Product Focus: 28 Neutral Palette

ive had this for about a month now, although to be honest i use the88 palette more, ive played around with it a bit and so far so good. ive totally nothing to complain about so far with this product. i even find that it is a good mac alternative, especially for someone like me who is simply on a student budget, and is just starting out with make up. as i am just starting out, i practice a lot on my own, most of the time before going to sleep. i simply don't feel comfortable about playing with my higher end make ups when my efforts would not be seen outside the comforts of my own room. i find this product perfect for practicing. i have traveled a bit with this on as well and even on a long drive, the shadows dont look messy or tired on my eyes, and that's without using a primer portion! i simply use a matte white or nude shadow as base or a stick concealer.

Le Price:
i got it for 900php or roughly 20 usd and i absolutely have nothing to complain. it is dirt cheap!

Le Verdict:
4.5 lipsticks

i am in love with this product, as i am with most of my C/S palettes. my only problem with this palette is that it does not have a mirror. in terms of staying power, even without a base it holds up pretty good. you could get around 3-4 hours with this product without primer. for me tho, since i have really oily lids, i usually put TBS tea tree oil concealer as base. it helps with the oilies a lot.

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