LOOT: Etude House Haul

I was kinda late in joining the Etude House bandwagon but their flagship store in Megamall is simply too far from me. Then Etude House opened in Festival Mall, which is perfect for me as it is a mere 10-15 minute drive from me, 7-if I'm driving. LOL. They also opened another branch at SM Manila which is also very convenient for me, as it is very near my Manila address. At first I was not crazy about them because i find the packaging a little too plasticky and cheap looking, and I feel that for an Asian brand, it is a tad too expensive. I still feel that their prices are a little expensive but now that i have been introduced to them, I think the prices are somewhat reasonable for the quality of the actual products.

i bought a bunch of stuff and got a bunch of freebies. :D

The stuff I bought:
1. Pink Travel Pouch
2. Secret Beam Highlighter #02
3. Petit Darling Eyes - Nude
4. Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Glowing Skin SPF30
5. Speedy Total Mineral Base SPF41
6. Pack Brush
7. Peach Skin Pact
8. Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

oh, and i got several freebies:
1. 3 Pink Pens - gave the other one to my cousin and the other one to my grandma
2. cute planner with some Korean actor dude

I actually made two separate trips. one last weekend where i got the makeup base and the pack brush. i got one freebie pen then. My purchase did not qualify for a free pen but they gave me one anyway. They also signed me up for the membership card that they give out for a single receipt worth PhP500.  Then i went back today to buy the rest. I officially just qualified for a free planner but they gave me two more free pens. I love my Etude House SAs!

It is also pretty convenient to avail of the membership card as it is a rebate-system type where you earn 2pts for every 100peso purchase. 2pts = 2 pesos. Not bad eh?

I want to hoard the Speedy Total Mineral Base! Seriously!

Next time I'm there imma get the FF:
1. Eyebrow Kit - the one with the wax
2. Several Brushes
3. The BB Balm that comes with a mini brush
4. the Petroleum Jelly-like product that claims to be a fix-all.
5. tear duct liner/powder not sure which one to get yet
6. a mattifier
7. the pink bottle with a pump dispenser

yep. i think i listed it all.

How about you? How did you find your Etude House Experience?

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

I used to really buy from Etude House just because the store is so cute..that's it!

im not really that impress about the quality of their product. they are cheap (compare to other brands) but i guess im just not satisfied for i find most of their products as of mediocre quality.. but hey, im a sucker at packaging so i still keep on buying!

i have the eyebrow kit...i hate it! i prefer the ELF eyebrow kit.

I have the tear drop liner..have to admit that it is cute..but not really the type that you could use for everyday make-up. it's suited for night (which you have to carefully apply because if it gets to your eye, it will have this minty feeling that goes all over your eyeball!) use.

i have the peeling mousse..
so sticky & i hate the smell for it has that coconut scent. does work for exfoliation, but it's so sticky it leaves the skin with a diluted honey-feeling.LOL!

Every time i drop by at EH, it makes me feel like a princess because everything is so cute! I can't resist buying even though i know i won't be using it.haha!

makeupjunkie said...

wow! thanks for the extensive review/comment!

been lemming the eyebrow kit but now that you mentioned it, i think i'll stick with my fanny serrano one and the face shop kit. i'm looking for something that comes with a wax/cream base tho, to help make the brow powder last longer.

i might get the tear drop powder just for the inner corners of my eye then. it's cheaper anyway. lol

i got a lot of compliments regarding the makeup base that i bought, and it made me want the other products. lol! tho the SAs told me that the makeup base might be phased out soon, that's why it's been oos almost everywhere.

i find most of the packaging too garish tho. (contrary to popular belief, Pink is not my favorite color) i kinda like the peach skin pact packaging nice tho, and their line with the deep purple packaging.

i agree tho that most of the products look like it hasn't got great quality, especially the eyeshadows - with its crazy shimmer and plasticky packaging, it kinda reminds me of the eyeshadows seen in divisoria/china-made ES.

their skin care line looks dubious to me too.

i just recently got interested with BB creams (i know, i know.. it was all the rage last year but all that dimmed now) so i want to try their BB cream products. the Skinfood ones here are crazy expensive and the reviews are not so stellar. lol

i want to try the petroleum jelly type product they have, if memory serves me right, it's called Fix26 or something like that. i'm thinking it might be a cheaper alternative to elizabeth arden's eight hour cream.

Shopcoholic said...

ang dami mong nabili! hehe

haven't tried any of their products yet.. the last time I visited their store, was looking for their lip and cheek tint pero di ko nakita.. the pink makeup pouch looks so cute pero its too small for my stuff LOL

makeupjunkie said...

^oo nga! actually, nalalakihan naman ako sa kanya.. it's too deep, but not wide enough for my stuff. but it's nice to have and i will find a way of using it. :D

Pammy said...

That is a haul indeed! I stopped buying from them when I broke out with their facial wash but I am lemming for a lipstick. Oh, go try their stippling brush.

makeupjunkie said...

^i knoww! i heard the stippling brush is good. wala na sa SM manila but i saw several sa festival mall. i might get it this weekend. hihinga muna ako. lol

it it because i started breaking out that i wanted to try their bb balms. so far so good. found a big-ass zit on my forehead but as i've been getting those occasionally i'm not quick to pass the blame on etude house. i'm monitoring it closely tho..