product face-off: Fanny Serrano Silky Coral blush VS. Nars' Orgasm blush

i recently bought fanny serrano's silky coral blush which have been causing wildfires @ the girltalk forums.
when i first saw the fs blush, i had doubts. it looked too pale to be a good orgasm dupe. but once i swatched it. the similarity blew my mind away. of course it is not an exact match but the difference is just minimal. nars' orgasm has a bit more gold flecks when swatched but once blended, you can't tell the difference at all. i kid you not.

and before both colors could show up in my hand and in my camera, i had to make three swipes from each, so the color is really intense. i find it really hard swatching blushes cuz they're not supposed to intensify in color when applied right? the theory "a little goes a long way" is very much true here. so colorwise, it seems like it's a deadlock. or if you like it more shimmery, go for the nars' one. less shimmery, FS is for you.. but then again, as i said, once blended it really is the same.
here without flash.
when it comes to staying power, again, it is a deadlock. both stayed on for 2-3 hours before i had to reapply (it's lucky they showed up on me at all.) maybe even four hours, but i like a good color on my cheeks so i reapply sooner than i have to. i dont wait for the color to disappear totally. in terms of staying power, i think i have my TFS span primer to thank for that.

packaging, of course the matte rubber of nars win as opposed to FS' plastic case. the brush that came with FS is not completely useless too so i guess that's a point for FS.

Nars = 1350 vs. Fanny Serrano = 350. there appears to be a clear winner, right?

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nichido has this pseudo- multiple stick just like nars. the shade is called south beach and a lot used to rave about this as the perfect dupe for nars' orgasm.

nice blog. hope you could follow mine. :)

Angie said...

Hi goddessella! ;) You're so right, Orgasm and Silky Coral look exactly alike! I'm kinda partial to Orgasm's packaging, though. It's so sleek looking!

Also, I gave you an award. :)

Pammy said...

Good job on the comparison. :)
Is Silky Coral chalky though?

Thanks for following my blog. :)

makeupjunkie said...

@beauty junkee - i know. i have both too. i just can't find my multiple in orgasm that's why i can't do a swatch or a proper review.. thank's for following! oh, and i already followed you :D

@angie - me too. i'm kinda addicted to nars' packaging.. something about that black rubber is just sexy! :D thanks for following and thanks for the award! :D

@pammy - thanks.. as far as i can tell it's not chalky. it's just as pigmented as its nars' counterpart, save for the gold flecks. no problem, and thanks for following mine too! :D

Anonymous said...

fellow law student... hello kumpanyera! :)


no problem sis! I'm having a contest so I hope you could join. I'll post it today! :)

makeupjunkie said...

@girl with glasses.. hello to you to kumpanyera! :D i thought that's odd.. kikay law students, but WTH it'll just make us better lawyers.. :D

@the beauty junkee - ooh sounds interesting.. will check it out! :D

Blue said...

hi! interesting... how does the staying power compare? great finds btw :)

makeupjunkie said...

@blue without the TFS Span Primer Nars' orgasm stays a bit longer but with the primer, staying power's pretty much the same. it gives me 2-3 hours before i have to reapply.

Diega Villanueva said...

i just bought one of these a few days ago! i was also looking for a good NARS orgasm dupe and i couldn't settle between silky coral and another color, and i settled for this. and now i just saw your blog so i'm excited to try it!

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Anonymous said...

so cool!!!!