more swatches for the fashion21 liquid lipstick

as promised, here are the additional swatches of all the fashion21 liquid lipsticks i have. the actual review may be found here.

note that i have nothing under each swatch but a swipe of Carmex lipbalm.

i love love love it!

i dunno how to make the pics as sharp once it's been zoomed and cropped so please bear with me. color shows up fantabulously anyways. :D i am an absolute rookie when it comes to editing, lay out and all that techie stuff. :P

as you can see, this one is a nice, peachy pink shade with gold flecks, very similar to my Orgasm blush from Nars, or my Silky Coral one from Fanny Serrano. might post a comparison post later.

a very nice candy-apple red. it doesn't look orangey-red in person as it did here. i dunno, i guess it's my lighting that distorted the color of this one.

as i told you, this shade is a very nice translucent pinkish/purplish color. i love love love this. unlike in my previous post where i wore this with my Shy Shine lipstick from MAC, this time around, i wore this without anything underneath but a clear balm.

number 5 is a very very nice, flirty pink shade. very girly, yet very wearable. perfect for those date nights. :P

oh, i love this shade to bits! number 7 is a darker pink version of number 5, less shimmery but still girly. very flirty. feminine too, but with more attitude than number 5.

oh i love this nude shade. this one has very little to no shimmer, very similar to number 10. you can get this one and number 10 alternately, as ive mentioned.

a beautiful pinky-brown nude shade with just the right hint of shimmer! nudes are love!

a bit more severe and conservative than its companions, number 12 is a very beautiful old-rose shade. it doesnt look matronly at all! this one would be perfect in a board meeting!

there you have it, 8 out of the 12 shades that is available in fashion21. take your pick ladies. :D

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Golden said...

I love it sis! I love how it shines on your lips. Too bad, we don't have f21 here. Boo!

makeupjunkie said...

ay oo nga pala.. boo! siguro soon magkaka fashion21/fanny serrano na jan! it's a good brand!

Golden said...

Hi sis. How are you? I hope you're having a great day.

Lots of love,

makeupjunkie said...

i'm good! vacation mode, hence i'm sleeping all day everyday! haha..

i hope you and you're family are having a vunderful time! :D