an open letter to the makeup artists in the santino serye

Dear Makeup Artists in the Santino Serye,

Splattering blood all over does not a believable accident wound make.

that's all.

a thinking viewer.

okay. ever since sembreak, i've been hooked to the santino serye.

the last episode i saw was the one where desiree del valle pushed dina bonevie off the cliff.

before des pushed dina off tho, they were having this fabulous confrontation scene. and i have to give it to Desiree del Valle. she acted her ass off even tho her foundation was several shades lighter for her skin tone. she completely soldiered on. it was kinda distracting to watch her, with the ghost face and all, but she acted her ass off as if the MUA did not butcher her face. then she pushed dina off the cliff or sumwhat. the next scene tho was in her house, a follow up of the cliffpushing scene and her foundation was totally the right shade already. good job MUA!

what boggles me off in this serye tho is that they looooove pushing people off the cliff and putting the actors in car accidents. i mean, ive been watching the serye for two weeks on and off and ive seen dina push someone off the cliff, be pushed off the same cliff, and participate in a car accident. that's all fine tho, wouldnt be a pinoy serye if nobody got pushed off the cliff. i'm actually surprised nobody's got blown up yet.

it's kinda distracting that in all these accidents, dina, the mother of santino, and dina's son did not sport any accident wound at all. they all just splattered blood all over! where did all those blood come from when there's no open wound huh?!!?

so i did this:and a more elaborate:

and all these just using aido eyelash glue, ever bilena concealer stick and setting powder, fashion 21 lipstick in wild cherry and aido brow duo.

i'm pretty sure with your makeup training and your more sophisticated makeup tools you can do a better job.

pick up the slack people!

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Sush said...

Hahaha that was a great and funny post! i totally agree. Sometimes its so distracting to watch something when you start noticing the makeup is off. I dont get to watch a lot of televiion nowadays but I remember Lovi Po had a teleserye a few years back and her foundation made her look gray! seriously! I felt nauseated everytime I saw her hhahaha

Good job on the fake wounds. I dont know but I guess theyre just going for dramatic and easy lol same goes with 3d effects. Theyre all rushed that they turn out sucky :/

makeupjunkie said...
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makeupjunkie said...

i knoww.... i dont get to watch a lot of tv too that's why it annoys me to no end when it fails to satisfy me.. minsan na nga lang ako manood eh...

i remember watching one more chance in the movie house, i sooo related to maja salvador's role. but her big scene, the one where john lloyd was breaking up with her on their second monthsary.. it was supposed to be her big scene na.. she brought out the waterworks and the great one liners.. pero hindi ako makaiyak. i got soo distracted kase baliktad yung wig ni maja salvador! the moment was completely ruined! :P

Sush said...

are you serious??! hahahahaha ano ba yan LOL

makeupjunkie said...

yup yup.. :P

GirL With GLasSes... said...

omg ella!!!!!!!!

those open wound effects are so disturbinggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!

grrrr.... i love it!!!

awww... i dont know santino :(
no time to watch tv :(

Golden said...

Haha! Funny yet true. I remember Dina Bonnevie's bruise. I'm not sure if you were able to catch it but there was a scene where Dina had a bruise on her face. It really didn't look like a bruise at all. LOL.

Wow! You did an amazing job on that fake wound. It's even more convincing than the MUA's.

makeupjunkie said...

@jing - thanks.. people saw the pics on my phone and it grossed them out too! i havent seen any tv at all too since dina got pushed off the cliff. :P

@golden - thanks, the problem is, my fake wound would have nothing to compete against..

i saw the bruise thing. it was after she figured in a car accident right? that was what i dont get. if dina only got bruises, then where did all those blood come from??!!

it boggles me.