things in perspective

hey bbs.. i'm so busy with school work, like seriously. i just hurdled my first midterm exam this week and it was just hard.. i even rattled some of my barrister friends for wills and succession answers that started a whole barrage of debates from them. :D

also, ive been appointed editor-in-chief for the newsletter, so ive been revising and editing and lay-outing the past two weeks or so..

poetry performance. house of runes was a blast!! see you guys again next month! yay

but this blog is not about boring school work

it's about putting my makeup life in perspective
and these are the things i wish to achieve before i die(how morbid)

1. take a makeup class for pros
2. have my own makeup line
3. have a makeup award

i know, a bit ambitious but that's what i hope to achieve..
a girl can dream, right?

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