of m.a.c and mags

hi hunnies

so sorry for the lack of post.. you know how it is..

had a catch up dinner with my girls and a couple of guy friends @ restorante pia y damaso which is heavenly! i loove it there!

it's funny how the supposed ladies night got invaded by two straight guys.

anyhow, my girls were ooh-ing and aah-ing at my new mac brushes which was a gift from my bestfriend kath who lives in the states. then, funnyman mike unson said "no big deal, that's just a pouch and several brushes"

abbie goes: " they're limited edition mac brushes and a mac pouch. that's kind of special" mike continued staring at us blankly then abbie says "imagine your bestfriend getting you new mags and customized headlights for your car" and mike goes "oh... your bestfriend must really love you then"

so there you have it ladies. if you want your man to understand and support your makeup addiction, you gotta learn the car talk and convert cosmetics into something guys could understand better.. car parts. :D

til next post.
ciao bbs

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oOchaOo said...

hello there!
most of the time guys are really weirded out about make-ups heehee, they're very clueless about it and i find it cute <3

oh i followed your blog too.
hope you can visit my blog as well :)
see you!