my july gawang pinoy haul

i will be embarking on an 8week no buy mode cuz i am saving up for this uber cute mini netbook that i sooo want! i know, i already have Shia(my eeepc) but then again i can't really do much on a 4gig netbook and Chuck is too bulky to be carried around so imma get a little something that's more efficient for my pics, games, and blogging needs. now on with the good stuff.

it'll be a while before you see yet another haul, but i really tried to get as littlest as possible so here it is:
i know, i know it's not a lot, but as ive mentioned, i am really trying to save. i got:
1. Fanny Serrano sponge - best gawang pinoy sponge IMHO
2. Nichido lipstick - rose shimmer - been hearing lotsa goodstuff about this
3. Fashion21 sharpener - for eye/lip pencils
4. Nichido GNO eye pencil - pink diamond
5. Fashion21 white eyeliner - i broke the last one i had in half.. *sniff*
6. Fashion21 clear gloss - a clear gloss is a must have in every kikay kit IMHO

i honestly dont want to put a non-makeup/beauty item here, but this one is soo beautiful, and is the main culprit anyway why im broke this week. i got myself a sturdy bag to lug heavy law books around and shia too to boot! :D i bought an uber cute jansport bag! and before you ask, no.. pink is not my favorite color.. green is... the animo lives on!

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GirL with GLasses ... said...


all my bags are backpacks too...

there were months i went to school using a travelling bag with wheels, the stroller type.

hinihila ko na lang...

makeupjunkie said...

hmn.. i never thought of it that way.. minsan nga makapag stroller bag din. :D

Golden said...

That bag is sooo cute!

makeupjunkie said...

i know.. :D i love it! thanks sis!

Lipstickaddict said...

hi sis, I have this Nichido Rose Shimmer and I happen to land in your blog when I googled it :) I love Nichido Rose Shimmer hope you drop my blog as well! Great blog :) XoXo