Date Chronicles: the first date.. *kilig* and all

this is the start of many (i hope) dates with the same cutie. ive just met a cute boy and we'd be having le highly anticipated first date in approximately 14 hours. i know. must get le beauty sleep soon! :D and i must stop talking about him. he's more established in the blog scene and all that. :D

i did some practice makeup for it and this is my tentative FOLD (face of le date!) :D it is very muted, as i wanna keep it simple and clean on the first date. i wanna make him think i don't need makeup to be beautiful (although i used a TON of products). my aunt would always say it is harder to achieve simplicity than flambouyance and i have to agree with her! this look was hella hard to do. it's name "no make up look" is quite deceiving.
i did the flick tho.. what do you think? should i ditch the flick in my lash line?
oh, and i did an uber defined MLBB cuz guys hate made up lips.. i feel tho that my lips are uber made up. what do you think?

should i tone down the nude? HELP!!

note: still using isight with very bad lighting!

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Anonymous said...

your makeup does not look natural at all.

Anonymous said...

try brown pencil eyeliner,it looks more natural. black tends to look too severe and made up

makeupjunkie said...

alright. thanks. ditching the flick. :D

freefinally said...

should i tone down the nude? HELP!!
--- yep ;)

makeupjunkie said...

i know. i ended up going with just the bare minimums. time constraints and all. :D i thought at first it was the camera that was washing me out but i really did not like the whole look. i decided not to fake the bare look thing. :D