how to sanitize cosmetics

in my cosmetics' expiration dates post, ive talked about sanitizing cosmetics.

in this post, imma talk about how to sanitize the cosmetics. this will serve as a guideline not just for you but for me as well. :P just so i can just look through my blog when i need information myself, and i don't need to do the whole research thing all over again. and this way everybody learns. if you know of other methods, please feel free to lemme know in the comments section so we can update this post. :P

this post is especially handy too if you get pre-loved cosmetics, either via a swap or a sale.

i cannot stress enough the importance of a good makeup hygiene practice. you don't want to cause breakouts now, do you? oh and a pink eye to go with your eye makeup or mascara'ed lashes ain't a pretty sight.

so here goes.

  • mascaras, lip glosses and everything else that comes in a tube with a wand applicator.
first off, mascaras. - there is no way to sanitize them, and i find it useless since you'll be throwing it out anyway after three months. so just don't share mascaras. or if you do, please, please, please use disposables and dont ever ever double dip. i said that there's no way to sanitize them once it's contaminated cuz it's liquid and it's in a tube. once it's contaminated, it's kinda hard to contain the contaminated areas.

the same is true with lip glosses and every other cosmetics that's liquid and comes in a tube with a wand applicator. so i suggest never ever ever share them. if you must share these or get these products pre-loved make sure that you trust the other person and their hygienic practices, cuz as i said, there is no way you can sanitize them, or at least there is no way that i know of. so the only way to ensure that a product in this sort of packaging is sanitized is:

a. by using disposables and/or petri dishes
b. by never ever ever double dipping

  • pressed powders, compacts, blushes
as long as it is dry it is fairly easy to sanitize. just wipe off the top layer with a tissue. for the extra clean freaks, you might want to scratch the top layer off. you might lose some of the products but at least you know you're getting fresh products. better be safe than sorry ladies.

another way to sanitize them is to take cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the top layer with it, let it air dry then scrape off the top layer. once a pressed powder product gets wet, it gets unusable anyway so better scrape it off.

  • eye pencils/ lip pencils and any other pencils
just sharpen them and you'd be fine. for retractables tho, just chop off the used section, that way you get a fresh tip.

  • mousses, creams, etc.
quite the same actually with powders. this time tho, you might want to actually scrape off the top portion. and as long as it doesnt look as if the previous owner abused it by mixing and dipping through the bottom, the products down at the bottom are pretty safe.

  • lipsticks
okay, this is the tricky part cuz i researched online and most tips i read was to scrape off the part used. somehow i don't agree with this.
i've actually seen my favorite mac makeup artist, frances, sanitize a lipstick before actually letting me try it. she just doused the whole thing in alcohol, let it dry for a while and handed it to me. that simple. ive seen other make up artists do this too. so i guess that's the simplest way. this is how i do it too.

now, if you're doing some one else's lips. scrape some of the lipstick off using a spatula or a little knife or something, transfer the product in a petri dish or a clean handy surface and apply with lipbrush.

  • anything with pumps or a tightly sealed opening
like liquid foundations, gel tints in pumps, should be safe, unless contaminated. then i guess it's the same as mascaras and glosses.

  • brushes, sharpeners etc.
the tools, when brand new or pre-loved, must be doused with alcohol, and then washed with a mild shampoo, then let it air dry. it should be sanitized using that method. then please please please practice brush hygiene by giving you brushes a bath once every two weeks and spot cleaning them after every use. or if you're like me who does not have time to spot clean them, i wash my brushes once a week, and i don't share brushes. if i do share my brush, i don't use them on me unless ive already given the particular brush a deep bath.

  • practice makeup hygiene in a makeup counter when testing products.

-Avoid testing on lips and eyes, which are the most vulnerable to infection. Use the back of your hand instead.

-Try makeup on at a counter manned by a salesperson who can oversee hygienic usage, and use single-use applicator. Or ask an in-store makeup artist, who likely has been trained to use sanitary measures, for help.

-Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after visiting a makeup counter.

-Test products that come from a shaker or squeeze-pump dispenser, not an open container.

well i guess i pretty much covered everything. for questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment (i think i mentioned this already).

til next post dolls! have a lovely week!

will try to sneak in another post before halloween. haven't decided yet what imma be.

