Product Focus: Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint

ever since an Avon branch opened near my school, I applied to become an Avon Lady, if only for the discounts. i never expected to love almost all of their cosmetics. Avon has always been an inexpensive makeup go-to for all of us at one point or another. i remember starting my makeup love affair early on, as my yaya used to be an Avon lady and she would give me stuff for free. :D

when i started college, i began to lose interest in Avon because i dunno an avon lady, but when i started lawschoool again, my landlady was an Avon lady and i became reacquainted with their stuff. looking back, i feel kinda bad for not being an Avon lady earlier on, for i have spent A TON of my money buying Avon products! and now, at the very top of my Avon must-have products is this little baby! The Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint.

I have gone thru a lot of lip and cheek tints, looking for the perfect one. ive tried the body shop (old and new formula), HerBench (which incidentally is a close second.), Ellana Minerals, Benefit Benetint, in2it, and the old Nars one which i dont remember the name. The Nars one, i loved so much but if im not mistaken, that's discontinued now. My HG lip&cheek tint used to be The Body Shop's old formula, but since they changed the formula, it's just not working for me.

Le Price:
i think this is less than 150, even without the dealer's discount. because it's dirt cheap, it's good to have this in your kikay kit as an everyday blusher. i cannot remember how many tubes of this product ive already went thru because my cousin and friends kept on fishing this off of my bag!

Le Experience:
i love how it glides on smoothly, does not dry fast, which makes for easier blending, and the color is just perfect. not too pink, not too in your face blood red, but just the right amount to give you that natural flush. i also like that because it is a tint, you can barely tell that you are wearing a makeup at all. the product is light and breathable, and even if you build the product to your desired shade, it still will not feel heavy. especially with the infernal Manila heat we are experiencing now, I loathe to put make up on, but then again, i look like death without some color in my cheeks. With this product, I'll just swipe some on, put some balm, and put on my Simply Pretty face powder and i'm good to go run errands. Feeling good cuz i know that i look good without going over the top and without the heavy makeup feel that just melts thru the heat anyway.

i had to layer on and build the color for it to show up on camera

i usually take this to the gym to fake that flush, and because it is sweat proof, it stays on while i do my cardio.

Le Verdict:

no makeup, not even concealer, just the lip and cheek tint on. see how natural it is?
(excuse my messy appearance, i'm about to go to sleep when i took this. nagpapaantok lang.)

i give it 5 stars out of 5 because it is dirt cheap, does the job spectacularly, color is perfect, and it's not heavy and uncomfortable to wear because of the Manila heat. it also stays on after all the sweating! I suggest y'all give your Avon lady a call and order this product!

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Melody said...

i love Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek tint.. my friends would notice my cheeks and they ask me why i am blushing.. it looks so natural and also i love the way it looks on my lips too :)

Rae said...

Super natural effect. I love this product too.