let's do our part. eliminate plastics

bags, i mean. :P

even before ondoy, i've always patronized stores who offer reusable totes, or at least paper bags since i really do not want to use plastic bags anymore, or at least minimize the use of plastic bags when i shop. ive a splendid blog on sm plastic bags imma repost here.

with the flooding of ondoy and all that, i've been a little more OC about garbage. before i used to just carry a tote bag or a huge bag so i wont use plastic bags anymore when i shop, but grocery shopping is another thing cuz i simply forget ask them for a tote or bring mine. but now, i vowed to use tote bags even when grocery shopping as well. i don't do much grocery shopping anymore, as i used to cuz my landlord does not allow personal refs inside the room and i just do not wanna use the communal refs.

most of my toiletry shopping is done on watsons and sm dept store nowadays, so i never saw the need for tote bags.

i used to do my shopping at shopwise too, back when i was still at la salle, since it's nearer there and shopwise alabang is on my way. but now that i am in the recto-mendiola area, i just cannot find the time to drop by at grocery stores, until i started my belo sessions and discovered rustan's fresh at il terrazo.

ive been meaning to go grocery shopping there since am almost always at tomas morato area, what with my coffee-study sessions there, and my now monthly wensha pBulleted Listilgrimage, and my b-monthly belo sessions, i'm always always there, but i get tamad to go grocery shopping. i'm always deceiving myself by saying i dun wanna go grocery shopping cuz i'm on a diet, and end up eating more junkfood from the minimarts downstairs cuz i get hungry in the midnight and no stock of food anywhere! needless to say, i went hungy when ondoy hit. enough about this. i tend to ramble.

anyways, what i wanna talk to you about is tote bags. especially the rustan's fresh one cuz

  • you eliminate the use of plastics. less plastics, less garbage. less garbage the more we can avoid a repeat of ondoy.
  • you double your points in your rustan's fresh card (you can also use your shopwise card, but i opted to get the fresh card for 200 pesos) as long as it all fits there.
  • it can help you save - if you're like me who's a sucker for points, you'd make sure that all your purchases would fit into the bag so you get to double the points. if it doesnt fit, it doesnt meet the cash register. simple as that.
  • for just 99.50 you get a tote bag and give mother nature a breather.
  • you can use it at shopwise supermarkets as well.
  • it's a lot easier to carry rather than plastic bags that are susceptible to breakage
  • admit it, it's a lot more chic to be seen carrying tote bags than ugly plastic bags. :P
yea, aside from the first reason, it was the last reason that sealed the deal for me. i kid you not. :P

anyway, here's what it says:

Dear Customer,

Rustan's supermarkets has embarked on a worthwhile mission in doing its small part in preserving the environment. By collaborating with WWF, the global conservation organization, we have developed a series of programs that are geared towards building consciousness and awareness for Earth-friendly and Earth-saving programs.

One of our projects is to encourage customers to cut down on the use of plastic bbags by selling re-usable shopping bags. using these bags lessens the use of non-biodegradable plastic materials. plastic takes about 100 years to dissolve thus polluting air and water, depleting natural resources and damaging natural habitats.

With every purchase of Rustan's Supermarkets re-usable bags, you have done your small part in saving Mother Earth. Every use of these bags also allows you to earn double points on all purchases that fit into the bag. the points you earn with the use of these bags will be credited to your Fresh Shopping Rewards Card account automatically. so the more you shop with these bags, the more points you will earn, the more rebates you receive, and the longer we preserve Mother Earth.

Join us in this valuable mission...
Get your Rustan's Supermarket
Re-usable Bags now!
Thank you and happy shopping!

i hope that is enough to convince you. I AM IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH RUSTAN'S FRESH. i have dedicated this blog post in an effort to help mother earth. i do not care where you do your shopping. JUST DO MOTHER EARTH A FAVOR AND REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. please. i know SM supermarkets, Savemore, and shopwise all have these bags as well.

Shops like SM department stores, National Bookstore, HBC, Ipanema, The Body Shop all have reusable totes too that you canuse in lieu of plastic bags and/or paper bags. for about two years now, i dont shop in stores that use plastics if i dont have my reusable totes or a big bag with me. that's just my little way of helping mother nature. hit me up the comments section if you know any other stores that has them so we can update the list.

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