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product focus: Fashion21 fruit gloss

this is a quickie post. for pics please refer to my old hauls.

a clear gloss does not get the love it deserves. i strongly believe that it is a must-have in every cosmetics' case.

i have been in constant search of a good but inexpensive clear gloss, preferably something in tube, just like the clear lipglass that mac sells, but my search has been in vain.

luckily tho, i found a clear gloss in our trusty watsons. it is from fashion21.

le price:
for 29 pesos, i say it's a steal!

le experience:
i basically use matte lipsticks coz they are more lasting. i find though that they look flat and drying on the lips. with this fruit gloss, that problem is solved! i also find that using colored lip glosses are a bit of a hassle as it smudges a lot more than a lipstick does and it does not last long. so i put this on top of my lipstick and not only does it make my lips shine, it also protects the lipstick. i don't have to retouch every so often using my lipstick. for touch ups, i just rely on this baby!
other uses:
my pigments and other colors can now double as a gloss or a lipstick. i just premoisturize my lips with a balm, press on the color i want and smooth on my clear lipgloss. it effectively widened my range of c0lors.

sometimes even with a colored lip gloss, i dab a tiny bit in the center of my lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip. :)

you can also use it as a highlighter to emphasize the highplanes of your face such as the nosebridge, cheekbones, brow bones, etc. - yea, i found that weird too! but risa of makeupbyrisa in youtube made a video where she used her cleargloss for that purpose and guess what, it totally works!

le verdict:
i cannot stress how handy a clear lip gloss is. i urge you to try it! what i don't like tho is that it comes with a doe-foot applicator. when my lips are all done up and i just need to seal it with the gloss, i find that the lipstick stains on the applicator and it just mixes with the gloss inside the container. i woulda preferred a tube one without a brush applicator. all in all tho, it's still a good buy!

i'm off to philippine fashion week, so til next post ladies. tata! :D

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what's in your gym bag? gym essentials. :P

hi dolls!

i'm on a roll today! maybe the reason i feel so energized is because i just came from the gym. as a lawstudent myself, i tend to find that lifestyle to be helluva unhealthy. i mean, we're always stressed, hence the need for comfort food, and we don't get to burn it off cuz we're always by coffee shops and doughnut stores studying. we use up all our energies studying and we combat tiredness and sleepiness by eating or at least munching. and that means junk food. so at the end of the day (or by break of dawn for most of us) we are stressed, from our taxing mental exercises and our stomachs full of caffeine and sugar, and little to zero physical movement at all. highly unhealthy.

so, everytime i get the chance, especially during breaks, i really make it a point to visit the gym. no, i dont go to the gym to get thin, as i happen to love the way i look, but i go to the gym in a bid to get a little healthier. get some physical movement.

if you are thinking of going to the gym here are a few guidelines:

first off: think long and hard cuz it's a pretty big commitment. you'll be shelling out 1000-3000 a month for gym membership alone so it's a big big big decision.

second: try to check out teh facilities your gym offers, and mentally compute your travelling expenses along with the other gym expenses see if it's gonna be worth it. i do this mostly to motivate myself to go to the gym.

location is very important too. check out gyms that have branches everywhere, that way you don't get restricted to just one. sometimes, after working out, i study by the gym lounge. that way, i save up on coffee. SHH :P

i dont really have a lot of advice to give in choosing a gym club cuz i was not given the chance to choose. my aunt enrolled me to one back in college and ive been faithful to that one ever since. ive been going to the gym, however irregularly, for 4-5 years now.

having said that, what i'm really an expert about is the gym essentials! what to bring:

1. gym bag - fitness first, the club i belong to gives a gym bag upon membership, but i have long since discarded mine in a pursuit of a more roomy (ehem stylish) gym bag. i honestly prefer knapsacks for comfort, since it distributes the weight evenly. but since when do we fashionistas care about comfort? :P adidas and nike have a pretty good collection of lady gym bags. it's pretty sturdy too. but whenever i get tired of my gym bags, i just use my oversized bags as gym bags

2. gym clothes - highschool or college p.e. uniforms will do. again, most sporting stores sell gym clothes, but i find i am most comfortable in running or gym shorts and a loose shirt.

