Product Focus: Careline Eyeshadow Powders

i have careline loose shadows in several colors but i decided to make a review on vanilla white

le price:
they're no mac pigments, but for 80 bucks (pesos) a pop, they aint so bad.

le experience:
they're very pigmented too! i have several individual ones and i have duos, and i love them! i just use a good base so that it sticks. being loose and all, it tends to fall out fast, but with a sticky base (i use my white gel liner most of the time) it works fantastic!
this review however is for the individual ones, more specifically, it's for the vanilla white variant.

it has so many uses. most of the time, i use it as a highlighter for the brow bone, the cheekbone and sometimes even the cupid's bow (upper lip area).

most of the time, i mix it with a liquid foundation or even a tinted moisturizer and i'm good to go. i did this mostly last summer, when it's too hot to put on makeup and i just want to put a little coverage and to even out my skin tone. it gives me that subtle glow, and it gives me a kind-of MAC strobe cream look, minus the pinkish tinge, which is okay for me. it doesnt come off as too shiny, oily look, but it just gives my face a certain pop.

i also mix it with careline's mestiza white loose shadow and petroleum jelly and it's my instant lip balm which i use on bare lips and i'm good to go. sometimes i put it on top of a lipstick and it doubles as a great lipgloss. useful, innit? (pics to follow, i left my pre-made one in manila)

you have to watch out for the crappy packaging tho. the bottom part unsticks like 9 out of 10 times and it leaves a serious mess in my trunk, which i hate. i saw the salesladies at watson's festival use a trusty scotch tape to keep it in place, but i dont use scotch tapes, so i used my invisible tape (sticks better, in my opinion)

le verdict:
i find it too oppressive that mac pigments are always, always out of stock here, so i make do with the next alternative.
i give this product 3.5 lipsticks.
i took points off because of its crappy packaging and limited color options.

oh and i bought sunnies! yay me! i know, i look like a bug, but i love love it.

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Angie said...

Love the shades sis! Also, I tagged you:

makeupjunkie said...

i love the shades too! :D thanks for the tag. imma check it out na.. :D

Anonymous said...

mare ang sosyal ng sunglass mo!

:( di ako makapagsuot ng sunglass kasi wala na ako makikita lalo!!! haha!

nako, ang tagal mo naman hndi nagparamdam sa akin :( i miss you

and... i tagged you!!!! the getting to know each other post!

re: loose e/s
mukang maganda yan... pang hi-light..
naghahanap ako ng white na loose...
eh mahirap hanapin ang white ng careline!

makeupjunkie said...

@ mareng jing (girl with glasses)

hahaha! malabo din ang mata ko super!(-800 ang grade) may asstigmatism pa ako.. dinadaan ko na lang sa contact lens! :D super hilig ko pa naman sa shades. feeling ko kasi nung bata ako oppressed ako kasi hindi ako makapagshades because of my eyeglasses kaya mula nung pwede na mag contacts, shades to the max ang drama ko! :P

sorry.. midterms week last week super busy. :P

regarding the tag, will check it out later.. pareho ata yan nung kay sis angie. :p

lastly, regarding careline loose eyeshadows in vanilla white, madalas ko makita sa mga watsons or mercury drug sa san pedro (province namin) the last time i remember meron din sa sm manila. :P very useful sha talaga. :P

Jackie said...

about mixing it with foundation: genius! i would have never thought of that. i'll have to try it. thanks!

makeupjunkie said...

yea.. effect's kind of cool. :P but i can't take all the credit. i saw some of the makeup artists in youtube do the same with their foundies or tinted moisturizer and their mac pigments. :P