Product Focus: Lush's Sonic Death Monkey

before i start with the product focus, lemme just say that i was not a Lush fan before. i just think that the products were too overpriced. but then again, all the youtube gurus i love seemed to be such huge fans so i decided to check it out.

i got Sonic Death Monkey and the label reads: Dig That Crazy Gravy! Seriously intense chocolate, coffee, lime juice and hemp oil shower and hair gel.

le experience
i originally had mixed feelings about this one. i am not a huge fan of fruity, sweety scents. i'm more of a floral kinda girl. it took me a really long time to commit to buying a product at lush cuz i want it to be a good buy because of its price. i had several selections but i narrowed it down to Sonic Death Monkey. i got the small bottle just to try it out, but as soon as i used it, i resolved to get the bigger bottle soon! i love, love, love this product. i think ive twitted about this a lot. but seriously, imagine chocolate, coffee and lime. it just works. it perks me up as well. perfect for those days when you feel too sleepy to take a shower and go to school or work. i guess it's the coffee wakes you up! the first time i used this product, my grandma thought i was baking or cooking cuz it just smells sooo delicious!
as an added bonus, it's not just a shower gel but a hair gel as well which is more than what i bargained for! it leaves my hair feeling totally clean and smelling delicious that i dont even put conditioner after. i just use a leave-on one in little amounts as to not destroy the scent. i love love love it! regarding the shower gel, not only does it leave my skin feeling oh so scrumptious, it also leaves it smooth and soft. i guess it's the moisturizing properties of chocolate and hemp oil that does that. it is also great for travelling since it is two products in one! :D a small bottle would prolly last you a week or two, or even more, depending on hair length. you dont actually need a lot. i used up my 100g bottle in about a month and a half, but that's because i was really making it last loooooonger until i get my hands on a new bottle.

le price:
i still think it's expensive but it's money well spent! plus, you actually get two products, a hair and showe gel so in a way, you actually save more. (yea, i can usually talk myself into buying anything!):D a 100g bottle will set you back 395, i think, and a 250 bottle will cost you 795. but if you hurry, it's on sale now at Lush MOA buy one take one so it's a great great deal!

le verdict:
5 lipsticks! yay!

will i buy this again?

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