3. face towel - again, fitness first gives out a face towel upon membership. but you can use any face towel. a face towel is an essential part of your gym life. you need it to wipe out those sweat beads! :P

4. gym shoes - any rubber shoes will do. again, i prefer running shoes cuz it's soo much lighter and it's breathable. ooh.. and a non-bulky shoe bag is preferred too! i use dust bags most of the time.

5. socks - any sports socks will do.

6. wrist band - optional but i use it as a sweat band. sold in most sporting stores.

7. headset and/or ipod - again optional. fitness first gives out a free headset upon membership and you can use it to listen and watch TV while doing your cardio

8. water bottle - something that's free again upon membership. this is also an essential. you would not want to dehydrate while working out, right?

9. big towel - for showering. most gyms sell towels too if you've forgotten to bring your own.

10. sports bra - this is very important for it gives you support. SoEn has a pretty good sports bra line. the price is pretty affordable too compared to the competition.

11. spare undies - for after showering.
i dont bother to bring a different set of clothes. i just use what i wore before i changed for my gym clothes. that way i dont have too many things in my bag

12. rubber slippers - so you don't walk around the locker room barefoot. most of the time i go in the gym in my rubber slippers already, that way i dont have to bring too many pairs with me.

13. deodorant - pretty self explanatory

toiletries to bring:
the essentials you need for showering. check tho if your gym provides for them. my gym provides for the shampoo and body wash so i dont bother bringing my own.

the toiletries that i bring is actually for the steam room and sauna.
14. body scrub - to use inside the sauna
15. hair spa
16. face mask

this is optional. i just do this inside the sauna if ive a lotta time to kill. and i just bring pretty generic stuff from watsons. does the trick everytime!

oooh and remember this. fitness first does not condone birthday suits inside the sauna or steam room. at least wear your undies. usually, for inside the sauna after showering a bit, i am still in my undies and sports bra.

i dont normally wear make up while working out. okay that's a lie. i wear a cheek tint. but that's it, i swear! :P

i think i pretty much covered the what to bring part. :P til next time dolls!


okay. since we're done with the disclaimer, here is the quote i promised:

motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going.

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more toiletries haul

hi dolls! :P
i went ballistic at watson's today.

i had a gym date with the girls so i picked up a few gym things before actually going to the gym and then i picked out a few other things after hitting the gym. :P

1. facial massager - ever since i saw the clarisonic, i've been wanting it but i just don't wanna spend 149-229 usd for a face toothbrush. i am not that crazy yet. luckily our trusty watson's have a reasonably priced alternative. ive used it once already and i'm in love!!
2. body treats moisturizing body scrub in lavander - for the sauna after workout
3. hair treats hair spa in lavander - also for the sauna. i just love matching things
4. active firming stretchable mask - again for the sauna
5. johnson's melt away stress daily calming lotion
6 johnson's melt away stress daily calming wash
since i fell in love with the 24-hour moisture, i wanted to try this set as well. if you remember from previous haul, i bought the powder to go with this set already.

7. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial wash/gentle mask
8. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial toner
9. eskinol oxygen skin renew cream
now this one came highly recommended by my friend roxy. i wanted to try something new too so i bought the whole set!
10. nichido sheer lipstick in tender lips
11. fanny serrano true light liquid lipstick in light petal - love love love
12. fashion21 fruit gloss

okay. that's my kikay haul. hopefully my next haul would be in november na cuz imma be broke soon. no classes = no allowance.

