update again and buy ban over

The perfect way to start the morning goddessella style
(and a little preview of my new baby, harlowe!)

good morning everyone! i woke up feeling energized at 6:30 am today even though i had a terrible night last night. my head aches are getting really bad that i can't function at all when i'm having one of those episodes.. :(

but it's all good now1 i'm good, just a bit pressed for time cuz i have midterm exams all through this week and i haven't studied a thing.. oh noes. i am actually here at krispy kreme studying.

i just wanna let you guys know that my buy ban is officially over! yay! was able to snag harlowe! my limited edition old rose colored msi wind netbook. i am in love.

oh, and this uber cutie little baby boy blew kisses at me a while ago and i fell for it bigtime! i am in love.

how was your day?

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Pammy said...

Hi! MSI is a good choice. I was lemming for that color back then. :)

makeupjunkie said...

i know. the shops (i canvassed A LOT) all told me it's really difficult to get hold of this color cuz it's limited edition and pink netbooks have a really low market so they don't really stock up on it.

soo happy that i was able to snag one! got it a bit earlier than expected too.. thanks to my favorite enablers, my grandma, and a good friend. :P

Golden said...

Waa, me want a netbook too.

God bless on your exams!

makeupjunkie said...

thanks golden! :D

ooh, and i recommend getting a netbook!
it's no laptop or desktop replacement but it's a good substitute! i love love love it