10 things about me

this is originally a "25 random facts about me" when i was first tagged about this in facebook. most of the things tho are personal/and or boring stuff, so i decided to trim it down to 10 before sharing this with you lovelies. :)

i just want to share bits and pieces of my life with you guys and if you wanna follow suit, please, feel free to do so. i would love to know more about you too! :D

WARNING: this is a LOOOOOONG read so if you dont want to waste 3-5 minutes of your time (possibly even more) then feel free to hit the back button and regular beauty blogging will be up next when i feel like it. :D

here goes.. :P

1. i am afraid of the dark.
yea. most people who sleep over asks why i dont turn the lights off EVER, and i respond by handing them an eye mask. that's why i sooo luuuurve espaldon... thanks for the eye mask u gave me for xmas/bday! this is because i have an over active imagination. and to block off unwanted sounds (i.e. kaluskos, katok, bulong, nguy nguy, etc) i always have sounds on. be it my dvd player on repeat or my ipod or my laptop, something'ss got to be playing in the back ground.

2. my ultimate dream is to be chased off by paparazzis princess diana style.
oh yea. too bad the sport of pap shots is kinda illegal here.. :( i know lack of privacy and all that. this may sound as too attention-seeking and all but i just think i woulda love the thrill of the chase and all that. this is also why i rarely get out of the house in a state of cringe-worthy get up. i may have mastered that casual look/no makeup thang going on but to let you in on a lil secret, all of those casual-no-make-up-look is cunningly planned. quite exhausting and taxing.. ayyyluuuuurrrrvveeitt!

3. I am not attached to my mobile phone.
as in i could go on for days without glancing at it, or even check if there are messages, much to my friends' dismay. i often hibernate and leave my fone behind for days on end. and when i finally resurface, charging my fone's not even top priority. when i do turn it on, i would receive gazillion messages, the mildest of which would go something like this "UTANG NA LOOB ELLA GAMITIN MO NAMAN YUNG CELLPHONE MO" or "god ella, throw away your simcard na. it's freakin useless."

4. i can't leave without my sunnies.
yes. sometimes i step out of my room, realize that i left my mobile phone, and not bother at all. but when i'm out on the streets and i realize i dont have my shades on, i run back upstairs and grab my shades. i dont care if i dont have time enough to do this but i'd rather be late then leave my peepers unprotected. oh, and when i say sunnies, i mean them. this does not pertain to the small discreet ones fbi, csi, abc agents wear all the time. i mean loud, huge, oldskool shades just like jackie o's.

5. i soooo love watching the news!
it's the most entertaining soap opera on tv, not to mention the longest running!! oh yea. i get my yahoos watching these half assed politicians and whathaveyous make a joke of themselves just for their 15 minutes of fame. i enjoy watching these people cook up gimmicks just to make an even more mockery out of my dear precious philippines. i find faint humour in how when i think our political arena could not get dirtier, the 15 minute newsflash would just prove me wrong once again. it is also highly entertaining the way these people cook up lies, lame excuses, poorly executed dramas, and yet highly entertaining of all is that the masses just eat it all up.. i guess that;s why although poverty is very rampant here, nobody really goes hungry. oops. dont get me started about this topic. you will never hear the end of it.

6. i love vintage stuff.
i seriously believe i was born in the wrong era. i wouldve given anything at all to be able to be a teenybopper in the 30's, 40's 50's, 60's 70's or even 80's. i love the fashion sense, i love the lifestyle, i love the story and the romance behind every woman's smokey lashes. i love the simplicity of life's complications back then. my icons are jackie o., bette davies, vivienne leigh, audrey hepburn, deborrah kerr, katharine hepburn, of course grace kelly, locally, sharon cuneta, imelda marcos. i long for the gentlemen in the movies, this tall, tanned and sophisticated gentlemen who are too much of a rake to settle down yet armed with too much charm to resist.. i would gladly gladly give up the comforts of today's technology for a day with these women. yes. i was born in the wrong era.

7. i love designer bags
but then again, every woman does. but for me, i dont care if i have sack cloth on, if my shoes give me blisters and callouses (as long as it's stilettos, minimum of three inches) if my earings are pearl knock offs, if i barely have a centavo in my wallet, as long as i have a good bag up my arm. i dont mind starving for months on end. really.