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let's do our part. eliminate plastics

bags, i mean. :P

even before ondoy, i've always patronized stores who offer reusable totes, or at least paper bags since i really do not want to use plastic bags anymore, or at least minimize the use of plastic bags when i shop. ive a splendid blog on sm plastic bags imma repost here.

with the flooding of ondoy and all that, i've been a little more OC about garbage. before i used to just carry a tote bag or a huge bag so i wont use plastic bags anymore when i shop, but grocery shopping is another thing cuz i simply forget ask them for a tote or bring mine. but now, i vowed to use tote bags even when grocery shopping as well. i don't do much grocery shopping anymore, as i used to cuz my landlord does not allow personal refs inside the room and i just do not wanna use the communal refs.

most of my toiletry shopping is done on watsons and sm dept store nowadays, so i never saw the need for tote bags.

i used to do my shopping at shopwise too, back when i was still at la salle, since it's nearer there and shopwise alabang is on my way. but now that i am in the recto-mendiola area, i just cannot find the time to drop by at grocery stores, until i started my belo sessions and discovered rustan's fresh at il terrazo.

ive been meaning to go grocery shopping there since am almost always at tomas morato area, what with my coffee-study sessions there, and my now monthly wensha pBulleted Listilgrimage, and my b-monthly belo sessions, i'm always always there, but i get tamad to go grocery shopping. i'm always deceiving myself by saying i dun wanna go grocery shopping cuz i'm on a diet, and end up eating more junkfood from the minimarts downstairs cuz i get hungry in the midnight and no stock of food anywhere! needless to say, i went hungy when ondoy hit. enough about this. i tend to ramble.

anyways, what i wanna talk to you about is tote bags. especially the rustan's fresh one cuz

  • you eliminate the use of plastics. less plastics, less garbage. less garbage the more we can avoid a repeat of ondoy.
  • you double your points in your rustan's fresh card (you can also use your shopwise card, but i opted to get the fresh card for 200 pesos) as long as it all fits there.
  • it can help you save - if you're like me who's a sucker for points, you'd make sure that all your purchases would fit into the bag so you get to double the points. if it doesnt fit, it doesnt meet the cash register. simple as that.
  • for just 99.50 you get a tote bag and give mother nature a breather.
  • you can use it at shopwise supermarkets as well.
  • it's a lot easier to carry rather than plastic bags that are susceptible to breakage
  • admit it, it's a lot more chic to be seen carrying tote bags than ugly plastic bags. :P
yea, aside from the first reason, it was the last reason that sealed the deal for me. i kid you not. :P

anyway, here's what it says:

Dear Customer,

Rustan's supermarkets has embarked on a worthwhile mission in doing its small part in preserving the environment. By collaborating with WWF, the global conservation organization, we have developed a series of programs that are geared towards building consciousness and awareness for Earth-friendly and Earth-saving programs.

One of our projects is to encourage customers to cut down on the use of plastic bbags by selling re-usable shopping bags. using these bags lessens the use of non-biodegradable plastic materials. plastic takes about 100 years to dissolve thus polluting air and water, depleting natural resources and damaging natural habitats.

With every purchase of Rustan's Supermarkets re-usable bags, you have done your small part in saving Mother Earth. Every use of these bags also allows you to earn double points on all purchases that fit into the bag. the points you earn with the use of these bags will be credited to your Fresh Shopping Rewards Card account automatically. so the more you shop with these bags, the more points you will earn, the more rebates you receive, and the longer we preserve Mother Earth.

Join us in this valuable mission...
Get your Rustan's Supermarket
Re-usable Bags now!
Thank you and happy shopping!

i hope that is enough to convince you. I AM IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH RUSTAN'S FRESH. i have dedicated this blog post in an effort to help mother earth. i do not care where you do your shopping. JUST DO MOTHER EARTH A FAVOR AND REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. please. i know SM supermarkets, Savemore, and shopwise all have these bags as well.

Shops like SM department stores, National Bookstore, HBC, Ipanema, The Body Shop all have reusable totes too that you canuse in lieu of plastic bags and/or paper bags. for about two years now, i dont shop in stores that use plastics if i dont have my reusable totes or a big bag with me. that's just my little way of helping mother nature. hit me up the comments section if you know any other stores that has them so we can update the list.

makeup junkie

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toiletries haul

i went grocery shopping today. with the event of ondoy, i didnt realize i was running low on supplies here in manila as i was cooped up in the province. when i went back last week. i had to use everything up to the last drop! i didnt have the time to hit the groceries last week, see.

so i went grocery shopping at il terrazo yesterday, and got the ff:

