Loot: Youngblood Artiste Palette & Nars Bridal Palette

Two new palettes came in for me this past month! :D

1. The Youngblood Artiste Palette in Romanticism
Eyes: Alabaster, Golden Beryl, Penny
Lips: Brilliance, Glorious, Mesmerize
Cheeks: Sherbet, Blossom

2. NARS Artist Palette: Bridal Palette
Eyes: Edie, Nepal, Night Fever
Cheeks: Albatross, Orgasm
Lips: Mitzi, Baby Doll, Sexual Healing, Roman Holiday

I haven't really played around with it. I just love looking at them. lol. They're both supposed to be Neutral/earth shades perfect for the prime or bridal Look, but i don't know. the Youngblood palette seems to be the one with the nude shades while the Nars palette seems to be more catered for nightouts.

I know I've been AWOL the past few weeks but I've been busy with school work, plus, lately, I'm more obsessed with the new Kindle3 than beauty blogging! Geekgirl showing thru! lol. :D

Reviews/comparisons coming soon! :D

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