Airbrush Anyone?

i know i poo-pooed the idea of airbrushing in my makeup philosophy post but i am curious enough and interested enough to try it.

Recently, (read: last saturday) i have been re-fascinated with airbrush makeup. i saw a video about it from one of my fave YT gurus, and i have been curious ever since.
curious enough check out the local airbrush base and conduct a little google search on airbrushing in manila. so far so good.

i stumbled across glambox cosmetics' airbrush kits and i am seriously considering getting a set.

but i need to know how if it fares well despite this infernal Manila heat.

also, i know that the prices are low enough next to the competition (which needs to be shipped from overseas anyway) but it still is a steep price tag considering my student budget, so i'm still having second thoughts. i need to know that i get the biggest bang for my buck, if you know what i mean. :D

so, tell me, what are your thoughts on air brushing? have you guys tried the glambox sets?

waiting for your response guys.

till then, stay sizzling! :D

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