makeup101: skin care routine

i now have a very basic skin care routine. at first i was not really that comfortable about its volume. it's so simple and easy you see. i was used to putting on moisturizer and day creams and night creams and toners and spot correcting fluids and all that. i was deceived into believing that i need all these things to have a blemish free face but then again it just aggravated my break outs. i had more pimples and blackheads in my face than there seemed to be islands in the philippines. i kid you not.

when i started my belomed sessions, the first thing my doctor told me was to ditch the moisturizer cuz my face was too oily already and we actually do not want more moisture cuz it just irritates the skin and pushes the blackheads deeper into the pores.

next i get my bi-monthly glycopeel which is just their basic facial treatment. it rids my face of those whiteheads and blackheads

next, before going to sleep, i wash my face with the glycolic soap 5%, wipe away any stubborn makeup residue with a baby wipe (i prefer giggles) and then follow it up with the chat2% solution put on my St. ives eye stress gel and court sleep. if i have a heavier makeup, i use a makeup remover first before the glycolic soap

in the morning, i wash my face with the glycolic soap, follow it up with the chat solution again and then eye stress gel and sunblock gel.

it's soo basic right?

but what i really wanna talk about is my belo experience.
i have tried several facial outlets such as Let's Face It, Ysa, Forever Flawless, DermClinic and ive tried their skin care for oily skin as well for years and years, and nothing seemed to work! if anything, i became steadily oilier and pimply. i don't know if it's just me or the effect is psychological but the only thing that seemed to keep the oilies and the breakouts at bay is the belo products. Garnier dried out my pimples but it seemed unable to do anything with the oilies and the blackheads/whiteheads.

the belo products seemed to work a helluva lot better. it does the trick. the chat solution is a toner which contains 2% Clindamycin Hydroquinone, Alum and .05% Tretinoin. the bottle reads as follows: this is basically used in the treatment of Acne Vulgaria in patients with mixed lessions and in patients with pigmentation problems on top of acne vulgaria.

what i have to say about the glycopeel sessions is that they are very thorough and the discomfort is very, very minimal. it also helps that you have the privacy, as the booth is actually a little room. and they will not touch your face without a dermatologist's approval. the consult is already included in every treatment.
i love love love it!

what i love most about this is that i can now leave the house without ANY makeup on. i just slap on my sunblock gel when it's blazing sunshine outside and i'm good to go.
a lot of people have actually commented on how different my face looks now. sans break outs and with a healthy glow still. :D

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Golden said...

Wow, that's good then. How I wish we have Belo here. Oh, by the way sis, is the St. Ives Eye Stress thingie effective? Thanks!

makeupjunkie said...

baka magkaron na din yan.. there's a new one at cebu, if m not mistaken.. susunod na din yan. :D

well the eye stress gel cools my under eye and soothes it so it de stresses but regarding puffiness and the lines, i havent noticed any significant difference.. :D

Who is Alyssa? said...

how much is the glycolic peel?