Quickie: Pond's Cold Cream

How do you guys take off your makeup?

i seem to have tried it all: from the commercially available ones like Estee Lauder makeup remover, The Body Shop, and more brands than i care to remember, to home remedies such as extra virgin olive oil, evian water (i read that la greta, gretchen baretto, uses evian water and tissue/cotton balls to remove her make up. tedious process, trust me!), and even petroleum jelly for those stubborn mascaras and eyeliners, but after a while i seem to just go back to this tried and tested vintage favorite.
The Pond's Cold Cream has been around for ages, and still a lot of women (including yours truly) swear by this stuff! with good cause too! i find that this baby not only deep cleans my face and rids it of makeup, it even leaves it feeling soft and supple!

some would say that they don't like this product too much coz it leaves them feeling greasy, but it doesn't bother me that much.

Directions for use (listed at the back of the jar)
  • Apply pea-sized amounts on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Spread and massage gently over your face and neck.
  • Tissue off or remove with a wash cloth to take out deep-seated dirt.
  • Re-apply as necessary.
  • Wash off with water and face cleanser, like Ponds Facial Wash.
but this is how i do it
  • Apply pea sized amounts on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, neck and a little on the lids too.
  • massage gently but thoroughly in small circular motions until the product turns translucent and then maybe even more massage.
  • Tissue off using a baby wipe - i find this a lot less straining than a dry tissue does and i feel like it cleans my face more
  • i reapply 3-4 times, even 5 when my make up is heavy and 2-3 times if it's light. i repeat the process til i see that my baby wipe is completely without dirt when i tissue off.
  • wash with water and face cleanser, an oil-free one like celeteque. sometimes when i'm lazy and i'm about to sleep anyway, i skip this process.
i find that using a baby wipe makes a whole lot of difference, cuz i don't need to tug as hard to get the cream off, and it doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

additional tips:
  • as a moisturizer - sometimes when i'm out of moisturizer or during my travels abroad when the weather gets really cold and leaves my face really dry, i use this as a moisturizer. i use a teenie-tiny amount tho, to avoid the greasy feeling, and i pat dry it. works like a charm!
  • as a makeup base - call me crazy, but i remember our stylist before, Tita Sol (a good friend of my grandma) during my highschool days, when i need to attend an event my grandma would hire her to do my makeup (during my grandma's time she was the only one who knew how to do makeup. she studied under named makeup artists of her time, or my grandma would tell me.) Tita Sol's quite good too! she could prolly give a lot of the makeup artists of this time a run for their money. Anyway, i digress too much. Tita Sol would use this as my makeup base, she told me to soften my skin and to make sure the product really grabs on, and you know what? it totally works! altho i think the pan-foundations of the time is more answerable for that fact. lol
how about you? do you guys use the cold cream too other than as a makeup remover? do you love it too? lemme know in the comments section!

photo lifted off as i am too lazy to take pictures. lol.

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CoLine said...

Beautiful day! I always use Maybelline's eye and lip make up remover whenever I wear waterproof mascara because it is much easier to remove and the skin near my eyes are very sensitive. But for the face, I agree Pond's cold cream works like magic, it's cheap and yet effective. But I haven't thought of using baby wipes instead of a dry tissue, thanks for the tip, I'm gonna try it later hahaha!

When I was in Highschool I used it as a moisturizer slash make up base...I would only get a pea size amount then apply it all over my face, then leave it for atleast 10 minutes before applying face powder, I was using Johnson Face powder really makes your skin looks satin soft and smooth. ☺

makeupjunkie said...

@coline - glad to know i'm not alone in using it as a moisturizer or a makeup base! lol

lemme know your vedict regarding the baby wipe! :D

search engine optimization said...

my better half(wife) is just crazy for PONDS cream... and not only my wife my mother used to use PONDS cream, i am the witness of this....

Rae said...

Kylie Minogue revealed that her "beauty secret" is Pond's Cold Cream, their sales shoot up like crazy...

I never thought of using it as a moisturizer. Good review :)