Product Focus: 26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette P

i love this eyeshadow and blush palette! ive been living in it for a month and a half and i love it. i originally didnt wanna get this because i already have the blush palette, the neutral palette and the both 88 shimmer and regular palette. i felt as though all the colors in this palette would be in one of the palettes i already have. then, i had to go to a trip and i was so annoyed to find out that imma need to bring all palettes in order to survive. i brought the blush palette cuz i didnt wanna bring all my other individual ones, then i had to bring the 28 cuz that's my neutrals and of course i need colors too so i had to bring the regular palette cuz i figured imma have mattes as well as shimmers that way.. and i had to lug all of these all over the country and that was what made me realize i shoulda gotten a blush combo.

Le Experience:
when i finally bought the blush and shadow combo, i was soo glad i did, especially because it had blush shades that werent on their blush palette, and i happen to like the blushes on the 26 palette better.
the shadows have an interesting mix too.. it's not all neutral which is good, as i have the 28 neutral for that, and it has all the right colors.. nothing shocking.. i guess the right term would be, it truly is an earth palette, with all the browns and the golds and the pinks and purples. there's no greens though.. but ts ayt, ive another palette for that.
what i didnt like about the palette is that it doesnt have a shade light enough to be my highlighter. it's what's stopping me from it being the only palette i use for my eyes. but i can live with that, as i have a good shimmer shade for highlighting from the face shop.

Le Price:
price wise, it's not too expensive for the product you're getting. it's just gonna set you back 850PhP

Le Verdict:
4 lipsticks

love love love. if ur just gonna get one or two palettes from c/s i suggest skip the blush palette and the neutral palette and just get this one, plus the shimmer palette that c/s has got to offer.. if ur a neutrals kind of gal still, and your thinking of getting the neutrals and the blush palette, this might be a cheaper alternative for you. i personally did not like all the shades in the blush palette and feel like it's a waste of money, but i like the shades in this palette. i also didn't like the fact that they still did not put a mirror in this one, just like the neutrals palette, so i took points off for that. and the lack of highlight shade, that i mentioned.

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