more toiletries haul

hi dolls! :P
i went ballistic at watson's today.

i had a gym date with the girls so i picked up a few gym things before actually going to the gym and then i picked out a few other things after hitting the gym. :P

1. facial massager - ever since i saw the clarisonic, i've been wanting it but i just don't wanna spend 149-229 usd for a face toothbrush. i am not that crazy yet. luckily our trusty watson's have a reasonably priced alternative. ive used it once already and i'm in love!!
2. body treats moisturizing body scrub in lavander - for the sauna after workout
3. hair treats hair spa in lavander - also for the sauna. i just love matching things
4. active firming stretchable mask - again for the sauna
5. johnson's melt away stress daily calming lotion
6 johnson's melt away stress daily calming wash
since i fell in love with the 24-hour moisture, i wanted to try this set as well. if you remember from previous haul, i bought the powder to go with this set already.

7. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial wash/gentle mask
8. eskinol oxygen skin renew facial toner
9. eskinol oxygen skin renew cream
now this one came highly recommended by my friend roxy. i wanted to try something new too so i bought the whole set!
10. nichido sheer lipstick in tender lips
11. fanny serrano true light liquid lipstick in light petal - love love love
12. fashion21 fruit gloss

okay. that's my kikay haul. hopefully my next haul would be in november na cuz imma be broke soon. no classes = no allowance.

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