8. i m extremely allergic to stuffed toys.
i was a sickly kid. growing up, i used to have all these medical paraphernalias in my room. you name an antibiotic for newborn, infants, todddlers and kids, circa 1980s - 1990s, i am sure to have gobbled it up. it's lucky i have the whole resources of Family Care Hospital and some of Perpetual Help Hospital at my disposal then. i had asthma, among others and this is why i cant have stuffed toys, especially those manufactured then, as it was extremely hairy! growing up, i had a whole lot of toys including stuffed toys which was mostly gifts but i was never allowed to play with them. they would just be gathering dust in the stockroom until a lucky maid would steal them. suffice to say i was never partial to stuffed toys. that's why i didn't really felt too much remorse when i had to throw out that giordano teddy bear amongst others as part of getting over the ghost of a relationship past.

9. i require fidelity in a lover.
of course fidelity is such a vague concept in itself but i have to have a faithful lover. i'm not even talking about sex. i'm talking about actual, tangible love, if there is even such a thing. i have to be the only one in his heart, in his life. i grew up a very spoilt unica hija, unica apo and unica pamangkin for a loooong, looong time before my brother and cousins came along. i was the only kid, and ive never learnt how to share what's mine. i ain't surely gonna start now..
i believe that trust is the most important thing in a relationship, moreso than love. because no matter how much i love a person, if i dont trust him anymore, i simply dont feel secure. everytime he's not with me, i dont trust him anymore, and even if he is with me, i dont trust that i am the only one in his mind at all. and yes, no matter how much i love the person mistrust will slowly but surely eat away that love. and then what will be left? mistrust that can easily fester into hate. no matter how strong a relationship's foundation is, it will surely crumble. it aint a very pretty picture to paint innit? i am a very trusting person, gullible even. but once you destroyed that trust, i am sorry, but it is gone forever. the thing is, i am not even clingy. i let my guy do his thing and i do mine. i trust him to be adult enough to know what's right from wrong.

1o. i happen to love love love my family to death and actually like them.
i know everyone loves their family on a "we have to" kind of way, but i do like mine, which is something that not a lot can say. my family, with all our flaws and imperfections are just perfect for me. we are completely in sync, yes there are dis agreements and such, but all these are minor and when it comes down to the big guns, we are united.

whew, that was a lot more personal than i first expected. now you know a little more about me than just makeupjunkie.. :D how about you? i would love to hear from all of you so hit me up the comments section, or do post something similar in your blogs.. til next post lovelies.. :D

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Golden said...

Hi sis! Thanks for commenting on my site. Wow, you love boots too. I started having an affair with boots after watching Megan Fox wearing them at Transformers 2. I so love her! I wish I'm as hot and sexy as her. LOL.

You're not attached to your CP? Waaah! I used to be like that when I was still in college.

#2 is funny sis. Haha!

I also love Audrey Hepburn, and I love watching old romance movies. Yung mga black and white. I used to stare at her face for an hour or so when I was pregnant. Ewan ko ba pero gustong gusto ko face nya.

makeupjunkie said...

yea.. love boots.. i think i started loving them when i was around 5.. :P i spent my childhood in hongkong kasi (and no, i'm not chinese.. purong pinoy.. :P), so during the winter, it's kinda necessary to wear boots.. tapos after the winter soooobrang mura na ng boots dun! :D

napaglihihan mo si audrey? no wonder your daughter is lovely.. but then again, with a lovely mom like you, your daughter is bound to be.. :D

Golden said...

Hi sis! Thanks again for dropping by my site. Yeah, I agree with you, poor mirror. Highschool daw kasi yung mga ate ni Hubby nung time na nasa kanila yung dresser. It was originally their mom's. Siguro ipapaayos ko na lang sa karpintero.

Looks like you're busy at school ah. Hehe. Take care sis.

Lots of love,

twinsouls888 said...

Wow another Filipina Blogger :) You're right Fidelity is a must in a relationship ^_^. BTW, your blog is really nice, I like your hauls. Followed you ^_^

makeupjunkie said...

@golden.. yea.. the dresser is really beautiful you should use it!

@twinsouls888 thanks! will try to update more often.. :D

Anonymous said...

helooo sister! kumusta ka na???

salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko... (beso beso)