Travel Essentials

i just find it good sense to have a suitcase or an overnight bag at least always packed and ready even though i have no immediate plans of travelling. i guess that's just one of the top rules in the jetsetters' code, to be ready to leave in a moment's notice.i have a matching shoulder bag with my overnight case which i aquired a couple of years back which i unfortunately left in manila. :( i will post pictures next time! :D

here goes my list i hope you guys find it useful! :


· Shampoo - i use lush's bath and hair gel in its travel size, so taht eliminates the need for a separate soap container that just takes up space
· Hair smoothing serum
· Facial cleanser and/or scrub
· Moisturizer = Doubles as lotion
· Petroleum jelly -a small jar of petroleum jelly is very handy. with all its other uses, i basically use it as a lip moisturizer and something to soothe blisters when i travel.

· Baking Soda - has A LOT of uses! i found out about this a few years back and ive been keeping it in my traveling toiletry bag ever since! :P
o An alternative toothpaste - Wet your brush, dip in baking soda, polish away stains. makes your mouth feel amazingly clean, a hard thing to come by on the road.
o An alternative deodorant - Left your favorite de-funkifier at home? Pat on a little baking soda. It doesn’t stop sweat but it does work for stopping odors.
o An alternative facial scrub - It’s gentle, lightly exfoliating, and leaves skin squeaky clean. Just make sure to rinse really well and use a good moisturizer afterwards.
o A shoe de-funker - If you walk a lot when you travel, you know your shoes can smell awfully funky in the mornings. Before bed, sprinkle a little baking soda in your shoes to keep them clean-smelling.
o A hair de-gooper - Hair feeling a little grungy? Pour a little baking soda in your hands as you’re shampooing and work it through well. L et it sit on your hair for about 5 minutes. Rinse well and condition well. Your hair will feel “clarified” and clean.
§ Pretty useful innit?

· Antiperspirant - or good ol' deo
· Ladies’ safety razor - As every one knows, am not one of the hairiest women in the world, so I don’t really need this.
· Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
· Cologne/perfume
· Sunblock lotion for body and sunblock gel for face
· Mosquito repellant - keeps the dengue mosquito away!
· A small jar of Baby powder
· A clean wash cloth
· Styptic pen - Helps close nicks and small cuts. unfortunately, it's not available here.. :(
· Adhesive bandages - otherwise known as band-aids
· Clean contact lens case and travel sized bottle of saline solution
· Pair of tweezers
· Emery board
· A travel sized bottle of pain reliever
· A tiny bottle of clear nail polish
· A few days worth of vitamins
· Hair elastics and bobby pins in your hair color

Luggage musthaves, no matter where your destination is:

· Two pairs of SPARE underwear
· Medium-sized towel - I know most hotels/resort gives you a supply of towel, but I just find comfort in knowing I have my own just in case..
· One pair of socks - Ya never know when ur tootsies will get cold
· Three tampons/ sanitary napkin - Just in case
· Extra pair of sunnies in hard case
· A few safety pins - I usually keep a stash in the inside zipper of my luggage.. just in case
· Make Up Essentials (foundies, shadow, etc)
· Gorillapod - camera tripod
· Chargers for ipod/celfone camera, etc - It really sucks when ur tech supply runs out of juice so I suggest you buy spare chargers now and keep it in your luggage. As a dormer, I find this to be really useful.
· a pair of jammies
· a decent light weigh dress that can pass off as a cocktail dress for more formal impromptu events and as a beach cover up or a day dress. will post pictures of a few examples soon! :P
· a sensible, light closed shoes - crocs prima works best for me but im pretty sure there are a lot of other substitute. what is important is it must be light enough and comfy enough to travel distances with.
· 2 Scarves - i love love love scarves. i rarely ever travel without them. they're just very handy. you can use is as a halter top, a sarong, an extra bag, a spare dress, somethng to ease the cold. i cannot stress this enough. scarves are very useful when travelling. :P

i know this sounds a lot, but once you've gotten the hang of finding travel sized things and mastered the art of packing, you'd be surprised at how many you can pack yet appearing to be traveling light! :D

what are your travelling essentials?

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