Product Focus: Garnier Pure

okay, as part of my 22nd birthday gift, my mom gave me a couple grands of giftchecks from Landmark. i splurged it on clothes, shoes, make up and yes, hygiene products.
as you all know, i really had bad pimples that just wont go away. i tried the most expensive pimple control products to the cheapest and i was still left with a bad case of acne that just stubbornly wont subside..
well well im more stubborn! bwahahahaaha

le price:
i was kind of reluctant to use this product because of its price.. it was dirt cheap, you see! i had the whole range for around 600 pesos. can you imagine that? a single bottle of olay costs more than that! but then again i figured if it is good enough for ate KC (Concepcion) :P then it is good enough for me. so i tried it. after about a week, i almost wanted to throw the whole line as my pimples worsened! but then i figured i dont wanna throw 600 worth of products just like that, and i might as well finish using it until the end of xmas vac.

le experience:
boy am i glad i stuck to the product because what it did was it actually forced all my pimples from inside to break out and then it healed the pimples and dried them and voila, i am now pimple free! and i am not even halfway thru the bottle! i think i used it for 2-3 weeks, a month, max, and i stopped using it altogether as there are no more pimples to heal, as the blue line is for pimples. i wanted to move on to the next product but the next line available here is the yellow line which is actually a whitening line and i dont need to whiten my complexion thankyouverymuch! i'm just not into whitening. so i got saddled with the olay line, which btw, i am not impressed. i'm not using it anymore. i gave it to my cousin.

would i buy this product again - i would but i dont need to as there are no pimples to cure!!

le verdict: four stars, only because it has no spf and i had to get a different sunblock.. :(

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Golden said...

Wow! Good thing that it worked for you. You might have experienced what they call the "purging stage". I experienced that too with a certain brand but I lost patience after breaking out for about 2 weeks!

makeupjunkie said...

yea. i was soo surprised that it worked cuz of its price tag. but it did.. more than my high end products pa.. i really am impressed

Golden said...

Hi sis! I've awards for you. Claim them here:

Thanks so much!

Lots of love,

jo said...

that's so impressive. i might try this soon, because i find your review very relevant and i can't afford my dermatologist's services any longer. lol if it's okay to ask, what sunscreen did you use? i also have crazy acne, and most sunscreens makes my skin break out even more.

makeupjunkie said...

@golden - thanks sis! so sorry for the late reply. my laptop's adaptor is busted so i'm making do with my mini spare laptop until my main unit's up and running.. :D until then, i can't post much

@jo - regarding sunblock/sunscreen i used forever flawless' sunblock gel then. :D i dont remember the price but it's definitely less than 200 pesos. :D i think it's safer to use sunblock in gel form if you have acne prone or oily skin cuz you dont produce extra moisture/oil that way. :D

jo said...

thanks for the advice. susubukan ko na. n_n

Anonymous said...

hi sis,ask ko lang can you tell me yung step by step procedure and mismong products ng garnier na ginamit mo,they have a lot kasi..thanks po sana maging effective din sa akin..i love your blog po..

makeupjunkie said...
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makeupjunkie said...

@anonymous - thanks for loving my blog.

what i did was:

in the morning i would wash my face with the facial wash, then use the toner after. then, i'd put the pimple gel in the spots where i have a fresh pimple so they'd dry out faster. after letting the pimple gel dry, i'd apply my sunblock gel from forever flawless. i did not bother to put the moisturizer in the morning since my face was soo oily and acne prone then. after the sunblock gel i'd proceed with my makeup routine na.

in the evening naman, i would use a baby wipe first to remove my make up and the dirt buildup from the day, and then i would wash my face with the facial wash and use the toner afterwards to make sure all the stubborn makeup and residue from the facial wash is removed, use the pimple gel again then i'd moisturize.

i'd use the facial scrub twice a week, in the evening. instead of using the regular facial wash, i use the scrub. i would normally use the scrub far apart from each other. once during saturdays or sundays and next during wednesdays.

i forgot how they called the pimple gel, but it's the one in the little box. :)

i did this for about a month. you do not need to buy the big products like i did cuz i only used mine for less than a month and i was barely halfway through the products. ive no use for it now. i gave most of it away. i only have the scrub and the toner now.

Anonymous said...

hi sis,thanks po sa reply..i was so touched..i thought u won't mind my question..can u please specify the name of the products?i find it hard to zoom the specific names of the garnier products on the pictures..
with regards to your blog i find it sooo detailed especially to products which needs to be reviewed to those who wants to use it..i hope you would also have a blog regarding smash box o-glow the lipgloss i think..its too pricey but according to other reviews..its nice in lips which binds to lip colors and find your best lip color..i think the uneven color would look natural in a way..

Anonymous said...

im yiszha btw..

sis, i also want to know if it had really cleared your face free from pimples until then..since you also said you don't use it anymore..or have you been using it evry now and then if you felt bumps that may erupt again..thanks a bunch..

Anonymous said...

im sorry po ha..naguguluhan kasi me sa cnsbi nila sa femalenetwork na pure a at pure..they were saying pa na may yellow at blue line..but with your picture all were color blue..but one facial wash ata was pure active ang name and the rest were pure lang ang nakaindicate..thanks poh ulet..

makeupjunkie said...

no problem. glad you liked it.

i dont have the o-glow yet but it's in my to-buy list. will post a review asap.

regarding the names

facial wash: Garnier Pure - Pore unblock foam

Facial Scrub: Garnier PureA - Anti-imperfection scrub

Toner: Garnier Pure - Pore Tightening Astringent

moisturizer - Garnier Pure - Long-lasting shine control moisturizer

pimple gel: Garnier Pure - SOS blemish clear pen

makeupjunkie said...

hi yiszha.

yea. the yellow line is for the whitening products but i'm not a fan of whitening products so i didnt use them. i might use the one to lighten the under-eye tho.

regarding the blue line, both garnier pure and PureA are packaged in blue. as far as i know, only the scrub is labeled PureA. they mightve upgraded this already as i purchased the set december of 2008 pa. but then, this set is their pimple fighting line.

it was successful in clearing all of my pimples then. it was such a joy to use cuz i used to have fresh pimples ALL the time, and they simply won't go away. i'm talking about HUGE nasty zits. since using it, the pimples stopped, except when it's that time of the month. altho it was successful in eliminating my pimples, it did nothing for the oilies and the blackheads/whiteheads. but still, i'm happy cuz the pimples stopped.

i dont use all of it anymore. i've moved on to my Belomed regimen as prescribed by my Belomed doctor. i get one or two pimples during that time of the month but i let it fade away using just the belo products reviewed here:

Anonymous said...

i agree wd u sis,, i also used garnier unblock foam.. i love it.. sayang lang coz iniwala na nila.. change to oily.. i dnt like,. pls. ibalik iyun garnier PURE.. i oved it talaga.. lahat mall pinuntahan ko na here cebu. pro no stock na dw..