how to sanitize cosmetics

in my cosmetics' expiration dates post, ive talked about sanitizing cosmetics.

in this post, imma talk about how to sanitize the cosmetics. this will serve as a guideline not just for you but for me as well. :P just so i can just look through my blog when i need information myself, and i don't need to do the whole research thing all over again. and this way everybody learns. if you know of other methods, please feel free to lemme know in the comments section so we can update this post. :P

this post is especially handy too if you get pre-loved cosmetics, either via a swap or a sale.

i cannot stress enough the importance of a good makeup hygiene practice. you don't want to cause breakouts now, do you? oh and a pink eye to go with your eye makeup or mascara'ed lashes ain't a pretty sight.

so here goes.

  • mascaras, lip glosses and everything else that comes in a tube with a wand applicator.
first off, mascaras. - there is no way to sanitize them, and i find it useless since you'll be throwing it out anyway after three months. so just don't share mascaras. or if you do, please, please, please use disposables and dont ever ever double dip. i said that there's no way to sanitize them once it's contaminated cuz it's liquid and it's in a tube. once it's contaminated, it's kinda hard to contain the contaminated areas.

the same is true with lip glosses and every other cosmetics that's liquid and comes in a tube with a wand applicator. so i suggest never ever ever share them. if you must share these or get these products pre-loved make sure that you trust the other person and their hygienic practices, cuz as i said, there is no way you can sanitize them, or at least there is no way that i know of. so the only way to ensure that a product in this sort of packaging is sanitized is:

a. by using disposables and/or petri dishes
b. by never ever ever double dipping

  • pressed powders, compacts, blushes
as long as it is dry it is fairly easy to sanitize. just wipe off the top layer with a tissue. for the extra clean freaks, you might want to scratch the top layer off. you might lose some of the products but at least you know you're getting fresh products. better be safe than sorry ladies.

another way to sanitize them is to take cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the top layer with it, let it air dry then scrape off the top layer. once a pressed powder product gets wet, it gets unusable anyway so better scrape it off.

  • eye pencils/ lip pencils and any other pencils
just sharpen them and you'd be fine. for retractables tho, just chop off the used section, that way you get a fresh tip.

  • mousses, creams, etc.
quite the same actually with powders. this time tho, you might want to actually scrape off the top portion. and as long as it doesnt look as if the previous owner abused it by mixing and dipping through the bottom, the products down at the bottom are pretty safe.

  • lipsticks
okay, this is the tricky part cuz i researched online and most tips i read was to scrape off the part used. somehow i don't agree with this.
i've actually seen my favorite mac makeup artist, frances, sanitize a lipstick before actually letting me try it. she just doused the whole thing in alcohol, let it dry for a while and handed it to me. that simple. ive seen other make up artists do this too. so i guess that's the simplest way. this is how i do it too.

now, if you're doing some one else's lips. scrape some of the lipstick off using a spatula or a little knife or something, transfer the product in a petri dish or a clean handy surface and apply with lipbrush.

  • anything with pumps or a tightly sealed opening
like liquid foundations, gel tints in pumps, should be safe, unless contaminated. then i guess it's the same as mascaras and glosses.

  • brushes, sharpeners etc.
the tools, when brand new or pre-loved, must be doused with alcohol, and then washed with a mild shampoo, then let it air dry. it should be sanitized using that method. then please please please practice brush hygiene by giving you brushes a bath once every two weeks and spot cleaning them after every use. or if you're like me who does not have time to spot clean them, i wash my brushes once a week, and i don't share brushes. if i do share my brush, i don't use them on me unless ive already given the particular brush a deep bath.

  • practice makeup hygiene in a makeup counter when testing products.

-Avoid testing on lips and eyes, which are the most vulnerable to infection. Use the back of your hand instead.

-Try makeup on at a counter manned by a salesperson who can oversee hygienic usage, and use single-use applicator. Or ask an in-store makeup artist, who likely has been trained to use sanitary measures, for help.

-Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after visiting a makeup counter.

-Test products that come from a shaker or squeeze-pump dispenser, not an open container.

well i guess i pretty much covered everything. for questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment (i think i mentioned this already).

til next post dolls! have a lovely week!

will try to sneak in another post before halloween. haven't decided yet what imma be.

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GirLWithGLasses said...

good morning ella :)

bongga! kakagising ko lang walang toothbrush, hilamos, suklay... blogspot agad :P

regarding your question, ako di maka follow sa ibang bloggers, i keep receiving bx errors. tapos i cannot sign in sa google friend account ko, lagi HTTP 400 bad request daw... down yata system nila... badtrip nga kasi dami ko pa naman add...

nasa followers kita... nakikita ko naman mga posts mo...

trizh űű said...

thanks for these info sis. :)

makeupjunkie said...

@jing - oh well.. bad trip ang blogger. i hope over time these bugs will be fixed.

@trizh - no problem. :D thanks for reading through my blog. :P

Golden said...

Thanks for the tips sis. I'm wondering nga eh why some sell their used mascaras or lip glosses online. Medyo napataas ako ng kilay dun. Kaya ako I'm so afraid of testing products sa counter. Most of the time, I get the wrong shade because I never tested them first before buying them.

makeupjunkie said...

@golden - me too. i don't get it.. we'll just have to hope they employ a really good makeup hygiene routine. :P

one tip in testing glosses, you could try testing it on your fingertips. i read somewhere that it's the closest match to our lips.. i dunno why but apparently it works.

Fifi said...

I find this post really helpful. I was wondering how to sanitize lipstick. So you can just dip it into alcohol huh? interesting. :)

makeupjunkie said...

@fifi - yes. ive seen the artists in mac counters do it all the time before letting me test a product.

you don't want to do it too often tho, as it changes the consistency of the product over time. most netizens suggest scraping the top portion off.

i usually go for the alcohol thing tho since ive seen makeup artists actually do this method. :P