Face Off: 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette vs 88 Regular Palette

le price:
i love love love these palettes. i got the regular palette and the shimmer ones about a month ago and i love it. i got them for 2,225.00 php or roughly 48usd. can you imagine that? 176 eyeshadows for less than fifty dollars? that's quite a steal!

le experience:
quality wise, it simply delivers. i don't own a primer potion yet and ive been using a matte white shadow or a stick concealer as base in a while now, and it doesn't crease at all. my class usually lasts 4-5 hours and i have it on for about 6 hours a day the colors are just as vibrant. i guess i wouldve gotten better color pay off if i have primers as well, but i could not be happier with its end results as it is. and that's saying a lot as i am a bit on the oily side.

however, i do not like the glossy packaging as it tends to scratch and look a whole lot of ugly from normal transit. :(

the sponge applicators that come with it are just as bad, i just don't have the heart to throw them away as it is a part of the set and its holder would just look empty without it. luckily though, i have invested in a good set of locally available brushes and it simply works well with this palette.

more useful for me is the regular/matte palette, as it has both shimmer and matte shadows as well as neutrals. with a good moisturizer, i even use it as blush and with gloss, or sometimes good ol' petroleum jelly, i even use it as a lip tint. the shades are simply versatile and it has effectively expanded not just my shadow collection but my color collection in general. the regular palette is the one i have with me everywhere i go. i have a neutral and shimmer palettes but they are both left at home.

the shimmer palette, however is the one i love using when i just wanna have fun and go crazy with colors. it goes on smooth and creamy too and it is a tad easier to blend than the regular matte shadows.

i (used to)twilight as a (non-professional)make up artist for the girls at my dorm, and i use the regular palette on them lots of times and they all love the colors as well as staying powers as well.

as far as skin issues go, i have quite a sensitive skin, but so far i have not encountered any breakouts, nor does my young "clients."

le verdict:
4.5 lipsticks!
i only took off half a point for its packaging. hate, hate hate le glossy black packaging which is scratch-prone and fugly looking. all in all, i love love love these palettes.

i didnt bother to put different pictures as it honestly looks the same with or with out the flash.

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Anonymous said...

hello :)

i like how you write :)

I do not have CS palettes. I only have the EB 24 :)

as regard primer... maybe you can try artdeco eyeshadow base, or the kryolan.

i only have the artdeco one, madali lang kasi hanapin sis sa watson lang eh... yung kryolan diko pa na experience yun...

have a happy weekend :) may i know your name, so that i can address you in a kikay/mare basis :)

thank you...

makeupjunkie said...

hi jing! if i may call you that! please call me ella! :D

i'm thinking of getting the kryolan one. ive heard of a lot of good reviews about it..

the art deco one kasi, everytime i'm about to pick one up, another makeup item catches my eye so i rationalize by telling myself, i'd just save the money for the kryolan one and get the makeup item that caught my eye. :P