what i've been up to lately.

i haven't died or anything like that.. but ive been hospitalized for several times for different reasons and its made me realize  that I need a lifestyle change to beat the early grave.

i've been outdoors a lot too, traveling, and part of that traveling is, as my friend lois calls it, travolunteering. but more on that next time. i gotta admit tho that travelling is the main reason why i havent been online much. :D

Also, school work is finally catching up on me, i have never been this busy my entire life.

plus, i was able to stay at Sofitel for 5-days, complimentary breakfast at Spiral and all! courtesy of my aunt. the thing tho was, it coincided with the second week of  the semester and i've been trying to squeeze pool time, 3-hour breakfasts/newspaper sesh, and reading law books. it was no easy feat, i tell you. :D

aside from that, i finally bought the kindle 3 and nerd that i am, i've been more interested in reading books than beauty blogging. lol

back to regular beauty posts in a few. i have so much to tell you guys!! :D

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Anonymous said...

good. i miss u!! when are we going out? hehe

makeupjunkie said...

rox!!! i miss you!! u owe me bigtime..!!