a bit of an update

i know i havent been updating for more than a week now, save for the occassional replies. there are several reasons for that.

1. i am mourning michael jackson- seriously. he was my most favoritest artist ever. i still can't believe he's gone. i also dont like all the media attention he's getting. now that he's dead suddenly he's a hero and a genius all over again. but i refuse to talk about it. that's all imma say.. and i guess it's true that dying is the only way to immortalize the legend.

2. my macbook's magsafe melted. i can't charge it. with no power, no internet access. i brought it to powermac and hopefully it's covered by warranty. if not that's five thousand pesos down the drain. sucks, i know. i have my mini eeepc with me, but my dorm has wierd wifi connection and the technician just can't figure out how to work linux. so no net connection during weekdays. sucks bigtime if you ask me.

3. i dont have new stuff to post. what, with the looming magsafe expenses and belomed sessions i literally don't need a judicial declaration of insolvency. i havent so much as sniffed a mall in over a week. :D

4. finally, lawschool is taking its toll. too many provisions to memorize, too many cases to digest and all that boring stuff.

can somebody shoot me now? please? no internet, no make up, and extra study hours. great. just effing great. :D

okay.. i'm done ranting now. :D

here are the things imma post soon as chuck (my macbook) is up and running again: (not necessarily in order)

1. my eyeko ambassadorship thingy arrived! yay!
2. my face routine (bare minimums)
3. product face-off: sunblock gels
4. flashbreak: zap a zit
5. youtube fave gurus
6. makeup911: finest gawang pinoy
7. long overdue awards post
8. coastal scents collective haul and faves
9. my take on baxi. i might make it a product focus.

if you guys want me to tackle anything else, just leave a message and i will try my very best to answer/address it. i am in no way claiming to be an expert tho. so my experiences and knowledge are very very limited.

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Angie said...

Sorry to hear about your Mac troubles. :( (That's why I'm still a PC user myself even though Mac is prettier LOL. But, peace. XD) Looking forward to your post lineup, especially the finest gawang pinoy one!