palette reviews

i have originally posted these reviews at with a few grammar corrections and all. i just wanted to share these with you guys, you might find it useful if you are thinking of getting some of them.

ive gotten my palettes from anna of mybeautybasket. you can also reach her through her multiply account. please note however that i am in no way affiliated with anna and these are not paid advertisements. i am just one very happy and very satisfied customer! :P

i love love love transacting with anna. she is just soo lovely and nice and patient and all that goodstuff! i think i may have mentioned this in my personal blog too and these praises would seem redundant to anna as she already saw the other blog!

i highly recommend transacting with her. her prices are competitive, if not, lower than her competition and she has a pretty reasonable insurance/return policy.

i also bought several(a lot of!) jars of gel liners from her but law school and time constraints (and pet society) are keeping me from making a decent review.. i know, i know, i am slacking off. will blog more coherently soon! :D

i also have the blush palette and will be doing a review of that soon as well

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