Product Focus: Pill/tablet boxes as palettes!

i have been using pillboxes as makeup storage for about two years now. i got these particular pillboxes from the my aunt's clinic (hanging out in the hospital sure has its perks) but i think most pillboxes are available in all leading groceries and drugstores.

storing makeup, especially the cream types in pill/tablet boxes is very handy, especially when travelling. i first did that when i read in one of the makeup forums that mixing pigment with petroleum jelly would make a pretty good lip balm/lip gloss. so when one of my eyeshadow palettes broke, i took the brown and pink, mixed it in several hues and i was able to come up
with quite a good range of colors. also, i mixed a liquid foundation that was too light for me with petroleum jelly, and i was able to get a good nude lips shade.

sorry for the crappy picture above. i swear, it's the flash that's making it look too greasy, in reality it just gives you a moisturized lip look. it almost has a lipbalm-y look.
these are the ones i mixed with an eyeshadow and a blush that cracked. plus, the one i mixed with a liquid foundation

the next batch i did, the very first one was just a darker shaded foundation for nude lips as well, but i took it up a notch. i mixed cayenne powder with it to make an instant plumper (got the idea from jing of girlwithglassesjing). i also mixed careline's loose eyeshadow in mestiza white and vanilla white with petroleum jelly to get that nice shimmery-balmy look, also i mixed careline's plum loose shadow with mestiza white and petroleum jelly, and careline's mestiza white alone wiht petrokeum jelly.
(L-R) Careline's plum loose shadow with mestiza white, careline's vanilla white with mestiza white, careline's mestiza white, and a dark liquid foundation with cayenne powder.

then, i had some lipsticks that is a bit drying for me so i scooped them out of their cases, took a huge spoon and a candle, placed the lipstick and some petroleum jelly on the spoon and melted it over the candle. it gives a nice glossy look. dont ask me for the lipstick shades, i've forgotten 'em already! sorry..

i only have three shades here cuz i only scooped out two lipsticks and mixed them together in one batch. i am still contemplating on what shade to put on the empty slot. right now a mineral blush is stored there.

finally, i had to travel last summer and i didnt really feel like bringing three huge tubes of creme foundation and and a bronzer so i used a clean plastic knife to cut portions off it and make my own home-made foundation and concealer palettes

upper left: my foundation shade which doubles as blemish concealer, upper right: my under-eye concealer, lower right: a shimmerry bronzer, lower left: a darker cream foundation for contour.

there you have it, my home-made palettes! this works best for cream cosmetics. i doubt it would hold up if you put liquids in it or runny cosmetics cuz it's not exactly leak proof. also i would not recommend storing loose cosmetics in it (the way i did) cuz it just tends to create a whole lotta mess. i'm just temporarily storing my loose blush there until i decide on what to do with it. i might mix it withn petroleum also.

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Golden said...

Pure genius! Some use small 'pots' right? But I guess pillboxes are more convenient.

makeupjunkie said...

yea.. i think so too! i tend to lose the cap of small pots all the time! :D

Golden said...

Thanks so much dearie! You don't know how your words make me feel better.

Have a nice day.

Golden said...

Hi sis, ooh, it looks like you're busy with school again. ^_^

BTW sis, I got a tag for you. Check it at:

Thanks and have a Blessed Sunday.

Gem said...

This is very creative :)

makeupjunkie said...

@golden - hi sis, i was enjoying a long weekend with a rare lazy monday to boot!
thanks for the award!! i kove it! :P

@gem - thanks. :P i hope you found it useful. :P

alyntoi said...

hi, this is brilliant..but i just got a little said you used old foundie and mixed w/petroleum jelly to make it as a lipgloss..what about the taste? ok lang ba? coz i wanna do this at home :)thanks a lot

makeupjunkie said...

@alyntoi - hmn.. i never actually thought of that..

it's never been a problem.. :P i dunno, i don't even wet my lips with my tongue subconsciously.. ts never been a habit, especially if a have a product on my lips. like a balm or something, so i have no idea how it tastes. :P and yes, flavored balms and glosses go to waste on me cuz i don't eat them.. :P