoos watching these half assed politicians and whathaveyous make a joke of themselves just for their 15 minutes of fame. i enjoy watching these people cook up gimmicks just to make an even more mockery out of my dear precious philippines. i find faint humour in how when i think our political arena could not get dirtier, the 15 minute newsflash would just prove me wrong once again. it is also highly entertaining the way these people cook up lies, lame excuses, poorly executed dramas, and yet highly entertaining of all is that the masses just eat it all up.. i guess that;s why although poverty is very rampant here, nobody really goes hungry. oops. dont get me started about this topic. you will never hear the end of it.

6. i love vintage stuff.
i seriously believe i was born in the wrong era. i wouldve given anything at all to be able to be a teenybopper in the 30's, 40's 50's, 60's 70's or even 80's. i love the fashion sense, i love the lifestyle, i love the story and the romance behind every woman's smokey lashes. i love the simplicity of life's complications back then. my icons are jackie o., bette davies, vivienne leigh, audrey hepburn, deborrah kerr, katharine hepburn, of course grace kelly, locally, sharon cuneta, imelda marcos. i long for the gentlemen in the movies, this tall, tanned and sophisticated gentlemen who are too much of a rake to settle down yet armed with too much charm to resist.. i would gladly gladly give up the comforts of today's technology for a day with these women. yes. i was born in the wrong era.

7. i love designer bags
but then again, every woman does. but for me, i dont care if i have sack cloth on, if my shoes give me blisters and callouses (as long as it's stilettos, minimum of three inches) if my earings are pearl knock offs, if i barely have a centavo in my wallet, as long as i have a good bag up my arm. i dont mind starving for months on end. really.

8. i m extremely allergic to stuffed toys.
i was a sickly kid. growing up, i used to have all these medical paraphernalias in my room. you name an antibiotic for newborn, infants, todddlers and kids, circa 1980s - 1990s, i am sure to have gobbled it up. it's lucky i have the whole resources of Family Care Hospital and some of Perpetual Help Hospital at my disposal then. i had asthma, among others and this is why i cant have stuffed toys, especially those manufactured then, as it was extremely hairy! growing up, i had a whole lot of toys including stuffed toys which was mostly gifts but i was never allowed to play with them. they would just be gathering dust in the stockroom until a lucky maid would steal them. suffice to say i was never partial to stuffed toys. that's why i didn't really felt too much remorse when i had to throw out that giordano teddy bear amongst others as part of getting over the ghost of a relationship past.

9. i require fidelity in a lover.
of course fidelity is such a vague concept in itself but i have to have a faithful lover. i'm not even talking about sex. i'm talking about actual, tangible love, if there is even such a thing. i have to be the only one in his heart, in his life. i grew up a very spoilt unica hija, unica apo and unica pamangkin for a loooong, looong time before my brother and cousins came along. i was the only kid, and ive never learnt how to share what's mine. i ain't surely gonna start now..
i believe that trust is the most important thing in a relationship, moreso than love. because no matter how much i love a person, if i dont trust him anymore, i simply dont feel secure. everytime he's not with me, i dont trust him anymore, and even if he is with me, i dont trust that i am the only one in his mind at all. and yes, no matter how much i love the person mistrust will slowly but surely eat away that love. and then what will be left? mistrust that can easily fester into hate. no matter how strong a relationship's foundation is, it will surely crumble. it aint a very pretty picture to paint innit? i am a very trusting person, gullible even. but once you destroyed that trust, i am sorry, but it is gone forever. the thing is, i am not even clingy. i let my guy do his thing and i do mine. i trust him to be adult enough to know what's right from wrong.

1o. i happen to love love love my family to death and actually like them.
i know everyone loves their family on a "we have to" kind of way, but i do like mine, which is something that not a lot can say. my family, with all our flaws and imperfections are just perfect for me. we are completely in sync, yes there are dis agreements and such, but all these are minor and when it comes down to the big guns, we are united.

whew, that was a lot more personal than i first expected. now you know a little more about me than just makeupjunkie.. :D how about you? i would love to hear from all of you so hit me up the comments section, or do post something similar in your blogs.. til next post lovelies.. :D

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