Mini toiletries loot

Hello my lovelies! I havent really completely disappeared. Im just in a hiatus of sorts. ( it feels like i always am) anywho, iwas at SM Southmall yesterday and picked up a few things.

1. Ponds loot - my mom wanted the free rhet eala bag that came with every 300 peso purchase so we got those. Not sure if she'll use itas we're both completely happy with the gold radiance line. I think the gold radiance line is a little to "old" for me so i'm looking into getting the flawless white line again. :)

2. Lulur asian secrets - since im into scrubs lately, i decided to check this one out as ive been hearing lotsa good stuff about the brand

3. Garnier light bb - i know the concealer-type under-eye roll sold in the states was a big hit so i wanna see if this variant of the same brand can deliver.

4. Schick intuition razor - (repurchase) i love this razor!

5. Rexona skinlight - normally, i go for the spray on deo but as it is too bulky for travel i decided to get this instead.

Im so excited to try the eye-roll and the scrub! :)

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