Etude Playhouse

Hello my lovelies... if you are still there and have not given up on me yet.. hello to you!! XD

So i bought the huge-ass makeup kit from etude house.. the annika wester one that comes "free" if you bought X worth of products.. yea, i'm a big sucker for those "promos". i've  always been, come to think of it.. the only difference now is that i'm a sucker with a credit card in my own name (read: nobody checks up on my purchases anymore..) so i bought that and etude house gave me 3 free tickets to that gig.

i'm taking my cousin and my bff (roxy of on saturday, april 21..

who else is going? hit me up! i'd be so easy to spot.. i'd be the sucker with the annika wester huge ass pouch! haha

seriously tho, leave me a comment if you're going and lezz meet up! XD

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