Of New Years and Resolutions

Wishing you guys Health, Wealth, and Happiness this 2011!

you might have been wondering why i keep on missing for months on end and sporadically show up. two reasons, three actually, but lawschool doesnt count as ive been a law student ever since i started this blog and and if i could find time then, i should be able to find time now. so imma stick to two reasons. it's either i'm busy travelling or i'm in my sickbed. seriously, i've always been a sickly kid but i thought i outgrew that already. certain lifestyle choices have taken its toll on my already fragile health and the past two years i've been in and out of hospitals. nothing too major tho but when i get sick my whole body just shuts down and i can't do anything productive. having a hospital at my beck and call means i get confined for the least littlest things. i've learnt my lesson the hard way tho and i've been trying to change my lifestyle.

also, as i've mentioned, the other main reason i've been gone so often, besides being sick, is that i've been travelling so much.i've always been a spontaneous traveler and i can leave in a heartbeat's notice, all packed and ready to go. i think i've already mentioned in here that i've always had an overnight bag packed and ready to go all the time. and this last year, it's been crazy! my stars have been telling me lately that this year, it's gonna be a lot crazier. i dun wanna divulge it yet cuz i dun wanna jinx it (tho if you follow me on twitter you'll know where exactly imma be! lol! and nope, i'm not gonna divulge my twitter handle either.) imma give more deets tho when everything's set in stone!

this year tho i plan to blog more regularly!
seriously you guys, i've even recently discovered the blog now, publish later feature and i should be taking advantage of it. I'm not making big promises but one thing you can be assured of is at least one blog post per month. i know it doesnt sound a lot but baby steps! :D i plan to join the bandwagon and make the "products am lovin' this month" post. what do you guys think?

- stick to a makeup list
also this year, i plan to stick to a makeup list, as in i listed all the cosmetics imma buy this year, and if it's not in the list, it's not gonna be bought. simple as that. as i need to save up on every bit of spare cash i have cuz of the mentioned top secret trip. it's not as if my parents fund the whole travel thing all the way, i've to save up my meager student allowance to be able to travel to places i wanna go. but as they say, if there's a will, there's a way!
i've already made the list and as of 11:59pm of December 31, the list is officially closed. 

here's a vague idea of what the list includes:

recently, i've been really obsessed with The Balm Cosmetics, and i plan to collect. EVERYTHING.. seriously. tho i can only spend 1500php per week on makeup so it's not gonna be like my previous hauls where i literally haul. lol. i just love the packaging of this particular brand and i love the shades! i've been hearing lotsa goodstuff too so 2011 is my year with The Balm.

i also plan to buy some nars, not a lot tho, just prolly the sheer matte foundation, the dolce vita blush and lipstick, harlow lip gloss, and prolly an item or two. :D i've always loved nars better than mac, but i find the items a bit too pricey so i end up with more mac products. this year tho i plan to collect even tho imma start it little by little.

also., i have long received the memo that revlon is pretty good for a drugstore brand but i find the products here in the philippine market a bit pricey for drugstore, and if you add a little bit of dough you get a high end one anyway so why bother? but i've been hearing lotsa goodstuff about the just bitten lipstain and i wanna try it. i also wanna try the famous foundation they have. i heard it can rival the estee lauder double wear one and as i love love love my EL double wear foundation, ive been curious about the foundation as well. speaking of foundations.

also i WANT to try the ponds gold radiance line simply because of its amazing packaging. seriously. this is a whim i know, and it is totally and completely inexplicable, but i want it.

also, i plan to buy some etude house, bb creams mostly, just because it works for me.

i know this sounds a lot and it sounds extremely pricey as well, but if you think about it, i have the whole year to complete the list, so i think it can work. i already did the math a bit, and yea, it can totally work. :D

again, happy new year you guys!

what do you think of my list? i sure hope you guys support me in this endeavor. it is almost like quitting an addiction, right? lol. do you guys have lists like this one too? or am i the only geeky one who makes lists and lists and i even have lists of lists? lol i sure wanna know! 


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