The Twin and the BFF

hey ladies,
just a quick update. My college twin sister, Nina, is now beauty blogging. apparently she has been beauty blogging for a while now and didn't even tell me, the sly one! ugh! lol. It was funny back in college cuz everyone at La Salle, even our closest friends, can't tell us apart sometimes! lol. Didn't help tho that we show up at school wearing the same style of clothing, just varying in colors, and we don't even talk about it! lol.

check her out and follow her! :D

oh, and I have been meaning to make a post about the BFF, Roxy. I think I've mentioned her in about 6-7 posts already. She has been beauty blogging since the summertime, if i'm not mistaken. We became close when i disturbed her one time (3-4years ago) while she was studying and we ended up chatting about lots of things because we found out that we're both southern belles, and it turned out that an ex-boyfriend of mine was a former classmate of hers in highschool. Aaaalso, it happens that our current flames that time were sort of BFFs too! maybe they attended the same "how to be an asshole" seminar or something! lol. i kid, seriously! Talk about small world, huh? LOL

Do check her out too and follow her! :D

FYI: I only roll with hot bitches! lol :D

oh and i forgot to mention, does the fact that both the twin and the BFF (and the ex-bf)  are HS graduates of St. Benedict School (now San Beda Alabang) make me an honorary bene graduate too? LOL

talk to you ladies again soon!

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Anonymous said...

i miss u!!!!!! next week talaga kita tau!!! para may pang dinner na ko.. :) loveloveloveyah!!!!

Nina said...

Hey twin! thanks for featuring me on your blog! :)

Ha! Honorary graduate ha! (Hi Roxy, fellow Bedan!)

Are you in the PH na?

makeupjunkie said...

@rox i miss you moooorreeeee!!! lol sige next week! :D

@nina - no prob twin! i misssss youuuuuuuuuu!! i've been here in the PH since June. lol! was in the province last monday tho but i was about to travel back to manila. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina!! :)