Quickie: Pond's Cold Cream

How do you guys take off your makeup?

i seem to have tried it all: from the commercially available ones like Estee Lauder makeup remover, The Body Shop, and more brands than i care to remember, to home remedies such as extra virgin olive oil, evian water (i read that la greta, gretchen baretto, uses evian water and tissue/cotton balls to remove her make up. tedious process, trust me!), and even petroleum jelly for those stubborn mascaras and eyeliners, but after a while i seem to just go back to this tried and tested vintage favorite.
The Pond's Cold Cream has been around for ages, and still a lot of women (including yours truly) swear by this stuff! with good cause too! i find that this baby not only deep cleans my face and rids it of makeup, it even leaves it feeling soft and supple!

some would say that they don't like this product too much coz it leaves them feeling greasy, but it doesn't bother me that much.

Directions for use (listed at the back of the jar)
  • Apply pea-sized amounts on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Spread and massage gently over your face and neck.
  • Tissue off or remove with a wash cloth to take out deep-seated dirt.
  • Re-apply as necessary.
  • Wash off with water and face cleanser, like Ponds Facial Wash.
but this is how i do it
  • Apply pea sized amounts on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, neck and a little on the lids too.
  • massage gently but thoroughly in small circular motions until the product turns translucent and then maybe even more massage.
  • Tissue off using a baby wipe - i find this a lot less straining than a dry tissue does and i feel like it cleans my face more
  • i reapply 3-4 times, even 5 when my make up is heavy and 2-3 times if it's light. i repeat the process til i see that my baby wipe is completely without dirt when i tissue off.
  • wash with water and face cleanser, an oil-free one like celeteque. sometimes when i'm lazy and i'm about to sleep anyway, i skip this process.
i find that using a baby wipe makes a whole lot of difference, cuz i don't need to tug as hard to get the cream off, and it doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

additional tips:
  • as a moisturizer - sometimes when i'm out of moisturizer or during my travels abroad when the weather gets really cold and leaves my face really dry, i use this as a moisturizer. i use a teenie-tiny amount tho, to avoid the greasy feeling, and i pat dry it. works like a charm!
  • as a makeup base - call me crazy, but i remember our stylist before, Tita Sol (a good friend of my grandma) during my highschool days, when i need to attend an event my grandma would hire her to do my makeup (during my grandma's time she was the only one who knew how to do makeup. she studied under named makeup artists of her time, or my grandma would tell me.) Tita Sol's quite good too! she could prolly give a lot of the makeup artists of this time a run for their money. Anyway, i digress too much. Tita Sol would use this as my makeup base, she told me to soften my skin and to make sure the product really grabs on, and you know what? it totally works! altho i think the pan-foundations of the time is more answerable for that fact. lol
how about you? do you guys use the cold cream too other than as a makeup remover? do you love it too? lemme know in the comments section!

photo lifted off as i am too lazy to take pictures. lol.

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Product Focus: Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint

ever since an Avon branch opened near my school, I applied to become an Avon Lady, if only for the discounts. i never expected to love almost all of their cosmetics. Avon has always been an inexpensive makeup go-to for all of us at one point or another. i remember starting my makeup love affair early on, as my yaya used to be an Avon lady and she would give me stuff for free. :D

when i started college, i began to lose interest in Avon because i dunno an avon lady, but when i started lawschoool again, my landlady was an Avon lady and i became reacquainted with their stuff. looking back, i feel kinda bad for not being an Avon lady earlier on, for i have spent A TON of my money buying Avon products! and now, at the very top of my Avon must-have products is this little baby! The Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint.

I have gone thru a lot of lip and cheek tints, looking for the perfect one. ive tried the body shop (old and new formula), HerBench (which incidentally is a close second.), Ellana Minerals, Benefit Benetint, in2it, and the old Nars one which i dont remember the name. The Nars one, i loved so much but if im not mistaken, that's discontinued now. My HG lip&cheek tint used to be The Body Shop's old formula, but since they changed the formula, it's just not working for me.

