my makeup philosophy

as you've read in my makeup backstory, most of my makeup knowledge comes from youtube tutorials. my only problem with that is most of them are based abroad. climate and skintone differences are two very important differences I, as a Filipina in the Philippines have with them. what works and may be good for them may not work for me.

first, they have four seasons there while we, as a tropical country only have two. the hot and the hotter season. kidding aside, though, i live in a country with very humid weather. although it may be a welcome change from somebody who lives in, say, alaska, it nevertheless have some downsides, especially when it comes to makeup. a very good example would be air brush makeup. while airbrushed finish looks really gorgeous it is not advisable here for it will just melt and slide off.

next, skintone, although MAC has a wide variety of foundation shades to choose from, i feel like it still does not cater to filipinas. we have a very interesting genealogy. our ancestors range from the malays, to the chinese, to the spanish, and even some japanese and american. portuguese even for some (ehem, ehem albeit very diluted.. around .0000000000000000001%). with that mix, i find it better to get makeup, or foundation shades at least, from a company that caters to filipinas. it makes soo much more sense to me.

another factor is the availability of products. with globalization and all that good stuff, we still have a wide array of products not found in the philippine market. a very good example would be the famed urban decay primer potion. although some online shops carry them, it still is not widely available, which i don't like. i still find it oppressive that there is no sephora store available here. although a very reliable source has told me that soon enough there will be.. it's already in the works. until that time though multiply sellers are cashing in.

i also live by the theory "made by filipinos for filipinos" and with that, i am a very strong advocate of gawang pinoy, yes, even to *egad* filipino makeup. you'd be surprised at how many treasures Nichido, Fanny Serrano/fashion21, EverBilena/Careline, Fmaxx, Glish/patrick rosas hide, only waiting to be discovered.

of course i would still buy foreign brands like mac, ysl, mufe, TBS, TFS and all that good stuff, but rest assured that all products posted here is widely available in the philippine market. :D

this for now is my makeup philosophy.

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Shobe said...

this is so true sis.^_^

makeupjunkie said...

thanks. :D