toiletries haul

i went grocery shopping today. with the event of ondoy, i didnt realize i was running low on supplies here in manila as i was cooped up in the province. when i went back last week. i had to use everything up to the last drop! i didnt have the time to hit the groceries last week, see.

so i went grocery shopping at il terrazo yesterday, and got the ff:

1. pantene smooth and silky shampoo
2. pantene total care conditioner - with free 3-minute conditioner thing
3. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture lotion
4. johnson and johnson's 24-hour lasting moisture body wash
5. johnson and johnson's floral bouquet cologne
6. johnson and johnson's baby oil lite
7. johnson and johnson's baby powder and calming powder twin pack
8. generic qtips
9. kleenex
10. alcogel
11. katinko - for headaches and muscle pains
12. double mints

(not in picture)
13. schick razor with soap - i totally forgot to take pics and i'm annoyed cuz the packaging's all ruined now and i used it already but i soooo wanna post it cuz i think it's a splendid product! and i wanna do a review too! maybe they'll lemme take a pic of it in the grocery next time? :P
14. closee up toothpaste
15. 4 packs of modess all nights

other misc junkfood.

yea. you mightve noticed that majority of what i bought were j&j prods. ive just been hearing lotsa goodstuff bout it and rox convinced me to get them so i did. :P

i used to date this dude who once told me that you could learn a lot from a person's grocery purchases. we used to go grocery shopping together. i dunno how to explain it, but yea. you could totally get to know a person by the way he/she picks out grocery items.

so, what can you tell about my partial list of grocery picks? :P

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Golden said...

I so agree with you. You can easily tell that person's lifestyle simple by looking at his/her purchase.

makeupjunkie said...

i dunno how to explain it too.. but yea.. even in the way a person chooses what to buy, you'd get to know his/her personality. whether he's decisive or fickle, simple or extravagant.

if you wanna get to know a person, invite him/her to go grocery shopping.. :P