Le Price:
i think this is less than 150, even without the dealer's discount. because it's dirt cheap, it's good to have this in your kikay kit as an everyday blusher. i cannot remember how many tubes of this product ive already went thru because my cousin and friends kept on fishing this off of my bag!

Le Experience:
i love how it glides on smoothly, does not dry fast, which makes for easier blending, and the color is just perfect. not too pink, not too in your face blood red, but just the right amount to give you that natural flush. i also like that because it is a tint, you can barely tell that you are wearing a makeup at all. the product is light and breathable, and even if you build the product to your desired shade, it still will not feel heavy. especially with the infernal Manila heat we are experiencing now, I loathe to put make up on, but then again, i look like death without some color in my cheeks. With this product, I'll just swipe some on, put some balm, and put on my Simply Pretty face powder and i'm good to go run errands. Feeling good cuz i know that i look good without going over the top and without the heavy makeup feel that just melts thru the heat anyway.

i had to layer on and build the color for it to show up on camera

i usually take this to the gym to fake that flush, and because it is sweat proof, it stays on while i do my cardio.

Le Verdict:

no makeup, not even concealer, just the lip and cheek tint on. see how natural it is?
(excuse my messy appearance, i'm about to go to sleep when i took this. nagpapaantok lang.)

i give it 5 stars out of 5 because it is dirt cheap, does the job spectacularly, color is perfect, and it's not heavy and uncomfortable to wear because of the Manila heat. it also stays on after all the sweating! I suggest y'all give your Avon lady a call and order this product!

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Hong Kong anyone?

i might be in hongkong again next week. operative word is *might* tho.

do you guys want to make "pabili"? just send me a comment below regarding your request, and your email address.

i know for a fact that the shu uemura eyelash curlers are cheaper there, and even the glow ons.

i can't remember how much cheaper a mac lipstick and eyeshadow is there but most items that are not available here but are on the permanent collection are available there.

the H&M lip glosses are great too.

regarding the Sephora store, i dunno if it's open again, but the last time i was there it was closed.

anyway, if you want to make pabili just send me a comment below with your request and email address

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new Watsons haul

1. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On - i have been putting off buying this stuff coz i know i have a discount coupon from my BDJ planner, and i didnt realize i missed the coupon period. i was supposed to buy it in hong kong, but it was more expensive pala there. it's 99hkd in hongkong. roughly 500 pesos. talk about expensive! granted, it was a bit different than the one sold here, but still! lol.

2. neutrogena wave - so i wanted to get this for a long time but i read some not so stellar reviews so i removed it from my must-haves. then a couple of weeks back, i was able to try it thru my friend roxy and i kinda liked it. i was supposed to buy right there and then at MOA, but they didnt have the free refill promo so i didnt. it was lucky that my local Watsons still has the promo!

3. Garnier LightComplete Multi-Action Whitening Cream - it was actually Cammille(SHOBE) of LittleBeautyBlog 's review that convinced me to get one. i'm not into whitening, but it is the promised 6-hour shine-free look that i'm after!

4. Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow Brush - i've been looking for a good but inexpensive pencil brush, and at 89 pesos at your local Watsons', it can't get any better than that! lol

Went toiletries shopping at watsons. i have been dying to buy this stuff for a long time, but i have pushed it off my must-have everytime.

i am quite happy with my purchase!

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FOTD: Tropical Sunset

so one of my dearest friends Tish, visited the Philippines and he threw a beach-themed party. i thought i'd share my Saturday night party look with you guys.

products used:
Face: GlamBox Foundation in Barcelona and Cannes
Concealer: GlamBox Corrector in yellow and cheek color in Cancun for under-eyes, and Florence for spot-correcting
Cheeks: GlamBox in Malibu

Base: E.L.F. Studio Line E/S base
Coastal Scents 88pc regular palette palette
liquid eyeliner from divisoria
The Body Shop black mascara
eyebrows: The Face Shop eyebrow duo

