The Twin and the BFF

hey ladies,
just a quick update. My college twin sister, Nina, is now beauty blogging. apparently she has been beauty blogging for a while now and didn't even tell me, the sly one! ugh! lol. It was funny back in college cuz everyone at La Salle, even our closest friends, can't tell us apart sometimes! lol. Didn't help tho that we show up at school wearing the same style of clothing, just varying in colors, and we don't even talk about it! lol.

check her out and follow her! :D

oh, and I have been meaning to make a post about the BFF, Roxy. I think I've mentioned her in about 6-7 posts already. She has been beauty blogging since the summertime, if i'm not mistaken. We became close when i disturbed her one time (3-4years ago) while she was studying and we ended up chatting about lots of things because we found out that we're both southern belles, and it turned out that an ex-boyfriend of mine was a former classmate of hers in highschool. Aaaalso, it happens that our current flames that time were sort of BFFs too! maybe they attended the same "how to be an asshole" seminar or something! lol. i kid, seriously! Talk about small world, huh? LOL

Do check her out too and follow her! :D

FYI: I only roll with hot bitches! lol :D

oh and i forgot to mention, does the fact that both the twin and the BFF (and the ex-bf)  are HS graduates of St. Benedict School (now San Beda Alabang) make me an honorary bene graduate too? LOL

talk to you ladies again soon!

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Product Focus: Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer

Le Price:
180 pesos for 12 grams!

Le Experience:
The coverage is somewhat comparable to Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, sans the hefty price tag. Even the consistency is very similiar Mac's offering, which is weird cuz this product is launched as part of the mousse collection and unlike it's siblings in the blush, eyeshadow and foundation department, there's nothing mousse-like in its consistency. In fact, just like the Studio Finish concealer, you'd have to "melt" the product with your fingers to achieve easier blending. I usually apply it by dabbing a light layer with my fingers on the areas I want to conceal, then blend with the Marionnaud Fluid Foundation Brush. Coverage is medium but easily buildable to full coverage. to avoid caking, what i do is apply a thin layer, blend, apply another thin layer, blend and repeat until i get the desired coverage, then i set it with my Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake. Usually it takes me three very thin layers to achieve my desired coverage, but that's just because i prefer a heavier coverage. Normally, two layers would suffice for my under eyes and dark spots but i just do three layers to be sure. oh, and before applying this under my eyes, i neutralize the dark circles by applying an even thinner layer of orange lipstick. Yep, you heard me. Orange Lipstick.

To Illustrate, I drew a very thick, very black line across my wrist. An area of my palm that wrinkles and moves alot.

I got the idea from reading Louise's Blog, she did a similar thing while reviewing a different concealer.

Above it is all bunched up and a little cakey. This is the concealer finish alone. I haven't set it yet with powder. Notice the very thick, very black line completely disappeared? Yup. that's how good it is. Granted I had to apply 6 thin layers but hey, my under-eye circles and dark spots are nowhere near as dark as this one! :P

Here it is, after setting it with the Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake. See how well it blended (despite it being a tad darker) with my wrist coloring without bumps or caking? Note that my wrist is slightly lighter than my face.

Le Verdict:
I've had this product for about 3-4 months now and the main reason I've waited this long before making an actual review is because I wanted to thoroughly test the product. I simply cannot get over how great it worked considering its brand name and price! But it simply delivers!

The final test tho is staying power. I moved my wrist around a lot and this is three hours after application. I was completely not careful with my wrist.
It moved a little but with the proper primers and if the area you apply it with is not as mobile as the wrist, you should be fine. In my experience it stays for about 4-5 hours max.

what i like:
- inexpensive
- great coverage
- very pigmented.
- considering how much product you get, it'll last you a long time

what i don't:
- staying power's not so stellar
- unhygienic packaging - if only they sell these with little spatulas. *sigh*

over all verdict:
3.5 stars
took points off the crappy packaging and staying power. staying power is a big deal to me when it comes to concealers so despite my glowing review it didn't score very high.

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LOOT: Etude House Haul

I was kinda late in joining the Etude House bandwagon but their flagship store in Megamall is simply too far from me. Then Etude House opened in Festival Mall, which is perfect for me as it is a mere 10-15 minute drive from me, 7-if I'm driving. LOL. They also opened another branch at SM Manila which is also very convenient for me, as it is very near my Manila address. At first I was not crazy about them because i find the packaging a little too plasticky and cheap looking, and I feel that for an Asian brand, it is a tad too expensive. I still feel that their prices are a little expensive but now that i have been introduced to them, I think the prices are somewhat reasonable for the quality of the actual products.

i bought a bunch of stuff and got a bunch of freebies. :D

The stuff I bought:
1. Pink Travel Pouch
2. Secret Beam Highlighter #02
3. Petit Darling Eyes - Nude
4. Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Glowing Skin SPF30
5. Speedy Total Mineral Base SPF41
6. Pack Brush
7. Peach Skin Pact
8. Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

oh, and i got several freebies:
1. 3 Pink Pens - gave the other one to my cousin and the other one to my grandma
2. cute planner with some Korean actor dude

I actually made two separate trips. one last weekend where i got the makeup base and the pack brush. i got one freebie pen then. My purchase did not qualify for a free pen but they gave me one anyway. They also signed me up for the membership card that they give out for a single receipt worth PhP500.  Then i went back today to buy the rest. I officially just qualified for a free planner but they gave me two more free pens. I love my Etude House SAs!

It is also pretty convenient to avail of the membership card as it is a rebate-system type where you earn 2pts for every 100peso purchase. 2pts = 2 pesos. Not bad eh?

I want to hoard the Speedy Total Mineral Base! Seriously!

Next time I'm there imma get the FF:
1. Eyebrow Kit - the one with the wax
2. Several Brushes
3. The BB Balm that comes with a mini brush
4. the Petroleum Jelly-like product that claims to be a fix-all.
5. tear duct liner/powder not sure which one to get yet
6. a mattifier
7. the pink bottle with a pump dispenser

yep. i think i listed it all.

How about you? How did you find your Etude House Experience?

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