new Watsons haul

1. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On - i have been putting off buying this stuff coz i know i have a discount coupon from my BDJ planner, and i didnt realize i missed the coupon period. i was supposed to buy it in hong kong, but it was more expensive pala there. it's 99hkd in hongkong. roughly 500 pesos. talk about expensive! granted, it was a bit different than the one sold here, but still! lol.

2. neutrogena wave - so i wanted to get this for a long time but i read some not so stellar reviews so i removed it from my must-haves. then a couple of weeks back, i was able to try it thru my friend roxy and i kinda liked it. i was supposed to buy right there and then at MOA, but they didnt have the free refill promo so i didnt. it was lucky that my local Watsons still has the promo!

3. Garnier LightComplete Multi-Action Whitening Cream - it was actually Cammille(SHOBE) of LittleBeautyBlog 's review that convinced me to get one. i'm not into whitening, but it is the promised 6-hour shine-free look that i'm after!

4. Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow Brush - i've been looking for a good but inexpensive pencil brush, and at 89 pesos at your local Watsons', it can't get any better than that! lol

Went toiletries shopping at watsons. i have been dying to buy this stuff for a long time, but i have pushed it off my must-have everytime.

i am quite happy with my purchase!

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Golden said...

Oh my, I just read Sis Pammy's rave on Marionnaud makeup brush. I think it's the next big thing when it comes to makeup brushes. LOL.

I wanted to try that Garnier Cream kaya lang it has no spf.

Lots of love,

makeupjunkie said...

yea, the marionnaud brush is good! im thinking of getting the brush set nga, but saka na. i have no budget na! lol!

the garnier cream is great! i went out with girlfriends yesterday and it was true to its word-- no shine!