My Lips But Better

this is my own rendition of My Lips But Better (MLBB) using several gawang pinoy products. the only non-local lip product here are blistex and lust lipglass.
but the main focus here are lipsticks. (L-R) i used Fashion21's gentle peach, EverBilena's skin, and EverBilena's mauvey. all of these are matte lipstick's so i had to use a gloss on top of it.

gentle peach - peachy nude lips

skin - perfect MLBB

mauvey - pinky nude lips

first, this is my uber pigmented lips when bare:prior to the application of each lipstick, i moisturized my lips with a blistex balm

the first product imma focus on is gentle peach. as you can see above, my lips are very pigmented so i had to "erase" my lips first before applying gentle peach. after applying gentle peach, i added a clear lip gloss. this is what it looks like:
skin - the next lipstick is skin from EB. this is how it looks like alone:now that i am looking at it, methinks i shouldve erased my lips too before application! :D
this is how it looks with lust lipglass
look's soo much better innit?

mauvey - now this one was recommended by another girltalker, sis twiist.

this is how it looks like alone: and this is how it looks like with ellana mineral's first kiss lipglass

the verdict: i love, love, love skin most as it does not change my lipcolor at all! it is my HG MLBB along with lust lipglass!

excuse the low resolution of the pics, i was using my laptop's isight for this cuz i left my cam's tripod at home. imma repost this next week with better quality pics. :D

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