Cheater, Cheater!

my cheat haul.

yea. i know i told you guys i would not be hauling for about 8 weeks cuz im actually saving money for a new netbook with at least a bigger screen, but i can justify my haul, i promise!

first, i bought a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish cuz i really really am lemming for one for so long now and everytime i try to buy one, it's always out of stock. well, now that i really am trying not to buy, like a devil's temptation, there it was selling like pancakes.. so i had to get one before it gets out of stock again.... and i love love love it! no regrets at all!

second, i bought another fanny serrano concealer in walnut cuz i lost mine. i travel back and forth between manila and laguna weekly and with all the packing and traveling, you just lose stuff. i really am dependent on this concealer so dont sue me! :D

finally, ive been wanting to get this nichido palette cuz it's so cheap and i could just put it in my travel case or my kikay kit and forget about it, then when emergency strikes, it's there! :D i like the neutral/earth colors too!

so there you have it, my cheat haul. :D

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Golden said...

I love all your loots sis. But I don't think I can ever afford to buy any product from MAC ;P

Unfortunately, we don't have Fanny Serrano here in Baguio. I've been wanting to try some of their lippies and foundies. I've also have a few stuff from Nichido: Multiple stick and eyeliners.

By the way sis, thanks for dropping by my blog. I also love the dress you picked. It's actually my favorite, but Hubby thinks it has too much details on it.

makeupjunkie said...

oh noes, talaga? fanny serrano is comparable to mac pa naman in many ways..

i dont own too many macs too.. mahal! pero once in a blue moon, i indulge in one.. tapos todo tipid na lang.. :D

yea.. i love love love that dress! :D

GirLWithGLasses said...

hi ella :)

i hope natawa ka sa testosterone beauties.
thanks for visiting my blog.

i had to put down the very sensitive post i posted earlier. i was advised by my friend not to post such matter. by putting it down, your comment was deleted as well :( but i know you will understand it right?

yes... true... fs has a good fight against high-end brand.

makeupjunkie said...

hey jing.. i dont mind at all.. :D

fs has fast become my favorite local brand! :D

Sush said...

I have yet to try the msf hehe I love how we feel we need to justify hauling. But most of us here understand, its just "other" people dont lol

makeupjunkie said...

i know. there are people who think it's bragging but my take on hauls is that you just want to share good discoveries and good buys to people. i had to justify mine cuz i was on a self imposed buy ban.. :P