Hong Kong anyone?

i might be in hongkong again next week. operative word is *might* tho.

do you guys want to make "pabili"? just send me a comment below regarding your request, and your email address.

i know for a fact that the shu uemura eyelash curlers are cheaper there, and even the glow ons.

i can't remember how much cheaper a mac lipstick and eyeshadow is there but most items that are not available here but are on the permanent collection are available there.

the H&M lip glosses are great too.

regarding the Sephora store, i dunno if it's open again, but the last time i was there it was closed.

anyway, if you want to make pabili just send me a comment below with your request and email address

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Golden said...

Hi dearie!

I missed you too!

Gosh, I missed a lot of things in your blog. Wow, buti ka pa. I've never been out of the country. Hubby and I are still saving up for it. Hehe. Magkano ba Shu curlers nila dyan? Was planning to buy Shu curlers before but it was so freakin' expensive!

Anyhow hun, enjoy your trip!

Lots of love,

makeupjunkie said...

i just got back from hk. hk is like my home away from home. i grew up there. :P

my friends are planning a hk trip, pero ang mahal ng tickets ngayon! short notice kasi eh! it's better to plan a trip in advance to be able to get discounts.

you, hubby, and jamjam should visit HK! mageenjoy si jamjam sa disney, ikaw naman sa fashion and shopping, and hubby would enjoy the sights and the food! lol.

the shu curlers are 100hkd lang, roughly converted, around 570pesos. a lot cheaper considering shu curlers at essences are priced over a thousand pesos. :P