1. pantene smooth and silky shampoo
2. pantene total care conditioner - with free 3-minute conditioner thing
3. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture lotion
4. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture body wash
5. johnson and johnson's floral bouquet cologne
6. johnson and johnson's baby oil lite
7. johnson and johnson's baby powder and calming powder twin pack
8. generic qtips
9. kleenex
10. alcogel
11. katinko - for headaches and muscle pains
12. double mints

(not in picture)
13. schick razor with soap - i totally forgot to take pics and i'm annoyed cuz the packaging's all ruined now and i used it already but i soooo wanna post it cuz i think it's a splendid product! and i wanna do a review too! maybe they'll lemme take a pic of it in the grocery next time? :P
14. closee up toothpaste
15. 4 packs of modess all nights

other misc junkfood.

yea. you mightve noticed that majority of what i bought were j&j prods. ive just been hearing lotsa goodstuff bout it and rox convinced me to get them so i did. :P

i used to date this dude who once told me that you could learn a lot from a person's grocery purchases. we used to go grocery shopping together. i dunno how to explain it, but yea. you could totally get to know a person by the way he/she picks out grocery items.

so, what can you tell about my partial list of grocery picks? :P

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when it's time to hit the can

okay, so this post is about makeup expiration dates.

all of us, at one point or another have been guilty of this. i know i am. but it's juuuust painful to throw away barely touched makeup just because it is past its 2year mark.

for the oc's here's a little guideline

  • most makeup has a 2year mark.
  • cream concealers, cream blushes, cream shadows, anything cream-based-12-18 months
  • water-based foundation - 12 months
  • oil based foundation - 18 months
  • powders, either blushes, shadows, foundies - 24 months
  • pencil liners - 24-36 months as long as sharpened regularly
  • mascara - 3 months, no exceptions!
  • liquid liners - 3-6 months
  • gel-based blushes, cleansers, etc - 12-18 months
  • lipsticks - 12-36 months depending on usage and hygienic practices
  • lipgloss - 18 - 24 months
  • nail polish - 1 year
  • mineral makeup - as long as you don't wet them it lasts forever.
  • sponges - as long as you dont share them and wash them once a week it should last you a month.
my rule of thumb tho is as long as it smells the same, looks the same, feels the same, it's still good.
but this is because i keep a very strict makeup hygiene.

here are tips to make your makeup last longer:
  • keep your make up in a cool dry place. i have a spare ref in my room, and i put all my liquids and cream based makeup there
  • never , ever share cosmetics, or if you do, make sure to use disposables and never ever ever double dip
  • if you use a water-based foundation, and it dries out, just add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake.
  • i always keep sharpies (pentel pens) and stickers in my train case. every time i open a new product, i date them, so i'd know when it's gonna expire. you can also use tape for this. i find that if i write directly on the product it tends to fade away no matter how permanent the marker is.
  • i cannot stress this enough. throw away mascaras after three months
  • before my lipsticks expire, i melt them, add petroleum jelly if needed, and a few extra drops of vitamin E.
  • sharpen pencils regularly. this will keep them fresh and bacteria-free
  • if you're doing makeup, even for your mom or sister use a petri-dish. never ever double dip. sometimes i use my sponge case for this. sometimes i use a santized non-working cd. i also use a stainless spatula to scoop out products. if i can't find them, i use a disposable plastic knife. sometimes, when i am in a jiffy, i even use the tip of my brush. shh.
  • you can use the previous tip too if you wish to add water or liquids to your makeup. it keeps them sanitized. remember that bacteria festers on moist materials.
  • disposables are your best friends. i always keep a box of kleenex to sanitize my products when other people touches it. qtips are very handy too! it can double as an eye brush or a lip brush. i also keep a bag of disposable sponges.
i hope this helped you out.

(photo lifted off the net)

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hi dolls!

still alive! ive a lot of things to say.. a lot of catch-up kwentos but ive no time as of yet.

ive a loooot to do. i have a lot of posts in store for you but lemme just get through saturday, the last of my finals and it's blog flood for you guys! :D

ive one post coming up.. a bit of a stress reliever for me really, a breather from reviewing.

til next post then dolls! :D


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