product focus: Fashion21 fruit gloss

this is a quickie post. for pics please refer to my old hauls.

a clear gloss does not get the love it deserves. i strongly believe that it is a must-have in every cosmetics' case.

i have been in constant search of a good but inexpensive clear gloss, preferably something in tube, just like the clear lipglass that mac sells, but my search has been in vain.

luckily tho, i found a clear gloss in our trusty watsons. it is from fashion21.

le price:
for 29 pesos, i say it's a steal!

le experience:
i basically use matte lipsticks coz they are more lasting. i find though that they look flat and drying on the lips. with this fruit gloss, that problem is solved! i also find that using colored lip glosses are a bit of a hassle as it smudges a lot more than a lipstick does and it does not last long. so i put this on top of my lipstick and not only does it make my lips shine, it also protects the lipstick. i don't have to retouch every so often using my lipstick. for touch ups, i just rely on this baby!
other uses:
my pigments and other colors can now double as a gloss or a lipstick. i just premoisturize my lips with a balm, press on the color i want and smooth on my clear lipgloss. it effectively widened my range of c0lors.

sometimes even with a colored lip gloss, i dab a tiny bit in the center of my lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip. :)

you can also use it as a highlighter to emphasize the highplanes of your face such as the nosebridge, cheekbones, brow bones, etc. - yea, i found that weird too! but risa of makeupbyrisa in youtube made a video where she used her cleargloss for that purpose and guess what, it totally works!

le verdict:
i cannot stress how handy a clear lip gloss is. i urge you to try it! what i don't like tho is that it comes with a doe-foot applicator. when my lips are all done up and i just need to seal it with the gloss, i find that the lipstick stains on the applicator and it just mixes with the gloss inside the container. i woulda preferred a tube one without a brush applicator. all in all tho, it's still a good buy!

i'm off to philippine fashion week, so til next post ladies. tata! :D

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Anonymous said...

hello ell :)

nice to read your post again...

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makeupjunkie said...

hi jing! i did not realize na hindi pa pala kita naffollow. i followed you na. :P

Golden said...

Wow, thanks for the tip sis. ;)

Kaye said...

New follower here! :D

makeupjunkie said...

@golden - no prob! :P

@kaye - wow! thanks for following my blog.. :P