The Body Shop strawberry lipbalm
MAC Shy Shine lipstick
MAC PlushGlass in Angel Cream

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Product Focus: Glambox Airbrush System

So i recently bought the GlamBox Airbrush kit and i love love love it! I ordered the kit last week. I have been obsessed with airbrushing since the last time i talked to you guys, and i could not shut up about it! Wednesday night, I finally gave in to temptation and called the number in the GlamBox website. I talked to Valerie (i think. lol!) and she was very pleasant to talk to. she answered all my questions regarding the unit and she told me to email my order. They sent me their bank details and on Friday, I paid them, and they confirmed my order and my shipping details. they told me that the item will arrive on Tuesday as per what the courier told them, which suited me cuz i was about to attend a debut on Tuesday. However, there were some misunderstanding regarding the shipping dates, and to make up for it, the GlamBox ladies told me they'd send a corrector of my choice which will arrive on Friday. (tomorrow) (Yay! thanks Valerie & Andrea!) My orders came Wednesday afternoon, just in time too coz i was to attend another formal event with the 'rents.

Le Price:
It's actually steep considering i am on a very tight vay-kay budget but Santa decided to give me an early Christmas gift, considering I've been a good girl. LOL. I ordered the Deluxe kit with a price tag of 11,800Php, and along with it I ordered the two newly-launched luminizers, priced at 890Php each. My total bill was a whopping 13,280Php but considering the items i bought, i'd still say it's a steal! also, the GlamBox ladies gave me free shipping (in the province) so i'm happy with it! :D

The Stuff I ordered:
A. the De Luxe
The GlamBox Deluxe Kit includes:
FOUR - 30ml Foundation:
- Florence (light beige w/ yellow undertone)
- Cannes (natural beige w/ reddish undertone)
- Barcelona ( medium beige w/ reddish undertone)
- St. Tropez ( dark beige w/ yellow undertone)
TWO - 20ml Cheek Color:
- Malibu (light pink)
- Cancun (darker rose pink)
ONE - 20 ml Luminizer in Venice Gold (highlighter)
THREE - 30ml Cleaner and Thinner

Airbrush Gun (w/ accessories)
Gun holder
PLUS+++ (the new) carrying case!
(lifted off their website)

B. the New Luminizers
New Luminizer Colors:
Seoul Silver - creates a healthy Korean-style dewy glow
Vegas Sparkle - creates a shimmery high street night out look
Both water based, P890 for 20ml each

so all in all, I had 12 bottles of airbrush makeup, the compressor, the gun, adaptor, hose, gun holder, DVD, instructions manual, and the new carry case. not too shabby right? I know it's too soon to tell, since I've only had it for a day and a half, but ! have a good feeling about this. Money well spent!

Le Experience:

the bag
First off, the advertised bag is colored pink so i was a bit surprised that i received a black bag. tho, am not too bothered with this coz even prior to receiving the items, i have already decided on using a different bag to house my GlamBox kit. Also, I kinda like the black bag coz it's not too much of a dirt magnet as I imagine the pink one would be. Plus, it comes with a cute GlamBox keychain which i really really like!

the compressor
i like that I dont have to deal with the PSI (whatever the heck that is, but i heard it's a pain to figure out) in the GlamBox Compressor since it has been pre-configured already with the following settings:
Low = hair, eyebrows, and eyes
Medium = Face and Neck
High = Body
the foundations

L-R St. Tropez, Barcelona, Cannes and Florence
the shade descriptions are already stated above

I basically use the darkest one, St. Tropez for contouring and the Lightest one, Florence, for initial concealing. what i would do is i would use 6-8 drops of Florence first to conceal any blemishes and discolorations and dark under-eye circles. i use the low setting on the compressor for this. then i customize my shade by mixing Barcelona and Cannes. I would ordinarily use about 4 drops each. i mix two colors by blocking the end of the gun (the one that releases color) with my finger, and lightly press on the trigger thing (i dunno what it's called, sorry!). i would then apply using the medium setting on the compressor. after that's applied i proceed to put blush and highlight, then i contour using the St. Tropez shade. i use about 4 drops to contour my whole face.

