Mac Technique Workshop

last sunday, i was invited by marionnaud, mall of asia to attend a mac technique workshop. the workshop was spearheaded by owen, and he was actually very good but he didnt say anything i didnt already know from watching youtube videos and reading makeup forums. also, i had to run out before it ended cuz i had to meet a friend somewhere else. the workshop was supposed to be from 2-4 pm, but it started at around 3pm na.

they had loot bags for us as well which contained a loofah and a 200 peso gift check that you could use with a 25oo single receipt purchase. also, they gave out a nail grooming kit for every single receipt purchase which i was able to get with a mac mineralized skin finish natural. i am particularly happy with this cuz ive been lemming for an msf natural for so long now!

the food was good too! they got the pastries from delifrance so it's yummy!

owen was actually very informative, giving us the history of MAC, and sharing with us cool tips and tricks. i know, i know. ive said that you could prolly hear all those tips and tricks online but it's nice to see it live in action. too bad i had to run out early. but these are the things i learned:
(i didnt actually take notes so i'm only writing from memory)

  • always start with a clean canvass (face) which made me want the strobe cream! too bad im not allowed to wear a moisturizer just yet
  • use proper tone correctors in concealing: salmon colors counter acts with the bluish undertones (especially under the eyes), green counter acts with red, and purple counter acts with yellow
  • MAC studio fix compact is made to be applied dry. we are not supposed to use it wet cuz that'll just break the compact. if you really need to apply it wet then scrape off a few products and put it in a separate dish or container and then wet it.
  • instead of retouching with powder immediately, blot with tissue first to remove the oil and prevent clogging of pores
  • you could still wear a lively colored shadow (i.e. purple) to work/school just use a light hand in applying. that way you are not constricted to merely using neutrals
  • after applying your blush, dust some powder over it, that way, it will seem as if you are blushing from with in
  • moisturize lips before actual gloss/lipstick application. it helps to use a lip conditioner.

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