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as you all know, i dont watch tv ever, and if i do, i probably watch my most favorite soap on tv, which is the news, either abs-cbn, anc or cnn, it's all the same soap opera formula to me. but im not here to talk about that right now. maybe in another blog time. im here to talk about youtube.
maybe it's because we are the internet generation with our blogs and our online network profiles and the like that we almost dont need any other appliance than our pcs or our laptops.

Last summer, i have been especially lazy, barely leaving my room at all, and i dont even bother checking my sites for updates or messages. i go straight up to youtube! at this rate, pretty soon two-bit actors and actresses on tv are gonna be extinct what's gonna be left on our big and silver screens are real actors cuz those who are in for the fame would be on our nvidia graphics screen. :P

with that thought i give you my most favoritest you tube channels.

top 10 fave makeup gurus:

10. panacea81
i think lauren luke or panacea81 is the one who started makeup tutorials on youtube. she was the very first one i discovered anyway, and she is absolutely marvelous. she started out by selling makeup on ebay and she started a youtube channel just to show her buyers how to use her products and it ballooned up to be a huge success. she wasnt a makeup artist when she started but i think she went through training now. anywho, she's really a joy to watch. she never edits her videos so you see the booboos and the mistakes, and she keeps up a witty banter too!

9. allthatglitters21
elle or allthatglitters21 was my first ever favorite, she's also not a pro artist but she's good. she's blonde too! and i like her soo cuz she speaks great makeup talk. most her makeup is high end but she also has drugstore and she owns the best of all things, she doesnt take crap makeup formulas just coz it's carried by a high-end brand and she also does not discriminate on drugstore brands, which i like. if she thinks a mac product is crap, she'll tell you. but usually, she has great taste so every product she reviews, she'd tell you straight up if it's good or bad.

8. makeupbyrenren
a filipina represent, renren is a pro artist that also does youtube turorials. i love her for her wild and bright looks, she is asian and 100 percent filipina, that's why i love her videos. you'd know if a product is suited for asians or if the makeup look is complementary for filipinas because she is one and most look good on her anyway. i love her wild and bright looks cuz on her it looks absolutely wearable! she's also a pro so that gives her subscribers insights in the makeup industry and her turorials and reviews/opinions have a professional take on it.

7. xsparkage
leesha is such a bright person. her makeup looks are bright, her personality and opinions are even brighter! i love her for looks, if i'm not mistaken, she's also not a pro but i love love love her! her looks are bright and can easily be replicated! :D

6. jjacks48
sarah or jjacks is also not a pro, if again im not mistaken. but her true love is editorial makeup. she covers those really wild looks such as the venom inspired makeup look. she first started out to document her weight loss but she found happiness in makeup and evetually shared her tricks. i just love her for her positive outlook in life in general.

5. juderivera
from what i gather, she's also not pro but she should be! i just love love love her looks, her vocabulary and the way she describes makeup in her tutorials. she has this from runway to everyday wear or something that sounds like that, where she takes runway looks and makes it more wearable for everyday. the way she describes things makes it soo much less complicated than it really is, plus, her vocabulary will blow you away! i kid you not. you will learn soo much from her. she also very rarely makes a product focus or a product review, but when she does, boy does she make it in-depth. she covers basically everything. from it's price, market availability, specific uses, general uses, other ways you can use it, how good it is. she actually doesnt have to tell you when a product is good cuz the mere fact that she makes a product focus means it really is good. i love love love her.

4. makeupbyrisa
is a self taught freelance artist who does absolutely beautiful makeup. she's not a partner yet, but she should be. she goes really in-depth in her tutorials and she's not selfish in how she shares her tricks. her videos can really go on forever in parts (she's not a partner yet so her vids can't take longer than 10 minutes) but it's worth the watch i tell you. she also throws in bits of inspirational advices along the way which is an added bonus. she used to work for mac but she has issues with image and all that so she quit. makes me admire her even more.

3. petrilude
josh is a pro makeup artist, he also used to work for mac. he has an absolutely fresh take on things, he is also my other go-to person when it comes to professional makeup artistry. he really knows his stuff, and his quick tips are very very helpful. he also covers everything from dude makeup, every day make up, glam makeup, and even drag makeup which is cool. :D i cannot stress enough how good he really is, i just suggest you watch him and i promise you, you'll know what im talking about.

2. scandalousbeauty
erin used to be a makeup beauty editor in a magazine. she's also a pro makeup artist and she is a woman of color represent. her videos are mostly very inspirational as her lifelong goal is to get every woman go out and have fun with makeup and not to be afraid of colors, and to break all those so-called makeup rules for they dont exist at all. basically she just inspires everyone to have fun with makeup. if you watch tutorials, she also gives a lot of tips, tricks, and information that you'll just learn a lot from her.

1. askmemakeup
amy stopped making vids already. i don't know why but she's not there anymore. :( although i saw her page a while ago and she updated the about me part which is good. she promised that there'd be a new video up soon too soo yay! she doesnt have a lot of vids, but she was and still is my first, first fave. i think she's a pro artist, im not sure tho. and her looks as well as her whole vibe is vintage glam and i love love love her for that. i'm soo excited about her updates so let's just wait and see. she's my number one still! :D

top 5 non make-up related channels:

5. itzmepw
i like this person cuz he uploads budbrothers series. that's it
4. nigahiga
is it too wrong that i only watch him cuz he's cute? he's like my cute boy fix. oh, and he's funny too. i think.
3. extasiege
he is a filipino writer and he is cute. smart and cute. what more can i ask for? i just love his crazy witty antics. oh and did i mention he's cute? yea.. i crush him! i even performed with him once.. major kilig! :D
2. soundlyawake
i am in love with nicola foti. seriously. he's funny, he's smart, he's cute. and he sings well. he seriously cracks me up. his posts are often just comic reliefs but i love him. he never fails to make me laugh. my roomie even dreamt about him when i made her watch nicola foti! :D

1. sxephil
handsome. intelligent. witty. sexy. AND straight. dream boat for me. :D

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