Cheek Colors
L-R Cancun, Malibu
Shade description above

I prefer Cancun to Malibu, but that's only because i prefer a more defined blush. i use about 4 drops of Cancun, or sometimes i mix a drop of Malibu with 3 drops of Cancun. I also use the medium setting on the compressor

The Luminizer

L-R Vegas Sparkle, Venice Gold, Seoul Silver
Shade description above

At first glance, Vegas Sparkle and Seoul Silver looks very much alike that i wondered if i wasted my money by buying both when i could've just bought one.

Vegas Sparkle, Venice Gold and Seoul Silver lightly blended

However, when i lightly blended Vegas Sparkle and Seoul Silver i immediately saw the difference. Vegas sparkle, is more sparkly with more chunkier glitter in it, altho it does not look like glitters at all. Vegas sparkle is definitely a good choice for a face and body shimmer during a night out. Seoul Silver on the other hand has a more fine shimmer, it is perfect for highlighting the areas in your face that you want to highlight. Venice Gold on the other hand is perfect if you're going for the 'bronzed goddess' look. i love love love these shades

the first time i used it, i was to attend a formal event, and since it arrived a bit late in the day, i did not have the time to play with it more. i just went by instinct. when i saw my face all blemish free and evened out, i was a happy girl! i loved that it looks oh so natural that after the initial concealing, foundation, and blush, i went to change my clothes and hop in the car. we were really running late that day that i had to apply the rest of my makeup inside the car. during this time, i was still marveling on the fact that it looked oh so natural! it also felt so natural, it almost looked and feels like i had a blemish free skin without make up when in reality, i had a far from clear complexion and a ton of makeup! However, when i arrived there, i felt a bit under made-up coz twas a really formal event with all the ladies dressed to the nines and glammed up! me on the other hand, it looked as if i attended the event with barely a hint of bronzey eyeshadow and nude lips!

Le Verdict
twas not that bad tho, since it was the first time i used airbrush makeup! next time i attend a formal event tho, i will ensure that i add a bit more layers of foundation and more cheek color so would not look like someone who went au naturale for a formal event! lol! Also the foundation only "melted" after all the alcohol i consumed kicked in and i was sweating from all the alcohol-induced dancing i did.

the Kit itself, is well worth its hefty price tag, IMHO, i really thought i would not be able to use all the colors included, but lo and behold, i used everything, in one event too, and i did not do any makeup for anyone else.

i just wish the makeup line would have a wider shade choices and a wider spectrum of specialized products like the eye guard, special primers and setting powders, and those other products other airbrushing companies carry since GlamBox is at present, the only company that sells airbrush kits here.

if you are curious about the airbrush system for personal use, i highly suggest that you get this product! i promise you, it is well worth the investment!

you can also definitely use the kit professionally, but honestly, the system is very basic and i would imagine that it lacks the necessary blows and whistles that a professional system has.

but as i mentioned, it serves the purpose of a personal airbrushing system, and does the job quite fantastically too!

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Airbrush Anyone?

i know i poo-pooed the idea of airbrushing in my makeup philosophy post but i am curious enough and interested enough to try it.

Recently, (read: last saturday) i have been re-fascinated with airbrush makeup. i saw a video about it from one of my fave YT gurus, and i have been curious ever since.
curious enough check out the local airbrush base and conduct a little google search on airbrushing in manila. so far so good.

i stumbled across glambox cosmetics' airbrush kits and i am seriously considering getting a set.

but i need to know how if it fares well despite this infernal Manila heat.

also, i know that the prices are low enough next to the competition (which needs to be shipped from overseas anyway) but it still is a steep price tag considering my student budget, so i'm still having second thoughts. i need to know that i get the biggest bang for my buck, if you know what i mean. :D

so, tell me, what are your thoughts on air brushing? have you guys tried the glambox sets?

waiting for your response guys.

till then, stay sizzling! :D

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